National Library of Australia

Teleconference 23 September 2011

Present: Kevin Marsh (ALIA/JSC Rep), Ebe Kartus (ALIA), Deirdre Kiorgaard (NLA), Robert Walls (NLA), Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Anne Robertson (EPC Representative)

Jenny Stephens (Minutes)

Apologies: David Wells (ALIA)

Start time: 2.00 pm

ACOC Responses to 6JSC proposals for November JSC meeting

This meeting was held to finalise ACOC responses to the 6JSC proposals (see JSC website at 

Options for dealing with NLNZ responses

Deirdre received written comments from the National Library of New Zealand (via Chris Todd) on a number of the 6JSC proposals. ACOC discussed the NLNZ responses and it was agreed to suggest to the National Library of New Zealand that they re-submit their responses to the JSC chair.  

ACOC noted that both New Zealand and other countries in our region may wish to contribute to future RDA development, and current arrangements for this are unclear. The Committee of Principles is currently discussing future governance arrangements for JSC.

Confirmation of revised draft responses

6JSC/BL/1 – Title of persons

ACOC confirmed that response was now ready for submission. 

6JSC/LC/6 – Corporate bodies considered to be creators

Jenny advised that this proposal and ACOC’s draft response are currently being considered by the High Court Library.

Discussion of new draft responses

Deirdre tabled draft responses to the following proposals: 

6JSC/LC Rep/3 - Chapters 12-16, 23, 33-37 (Group 3 entities and subject)

ACOC confirmed Deirdre’s draft as a good summary of discussions at the previous meeting, pending some minor amendments. 

6JSC/CILIP/1 - 12-16, 23, 33-37 (Group 3 entities and subject)

ACOC confirmed Deirdre’s response.

Responses awaiting revision

6JSC/CCC/2 - Compilations of Musical Works / Recording Numeric Designations of Musical Works / Additions to Access Points Representing Compilations of Musical Works

Jenny advised that she had discovered that numbering associated with the title of a work has always been omitted from the preferred title of the work, and added as an “addition”.  RDA continues this.  This means that the CCC proposal has in fact taken the correct approach to resolving the confusion.  However, since their revision of restricts it to unnumbered or non-sequential compilations, it should include a reference to instruct cataloguers where to go for consecutively numbered compilations.  As such, Jenny suggested we propose Deirdre’s alternative wording for, and include such a reference. 

Deirdre noted that the New Zealand response also included some useful additions to this proposal that she would like to incorporate in our response.

Response ready to send

ACOC confirmed that all other responses were now ready to submit, pending a response from the National Library of New Zealand regarding the inclusion of their suggested additions to 6JSC/CCC/2, and any other comments received from community up until the 23 September. 

Kevin noted that 6JSC/ALA/4 had been omitted from the list.  Deirdre agreed to check the status of this, and take into consideration some useful comments made in the New Zealand response.

Other business

Catherine updated ACOC on the status of discussions between the National Library and ALIA to develop a Memorandum of Understanding about ACOC, in order to formalise processes such as organising the ACOC Seminar and communication mechanisms.  Catherine will be drafting this MOU over the coming months.

Next meeting

A teleconference will be held in early October to finalise arrangements for the ACOC Seminar.  

Finish time: 2.55 pm