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Dewey Editorial Policy Committee representation

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Editorial Policy Committee (EPC) is a ten-member international board whose main function is to advise the DDC editors and OCLC on matters relating to changes, innovation and the general development of the DDC to make it work better for you and your library users. Nominated by various organizations, EPC members represent the interests of libraries around the world as they guide the ongoing development of the DDC.

Interested Australian Dewey users may view and provide comments on the current Exhibits outlining proposed changes to DDC.

The Australian representative also provides information on updates and enhancements to DDC and Webdewey.

The Australian representative on the EPC is Melissa Parent

Reports From EPC Meetings

Dewey Updating Procedures

Updates to Dewey can be found on the Dewey web site. There is also a link on each page in WebDewey to this Updates page. It is intended that PDFs of any major changes will be posted once a week on that page. Note that the updates will appear on a weekly basis even though changes can appear in WebDewey itself as frequently as daily. The PDFs contain replacement or additional records without further explanation. Individual changes to class records are not indicated.

An errata to the print edition of DDC 23 is available online.

A review of the old PPT mappings and upgrading them to LCSH mappings in WebDewey is currently under way. This project has started with the 500s. Class 500 itself only had 2 LCSH mapped to it at the beginning of November—now there are 7 mapped to LCSH.

Webdewey Enhancements

A major WebDewey upgrade was implemented on 6 November 2011. Among the enhancements are changes to the opening screen and user preferences, new icons for built numbers and Manual notes, and access to the history of numbers. The last will be available in a new History box on the results screen. If you click on the arrow in the right-hand corner of the History box, any history notes associated with the class will be displayed. WebDewey will also include the changes to South Sudan just approved by EPC.

More information about Dewey can be found on the OCLC website