National Library of Australia

Teleconference 17 September 2014

Present: Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Ebe Kartus (ALIA/JSC Rep), Jenny Stephens (NLA), Melissa Parent (ALIA), David Wells (ALIA), Rebecca Gibbs (Minutes)

Apologies: Anne Robertson (EPC Representative), Monika Szunejko (NLA)

Start time: 13:30 pm (EST)

Welcome and apologies 

Apologies from Anne and Monika

Minutes of previous meetings and business arising 

Amendments to the minutes from 9 September were noted. 

Draft responses 

6JSC/LC/28 – Revision to RDA 2/4/1/8

In light of ALA’s response, ACOC agreed to revise their response to show support of ALA’s suggestions 

6JSC/LC/30 – Works without titles

Catherine’s draft response was accepted, pending suggestion for inclusion of “choreographies” in the examples at 

6JSC/LC/31 – Revisions to instructions on Parts of the Bible

ALA have submitted a response, but this does not affect ACOC’s response 

6JSC/BL/15 – Revision of 0.6 Core Elements

ALA have submitted a response.  ACOC supports ALA’s suggestions, however retains the view that the core element list belongs in an Appendix in RDA rather than an externally 

6JSC/BL/16 – Merging and 3.6.2

Monika’s draft response was accepted, with minor formatting amendments  

6JSC/CCC/Discussion/1 – Internationalisation and RDA Appendix A

Catherine’s draft response was accepted, with minor amendments.   

6JSC/ISSN/4 - Major and minor title changes for serials in languages which do not divide text into words

ACOC agrees with the Jenny’s draft response 

6JSC/ISSN/5 – Change in mode of issuance for online resources

Catherine will continue to revise the draft response for clarity 

6JSC/Music/4 – Revision proposal for RDA 6.28.3

Jenny’s draft response was accepted pending minor re-wording 

6JSC/Music/5 – Revision proposal for RDA 3/4/3/2 and RDA 3/21/2/5

Jenny’s draft response to be revised to clarify ACOC’s view that there is an issue with the instructions but the proposed solution is not supported. 

6JSC/Music/7 – Revision proposal for RDA,, Appendix B.3

Jenny’s draft response was accepted with minor typographical amendments 

6JSC/Music/9 – Additional terms for Base Material

Monika’s draft response was accepted with minor formatting amendments

 6JSC/ALA/27 – Revision of RDA and

Melissa’s draft response was accepted 

6JSC/ALA/28 – Creating a priority order for Sources of information in Date of Manufacture

Melissa’s draft response was accepted 

JSC proposals 

6JSC/CILIP/4 – Colour content in RDA

ACOC believes this proposal requires further work to resolve some inconsistencies.  Some of the proposed definitions are problematic:

  • “polychrome” excludes black and white which doesn’t allow for colour resources which may also have some black/white content
  • “Grayscale” is recorded as monochrome although grayscale comprises multiple shades

ACOC would also like clarifying what colour instruction refers to – is it the resource itself OR the content of the resource 

6JSC/Chair/15 – Revision to

ALA has submitted a response which neither agrees nor disagrees with the proposal.

ACOC agrees with NLNZ that there is lack of clarity in the instructions; however the proposed rewording will not address the issue. 

ACOC believes clarity could be achieved by creating a collective heading at – “Compilations lacking a collective title” of which there are three types. 

6JSC/LC/29 – Compilations of works by different persons, families or corporate bodies

ACOC agrees with this proposal

Other business

No other business 

Next teleconference

22 September 11:00am (EST) 

Meeting closed: 3:00 pm (EST)