National Library of Australia

Teleconference 9 September 2014

Present: Catherine Argus (NLA/Chair), Ebe Kartus (ALIA/JSC Rep), Jenny Stephens (NLA), Monika Szunejko (NLA), Melissa Parent (ALIA), David Wells (ALIA), Rebecca Gibbs (Minutes)

Apologies: Anne Robertson (EPC Representative),

Start time: 11:00 am (EST)

Welcome and apologies 

Apologies from Anne

Minutes of previous meetings and business arising 

Minutes from 3 September were accepted. 

Jenny clarified NLA music cataloguers’ position on 6JSC/MusicWG/7.  Abbreviations often appear on the item; however part and number designations not abbreviated on the item are not abbreviated in transcription.

Draft responses 

6JSC/ISSN/5 – Change in mode of issuance for online resources

Catherine drafted a response to 6JSC/ISSN/5showing ACOC’s general support for the proposal with comments about the proposed exception.  The draft was accepted with minor amendments.

JSC proposals 

6JSC/LC/31 – Revisions to instructions on Parts of the Bible

ACOC agrees with the changes proposed with;

  • interest in further exploration of the RDA Tools tab to list preferred titles for books of the Bible, and;
  • heading change at to “Apocryphal books outside the Catholic Canon and Protestant Apocrypha” to assist cataloguers. 

6JSC/ALA/34 – Eliminating the instructions for date of expression of a religious work and modifying instructions for AAP representing expression of the Bible

ACOC agrees with the proposal however notes that the outcome of this proposal may affect the examples in 6JSC/LC/31.  ACOC would also like JSC to consider the necessity of recording authorised access points for all language expressions. 

6JSC/BL Rep/1

This discussion paper aims to a) simplify instructions and illuminate duplications, and b) support date and place information recorded in fixed fields.  

6JSC/ALA/32 – Expanding the scope of Statement of Responsibility

ACOC agrees with the premise of the proposal and problem of the overlap between chapter 7 and statement of responsibility. However ACOC does not agree with the proposed solution as it could create long statements of responsibility. 

6JSC/BL/15 – Revision of core elements

ACOC agrees with the proposal and prefers a core element list in the Appendix 

6JSC/LC/30 – Works without titles

ACOC agrees with the proposal as it makes instructions clearer. Options 3B and 5B are preferred with caveat that refer back to 

Other business

No other business 

Next teleconference

17 September 1:30pm (EST) 

Meeting closed: 12.30 pm (EST)