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Aiming for Access: Australian Committee on Cataloguing Seminar - July 2003

Wesley Centre, Sydney - 25 July 2003

This seminar focused on how the use of thesauri and classification can enhance access to information and increase the value of metadata. The keynote address was delivered by Joan Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief, Dewey Decimal Classification

Keynote address - Dewey Decimal Classification News

Joan Mitchell (Executive Director & Editor in Chief, Dewey Decimal Classification, OCLC)

 "One Search" - Don't Make Me think

Judith Pearce (National Library of Australia)

 Catalogue of Internet Resources (Claygate)

Clayton Bolitho (La Trobe University)

 AIATSIS Thesaurus

Barbara Lewincamp (AIATSIS)

Australian Pictorial Thesaurus

Allison Kingscote (State Library of NSW)

ScOT Schools Thesaurus

Leonie Bourke (Schools Catalogue Information Service, SCIS)

Update from ACOC

Ebe Kartus (Chairperson, Australian Committee on Cataloguing)
no presentation available

Update on DDC

Anne Robertson (Australian Representative to the Dewey Editorial Policy Committee)
no presentation available  

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