National Library of Australia

Teleconference 12 July 2012

Present: Kevin Marsh (ALIA/JSC Rep), Ebe Kartus (ALIA), David Wells (ALIA), Deirdre Kiorgaard (NLA), Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Robert Walls (NLA), Rebecca Gibbs (NLA Observer)

Jenny Stephens (Minutes)

Apologies: Anne Robertson (EPC Representative)

Start time: 2.05 pm (EST)

Welcome and apologies

Anne was in Canada and unable to attend.   

Catherine welcomed and introduced Rebecca Gibbs, who attended as an observer.  Rebecca will be taking over as ACOC Administrator while Jenny is on leave.

Minutes of previous meeting and business arising

Minutes were accepted, pending the addition of timeframes to action items. 

Outstanding items from the action log:

  • Forward Ebe's name for the JSC Technical Experts Group. Done. June 2012
  • JSC Vocabs actions Done. June 2012
  • Respond to Barbara Tillet about Australia's involvement in RDA Training in Asia Pacific Done July 2012. Copy forwarded to ACOC members
  • Touch base with the National Library of New Zealand about their involvement in RDA development and training in the Pacific. Catherine has been in email correspondence with Chris Todd at the National Library of New Zealand.  They are not envisaging doing any RDA related activities in the Pacific.  However, one librarian from Fiji has contacted them about training and they intend to invite him to the NZ training. 

JSC Proposals

A number of JSC proposals are now available on the JSC website and more are expected in the coming weeks.  The deadline for all proposals to be available is 8 August. 

ACOC went through those proposals currently available to ascertain which needed further discussion by ACOC. 

ALA proposals

The following proposals were supported as they stand by ACOC.  For these proposals, a generic response of support can be drafted. 




 The following proposals require further perusal and discussion, and will be held over to subsequent meetings: 






BL proposals

All British Library Proposals so far available require further perusal and discussion, and will be held over to subsequent meetings.

LC proposals

Due to time constraints, discussion of the LC proposals have been postponed until the next meeting.

Discussion paper - Compilations

Jenny circulated a discussion paper prior to the meeting regarding the apparent omission of some instructions in RDA for compilations of works by one, or more than one person. 

Catherine advised that the instructions as they currently stand appear to have been transferred directly from AACR2 instructions that were in different parts of AACR2 RDA and RDA have similar wording to AACR2 25.8-25.10 and 25.34, and RDA mirrors AACR2 21.7. This indicates that the omission probably already existed and is only now becoming obvious because they have been brought together in the same chapter. 

ACOC agreed that the omission should be drawn to the attention of JSC by way of a discussion paper.   

ACOC Website

The ACOC Website is currently undergoing renewal and transfer to the “Drupal” platform. Catherine circulated links to the draft of the new webpages prior to meeting, as well as several questions about content.

ACOC agreed to the following:  

  • To keep only the current and previous years’ minutes online. Access to earlier minutes can be arranged by contacting the ACOC Chair.
  • The program and content of all seminars should be retained on the website. Deirdre also suggested that they be archived in Pandora.
  • The “Working Groups” page only requires detail about current working groups that members are part of.  A brief summary statement about past activities may also be useful to indicate the type of work ACOC is involved in.

 Update on RDA Training

Catherine advised that a draft of the Expression of Interest for Train the Trainer has been prepared.  It now awaits approval by Pam Gatenby, and finalisation of costings and training dates.  

Other business

Changes requiring a new description (Single Part Monographs)

Jenny advised of an enquiry received regarding multiple manufacture dates and how they are handled in RDA.  The query had drawn to her attention to the broader issue of deciding when changes in a single part monograph require a new description.  Jenny suggests that this is not adequately covered in RDA and asked ACOC whether it should be, or alternatively whether the ALA document Differences between, changes within should be updated for RDA added to the Toolkit on the “Resources” Tab. 

It was agreed that ACOC would consider this further after receiving some more background information from Jenny.

Next Teleconference

TBA. Likely to be in the week before Catherine goes on leave on 8 August.  

Meeting closed at 3.28pm.