National Library of Australia

Teleconference 15 August 2011

Start time: 2.00pm EST (12 noon WA Time)

Present: Kevin Marsh (ALIA), Ebe Kartus (ALIA), David Wells (ALIA), Deirdre Kiorgaard (NLA/ JSC representative), Robert Walls (NLA), Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair),

Apologies: Anne Robertson (EPC Representative)

Minutes: Jenny Stephens (Minutes)

Action Log

ACOC discussed pending actions from previous meetings, as recorded in the 2011 Action Log:

  • Catherine is still to finalise the ACOC brochure and establish a Twitter Tag for the Seminar.
  • ACOC agreed to provide links on the Seminar website to Adelaide public transport websites, rather than listing transport options.  Deirdre also agreed to follow up placing these on the LA Forum site.
  • Catherine advised that steps to formalise communication channels between ALIA and ACOC are in progress.  Pam Gatenby and Sue Hutley have agreed to draft a Memorandum of Understanding.  Catherine is currently researching to see if any such formal understanding has been entered into in the past.


ACOC Seminar


Arrangements with ALIA regarding advertising and registrations are still to be finalised. Catherine will contact the ALIA events organiser directly to facilitate timely advertising and registration, and ensure that arrangements for Jenn Riley’s travel are well under way. 


Catherine proposed some changes to the program by email prior to the meeting and these were agreed to at the meeting. It was also agreed that Deirdre and Kevin would jointly give the RDA Update, as a way of introducing Kevin as the new JSC Rep. 

Other program issues were discussed. 

RDA Test report

Catherine asked if any members had issues they wished to discuss arising from the Test report and recommendations. Deirdre advised that JSC have agreed to all the recommendations and have indicated which of them can be done by JSC.  A formal response has been drafted and should be issued soon. ACOC agreed that the report itself did not require discussion, but that they will watch and respond as appropriate to resulting outcomes, such as proposals for change to RDA.  

JSC Schedule of Work

Deirdre circulated the list of 24 formal proposals that have been posted to the JSC website.  All ACOC proposals previously discussed have been finalised and included in this list.  

The non ACOC proposals will need an ACOC response, required by JSC on 28 September. Deirdre is hoping to work exclusively on drafting responses for a few weeks when she returns to her usual position at the end of August.  Drafts will be circulated as they are completed, up until the 16 September, giving ACOC time to discuss and finalise responses in time for the JSC deadline. Deirdre asked if all members could look at the proposals and either offer to take on the drafting of a response, or give comments to Deirdre by early September. 

 Deirdre will also post the list of Proposals to RDA-L, seeking comment from the community.  The music proposals from Canada will be circulated to music cataloguers both within and outside the National Library.  Proposals relating to law could also benefit from expert comment. Deirdre noted that one of the ALA proposals relates to reports of one court, which ACOC had previously intended to seek community comment on. 

Ebe advised that she had passed Jenny’s paper on “Selections” to her music cataloguing colleague but was still awaiting a response.  Jenny advised that 6JSC/CCC/2 partly addresses “Selections” issues and she would read it in detail and forward comments to Deirdre. 

Next meeting

ACOC agreed to try and schedule weekly teleconferences in September to finalise ACOC responses to JSC proposals. 

Finish time: 2.30 pm