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Exhibits for comment

Exhibits outlining proposed changes to the Dewey Decimal Classification for inclusion in the next edition are mounted here as received. The Committee members and Editorial staff seek input and guidance from the wider Dewey user community and welcome comments, suggestions and ways of improving proposals and changes. All responses will be presented to the Committee and the Editors for their information and considered responses.

Meeting 138 - Washington, 8-9 June 2015

Please send any comments on the following exhibits to Anne Robertson at the address below by 5 June 2015. Please limit your comments to a single exhibit per message, and use the exhibit number as the subject line, e.g., EPC 138-12.1.  This will make it easier to keep track of each discussion thread.  Please also include your complete contact information in your signature line.   

Anne M. Robertson
Australian Representative, Editorial Policy Committee for the Dewey Decimal Classification


Exhibit 138-7.2: Recapitulating the schedule with index headings Exhibit 138-9.1: Republic of South Africa T2—682-687 Exhibit 138-11.1a: Adding notation from Table 5 and missing entries for standard subdivisions Exhibit 138-11.1b: Adding notation from Table 5: complex issues Exhibit 138-11.2: T5--9454 Finnic peoples and T6--9454 Finnic languages: Expansion for Norwegian WebDewey Exhibit 138-12.1: 000 as assignable number Exhibit 138-12.2: 004-006 Computer science: Updates Exhibit 138-13.1: 025.04 Information storage and retrieval systems Exhibit 138-14.1: Human trafficking Exhibit 138-14.2: Private military companies Exhibit 138-14.3: Displaced women and displaced young people Exhibit 138-15.1: Malcolm X, the Black Muslim movement, and African American political ideologies Exhibit 138-16.1: Law of indigenous peoples and Table 2 notation for reservations of federally recognized tribes in the US Exhibit 138-16.2: 346.013 Capacity and status of persons Exhibit 138-18.1: Biolinguistics Exhibit 138-18.2: Prescriptive linguistics and applied linguistics Exhibit 138-19.2: 583-584 Angiosperms Exhibit 138-20.1: 629.25 Engines, parts, and auxiliary systems Exhibit 138-20.2: Diets that exclude specific foods Exhibit 138-21.1: Lacrosse and Jai alai Exhibit 138-24.1a: Indigenous groups and geographic areas: Inside United States Exhibit 138-24.1b: Indigenous peoples in the U.S., sovereign nations, and the DDC Exhibit 138-24.3: Historical periods of Finland Exhibit 138-24.4: Post-apartheid period of the Republic of South Africa Exhibit 138-28.1: Moving towards a topic-based DDC Exhibit 138-28.2: Relational aspects of subject authority control: The contributions of classificatory structure