National Library of Australia

Teleconference 3 September 2014

Present: Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Ebe Kartus (ALIA/JSC Rep), Jenny Stephens (NLA), Monika Szunejko (NLA), Melissa Parent (ALIA), David Wells (ALIA), Rebecca Gibbs (Minutes)

Apologies: Anne Robertson (EPC Representative),

Start time: 11:00 am (EST)

Welcome and apologies 

Apologies from Anne

Minutes of previous meetings and business arising 

Minutes were accepted

Draft responses 

6JSC/DNB/Discussion/2 - Mixture of work level and manifestation level in RDA

Jenny’s draft response was accepted, and will be reviewed before forwarding to JSC

6JSC/ISSN/4 - Major and minor title changes for serials in languages which do not divide text into words

Jenny’s draft response was accepted, and will be reviewed before forwarding to JSC 

6JSC/ALA/Discussion/4 – Transcription issues associated with Production Statement

Ebe’s draft response was accepted with minor amendments, and will be reviewed before forwarding to JSC

JSC proposals 

6JSC/MusicWG/4 – Revision proposal for RDA 6.28.3

ACOC generally agrees with the proposal, but has concerns about the additional burden on cataloguers on recording an AAP for every language expression of a work.  ACOC will put forward an alternative suggestion to move the instruction from 6.28.3 to an option at 6.27.3.  This allows music cataloguers to continue to record an AAP for each language, but can be applied when necessary for other resources. 

6JSC/MusicWG/5 - Revision proposal for RDA and RDA

The purpose of the proposal is to remove “score and parts”, which is considered content, from the extent.  The proposal highlights that the current method of describing scores and parts in a single volume is problematic; however the proposed solution does not provide an adequate alternative.  ACOC does not endorse use of notes in place of a specific element. 

6JSC/MusicWG/6 – Revision proposal for choosing and recording preferred titles for music

ACOC agrees with the proposal, but does not support the number of supporting examples.  ACOC notes that the result of 6JSC/LC/30 may impact on this proposal. 

6JSC/MusicWG/7 - Revision proposal for RDA 6.2 .1.9,, Appendix B.3

RDA’s aim is to move away from abbreviations, this proposal appears to retain old practices without meaningful justification. 

6JSC/MusicWG/8 – Revision proposal for conventional collective titles

ACOC agrees with the proposal, however will suggest reducing the number of example form, genre and generic terms in the proposed glossary definition. 

6JSC/MusicWG/9 – Additional terms for Base Material and Applied Material

ACOC agrees with this proposal 


ACOC agrees with this proposal and to the preferred option of one list. 


ACOC agrees with this proposal, however is interested in seeing the DNB response. 

6JSC/TechnicalWG/2 – Notes and related elements in RDA

ACOC agrees with the proposal and the recommendations.

Other business

No other business

Next teleconference

9 September 11:00am (EST) 

Meeting closed: 12.30 pm (EST)