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Keep up to date with RDA by checking this site and by subscribing to the Australian discussion list on RDA. The Libraries Australia newsletter will also provide updates to members.

Australian Discussion List on RDA

The National Library of Australia has established an email list for discussion of RDA as it relates specifically to Australian libraries, including implementation and training matters. The rdaaust list will be used as the main tool for directly updating Australian libraries about RDA. It is also a useful forum for the library community, a place where libraries can discuss RDA implementation, share information and raise issues.

To subscribe to the list send a message to:

In the subject line of your message, type in: subscribe rdaaust Firstname Name (replace Firstname Name with your own first name and last name).

For example: subscribe rdaaust Mary Smith

Leave the message body blank

You should then receive a welcome message with details of how to post messages to the list etc.

To unsubscribe from the list send a message to:

In the subject line of your message type: unsubscribe rdaaust

Leave the message body blank.

Note that to unsubscribe your message must be sent from the same email address as your original subscription request

For any comments or questions about the rdaaust list email

Email questions

For general questions or comments about RDA, or to share resources contact the National Library of Australia directly at