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Beyond the OPAC : future directions for Web-based catalogues - September 2006

Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, Perth, Western Australia - Monday 18th September, 2006

This seminar explored the ideas and issues to take the Web-based catalogue into the next stages of its development.. The keynote address was delivered by Dr Martha Yee from the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Beyond the OPAC : future directions for web-based catalogues

Martha Yee (Cataloguing Supervisor, UCLA Film and Television Archive)

The well connected catalogue

Patricia Scott, Denise Tobin and Helen Attar (University of Adelaide)

Setting a new standard : Resource Description and Access (RDA)

Deirdre Kiorgaard (National Library of Australia)

The potential impact of RDA on OPAC displays

Ann Huthwaite (Library Resource Services Manager, QUT Library)
Philip Hider (Senior Lecturer, School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University)

OPACs and the real information marketplace : why providing a mediocre product at a high price no longer works

Lloyd Sokvitne (Senior Manager Digital Strategies, State Library of Tasmania)

Seeding search engines with data from the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD)

Tony Boston (Assistant Director General, Resource Sharing, National Library of Australia)

Applying FRBR to library catalogues : a review of existing FRBRization projects

Martha Yee (Cataloguing Supervisor, UCLA Film and Television Archive)

Managing OPACs : approaches to the process of OPAC change and development (panel discussion)

Lisa Billingham (Innopac Systems Librarian, Edith Cowan University Library)

Del Shiers (Manager, Collection Services, Murdoch University Library)

David Wells (Resources and Access Librarian, Curtin University Library)

Shane White (Coordinator, Database Standards, Quality Control and OPAC, UWA)

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