National Library of Australia

Teleconference 22 May 2012

Present: Kevin Marsh (ALIA/JSC Rep), Ebe Kartus (ALIA), David Wells (ALIA), Deirdre Kiorgaard (NLA), Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Robert Walls (NLA), Anne Robertson (EPC Representative)

Jenny Stephens (Minutes)

Apologies: None. 

Welcome and apologies

No apologies. 

Minutes of previous meeting and business arising

Minutes were accepted, pending the addition of timeframes to action items. 

Business arising:

  • MOU and Face 2 Face Meeting. Pam Gatenby has a copy of the draft MOU. Catherine to follow up in July.
  • Investigating feasibility of webinars Action timeframe set to June 2013.
  • Updating of ACOC website Awaiting transfer of site to Drupal platform.  Catherine reminded members to let her know of any required changes or suggestions for improvement.

JSC/RDA matters

Kevin reported on the latest JSC activities, including the new schedule, which Kevin circulated prior to the meeting. 

Open Metadata Registry (OMR)

JSC feels they lack strong technical knowledge relating to the meshing of RDA, OMR, and RDF as well as data construction, and Entity Relationship Diagrams.  British Library and the German National Library are putting forward some names. Ebe volunteered to be put forward on behalf of ACOC. 


The rewording has highlighted some issues with the applicability of Chapter 17 while still using MARC.  This is under discussion but not immediately pressing. 

JSC are also discussing revisions to Appendices D and E. 

JSC documents for circulation

ACOC agreed that the best method for Kevin to disseminate JSC documents is to post them to the Wiki page.

RDA Vocabularies and Definitions

Extent of text (David Wells)

ACOC agreed to David’s final draft of the definitions for the “Extent of text” vocabs.  

Emulsion on microfilm (Rob Walls)

Rob Walls noted that a number of the definitions referred to “base materials”, which are themselves undefined.  These references can be removed if it is problematic. ACOC were happy for them to remain. 

Form of notated movement (Catherine Argus)

Catherine noted some difficulty with these definitions, find that some were ambiguous in meaning, or that no definition could be found. ACOC accepted the definitions as they stand but agreed that it would be good to know who devised this list of terms, and seek clarification on their meaning. 

File Type (Ebe Kartus)

Accepted pending some changes to wording. 

RDA training in Asia/Pacific

A recent email from Barbara Tillett to Deirdre suggested that Australia might take responsibility for providing RDA training workshops in Asia and the Pacific.  ACOC discussed this, and agreed that neither the National Library nor ACOC have the capacity at present to take this on.  It was also felt that because Asia/Pacific is not part of ACOC’s constituency, it does not really have any defined role in the region.  If ACOC is to take on such a role it would require high level discussions between the National Library and ALIA, which is not possible until a new Director is appointed at ALIA. 

The National Library will be providing training to their Indonesian staff, and if they do a translation of the standard, we will make this available on the ACOC website with the rest of our training documentation. 

Other issues that arose as part of this discussion included:

  • Better regional representation on the JSC, especially Chinese involvement
  • New Zealand’s role.  Their involvement and interest in RDA development is increasing, and they may have a closer relationship with Pacific libraries than Australia does.

Other business

Jenny advised that the National Library was having issues navigating the RDA text in the Toolkit, and questioned if others were experiencing this. Ebe and Kevin reported that they were not experiencing problems.

Next meeting

The next teleconference will be held approximately 8-16 July, to discuss RDA training.