National Library of Australia

Teleconference 2 October 2012

Present: Kevin Marsh (ALIA/JSC Rep), Ebe Kartus (ALIA), Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Deirdre Kiorgaard (NLA), Robert Walls (NLA), Anne Robertson (EPC Representative), Catherine Clisby (Guest – for part of meeting)

Jenny Stephens (Minutes)

Apologies: David Wells (ALIA)

Start time: 3:35 pm (EST)

Welcome and apologies

Apologies from David.

Minutes of previous meeting and business arising

Minutes were accepted.

Deirdre noted that the minutes indicated that the proposal to amend RDA to say that all online resources should be considered to be published, was to be discussed at this meeting.  The discussion is covered under “Other business”.

ACOC Draft Responses to JSC Proposals


Draft response to this was endorsed, pending some minor changes.  Jenny noted that CCC’s response was largely the same as ours.


Deirdre drafted the ACOC response and circulated it prior to the meeting.  However, Deirdre noted that she had problems with the idea of having a general rule and then “exceptional” countries.  It would be better to simply have the same rule for all countries, and make it the first order political division, if one exists.  ACOC agreed with this.


Draft responses to the following proposals were endorsed


6JSC/ISSN/1 (with minor amendments)

JSC Proposals


Although ACOC lacked expertise to fully comment on the detail of the proposal, it was agreed that IAML have highlighted a key mismatch between edition and music presentation statements. It was therefore agreed that the proposal should be supported in order to ensure that the discussion continues.


6JSC/ISBD/Discussion 1 and 2

ACOC agreed that the issues raised in these discussion papers were important and should not be rushed.  It was therefore agreed to recommend a preliminary discussion at the coming JSC meeting, followed by a call for constituency comment afterwards.

CCC responses to ACOC/5 and ACOC/6



ACOC were okay with CCC’s response and, pending JSC discussion, would be okay with altering the proposal along the lines suggested.



ACOC were okay with CCC’s response.

Other JSC proposals and responses.

Proposals and responses will continue to be posted to the JSC website in the coming weeks but it was decided that it was not practical for all of them to be considered by ACOC.  Kevin would therefore highlight anything that needs to be brought to our attention if he comes across it.

Other business

Proposal to amend RDA to say that all online resources should be considered to be published.

ACOC agreed that it would be preferable to see a formal proposal around this issue, rather than a fast track proposal, to allow for adequate discussion of potential issues.  ACOC are unsure that the instruction should be placed in RDA simply because it was in AACR2, without considering how it affects the description of online resources.


ACOC therefore agreed to respond in support of the proposal but include some comments about issues needing to be addressed.


Note of thanks to ACOC

Kevin formally thanked all members of ACOC for their work on the proposals to date.


Face to face meeting

It was agreed that the Face to Face Meeting, earlier suggested to be held in conjunction with the LA Forum, would now not be held.

Next Teleconference

The next teleconference will be held in the week following Kevin’s return from the JSC meeting.


Meeting closed 4:30 pm.