National Library of Australia

Teleconference 3 May 2012

Present: Kevin Marsh (ALIA/JSC Rep), Ebe Kartus (ALIA), David Wells (ALIA), Deirdre Kiorgaard (NLA), Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Robert Walls (NLA), Anne Robertson (EPC Representative)

Jenny Stephens (Minutes)

Apologies: None

Welcome and apologies

No apologies.

Minutes of previous meeting and business arising

Minutes were accepted with minor amendments.

JSC/RDA matters

Kevin reported on the latest JSC activities. 


There is no news regarding a new CILIP rep on JSC. 

RDA rewording

LC testers have submitted co-ordinated responses to the rewording work done so far.  These responses are being taken in consideration and modifications will be made where appropriate. 

JSC Schedule

  • Proposals will be available from July onwards for review by constituents.  Responses due by early September.
  • The deadline for the Vocab definitions has been revised to June 15.  For ACOC this means we will have to complete ours by 21 May in order to discuss and finalise before Deirdre and Rob go on leave at the end of the month. 

JSC proposals to date

There are two ALA proposals already on the JSC website.  See These are: 

6JSC/ALA/5 -  Revision of RDA 6.21 (Other distinguishing characteristics of a legal work) and (Additions to access points representing treaties, etc.)

6JSC/ALA/6 - Revision of RDA (Recording Associated Institutions) and (Recording Affiliations) 

Kevin is drafting a proposal to revise RDA recommending a change to the current instruction as ‘bytes’ refers to file size and ‘bits’ to data transfer speed – so in the instruction ‘kilobyte’ should read ‘kilobit’. 

ACOC discussed their approach to responding to JSC proposals and agreed to have draft responses completed by 8 September, to allow time for discussion prior to the JSC deadline of 8 October. 

RDA Vocabularies and Definitions

ACOC discussed David’s draft of the definitions for the “Extent of text” vocabs.  With some changes, the definitions were agreed to. 

ACOC noted some issues with definitions that contained other vocab terms, and also suggested that JSC would need to review all definitions for consistency of presentation.  Eg. Should they all start with “[term/phrase] is ...” or just contain the definition.

Memorandum of Understanding

There has been no further progress on this.  Catherine advised that Pam has looked at the draft but she has not had a chance to meet with Catherine to discuss it.  As there is still no news regarding a new Director for ALIA, there is no urgency to complete the MOU at this stage.

ACOC Seminar

ACOC discussed options for the 2012 Seminar, and agreed not to hold one in 2012. It was also agreed that in the future ACOC seminars should be biennial instead of annual, as this is more sustainable. 

A seminar will be planned for the second half of 2013, after RDA implementation.

ACOC Face to Face Meeting

It was agreed that a Face To Face meeting will be held the day after the LA Forum, on Friday 26 October.

Other business

Barbara Tillet in our region

Barbara Tillet will be speaking at the LIANZA conference in New Zealand, also doing some RDA training in Asia.   

ACOC RDA website

The ACOC RDA webpages are currently under review.  ACOC members were asked to send any suggestions for change or update to Catherine. 

Next meeting

The next teleconference will held in the week beginning 21 May, to finalise our drafts of Vocabulary definitions.