National Library of Australia

Teleconference 22 June 2011

Present:  Kevin Marsh (ALIA), Ebe Kartus (ALIA), David Wells (ALIA), Deirdre Kiorgaard (NLA/ JSC representative), Robert Walls (NLA), Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair)

Apologies: Anne Robertson (EPC Representative)

Minutes: Jenny Stephens (NLA)

Teleconference commenced at 2.00pm EST (12 noon WA Time)

2011 ACOC seminar

ACOC continued discussing preparations for the 2011 ACOC seminar, including the program, budget, website, rights management, and registration.

Report on US RDA Test and statement from 3 US National Libraries

ACOC discussed the report from the Testing Co-ordination Committee and the response by the US national libraries.  Issues discussed included:

Implementation timeframe

ACOC agreed that the revised timeline of no earlier than January 2013 is realistic in terms of the recommendations of the report.  Deirdre advised that now that the 3 US national libraries, who commissioned the test, have accepted the report, the next step is for other parties affected to consider the recommendations and make a response. This includes JSC and the other national libraries represented on the Committee of Principals (Canada, Australia, and Britain).  CoP will meet in August to discuss their response.

Rewrite of the text

It is not clear what level of rewrite is being suggested and who will undertake this. Deirdre has suggested to JSC that a small sample be tested first before the full-scale rewrite begins.  ACOC agrees that this is a good idea and further suggested that small samples could also be used to test potential editors.

Toolkit issues

Jenny Stephens advised that the identified issues with the Toolkit were similar to those identified by the NLA, including response times.  Pam Gatenby (the NLA representative on the CoP) also raised the Library’s concerns at CoP and learned that the publishers were aware that response times are a significant issue.

Marketing and vendor communication

At Deirdre’s request, Pam also asked at CoP about marketing outside the US and vendor communication.  Not much work has been undertaken to date in either respect by the publishers.  However, vendor interviews have been undertaken with major vendors and these are being published on the Toolkit Blog. 

Specialist cataloguing communities’ response

Specialist communities involved in the Test have some concerns about the applicability of RDA to their formats.  The Committee’s recommendation was that they propose changes to RDA to address these concerns.


Training in Australia will now be postponed, and the process for training will need to be revisited by ACOC in the light of the report.  ALIA will need to be advised of the revised US implementation date and its impact on training.

Other business

Communication with ALIA

ACOC agreed there was a need to clarify the correct communication channels with ALIA now that the Chair of ACOC is not an ALIA representative.

Kevin’s attendance at JSC in November

ACOC are still waiting for a response from ALIA about funding for Kevin’s attendance as an observer at this year’s JSC Face to Face Meeting in November.  It was agreed that in light of the US Test report and recommendations, it was even more important for Kevin to attend .

Next meeting

Wednesday 29 June 2pm EST (12 noon WA Time)

Meeting close: 3.00pm