National Library of Australia

Teleconference 28 August 2014

Present: Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Ebe Kartus (ALIA/JSC Rep), Jenny Stephens (NLA), Monika Szunejko (NLA), Melissa Parent (ALIA), Rebecca Gibbs (Minutes)

Apologies: Anne Robertson (EPC Representative), David Wells (ALIA)

Start time: 11:00 am (EST)

Welcome and apologies 

Apologies from David and Anne

Minutes of previous meetings and business arising 

Minutes were accepted with minor amendments 

ACOC discussion on proposals 

6JSC/BL rep/1            Simplification of RDA 2/7 – 2/10

ACOC discussed the two scenarios proposed and generally favours Scenario A as it retains separate elements for production, publication, distribution and manufacture.  Scenario B is considered problematic as it brings elements together and loses granularity 

ACOC will continue the discussion and consider:

  • Does the work need doing and, if so;
  • How would it happen

6JSC/TechnicalWG/1 Meta – metadata elements in RDA

ACOC agrees with the proposal with preference in recommendation 6 for placing RDA meta-elements in a separate registry element set 

6JSC/TechnicalWG/2 Note and related elements in RDA

ACOC generally agrees with the proposal, however needs more consideration of the elements in Table 4

6JSC/CCC/Discussion/1 Internationalization and RDA Appendix A Capitalization: Discussion Paper 

ACOC is committed to internationalisation of RDA and supports discussion point 4 to form a working group led by CCC 

6JSC/DNB/Discussion/2 - Mixture of work level and manifestation level in RDA

ACOC agreed that DNB have highlighted a problem with the optional additions in RDA  However the proposed solutions are not supported 

6JSC/ISSN/4 - Major and minor title changes for serials in languages which do not divide text into words

On advice from NLA Asian Collections staff, ACOC supports the proposal with the suggestion of additional examples to illustrate the changes 

6JSC/ISSN/5 - Change in mode of issuance for online resources

On advice from NLA serial cataloguers, ACOC generally agrees to the proposal, but not to the exception described under 

6JSC/ALA/27 - Revision of RDA and

ACOC agrees with this proposal 

6JSC/ALA/30 - Using the mark of omission when recording titles (RDA 6.2)

ACOC agrees with this proposal.  There are reservations around the exception instructing cataloguers to not use the mark of omission when the date, number, varying word occurs at the beginning of the title, however Ebe will highlight this at JSC discussions.

Other business

No other business

Next teleconference

3 September 11:00am (EST) 

Meeting closed: 12.30 pm (EST)