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A list of Australian training courses and seminars relating to RDA can be viewed here. Details of courses will be added as they become available.

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ALIA training

RDA for Practitioners

This 3 week online course is designed for those working in cataloguing roles that need to understand the changes they will see in RDA formatted records from Libraries Australia, OCLC, SCIS and other sources for both original and copy cataloguing tasks.  The course will cover the basic concepts required to confidently catalogue using the RDA Toolkit. Exercises will focus on applying the RDA principles to a range of formats so that participants gain confidence in creating compliant cataloguing records for their library service.

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Lynn Farkas Information Services

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Course title: Cataloguing the RDA way
An intensive two-day course that covers all the basic concepts required to competently catalogue using the RDA Toolkit and instruction set.  Participants learn to understand and apply RDA instructions, and to create RDA-compliant cataloguing records.  Practice sessions cover all the new features of RDA and how they can be applied, particularly using MARC coding.  Exercises focus on understanding practical applications and will culminate in the creation of full RDA-compliant cataloguing records.

Note: this course assumes a basic familiarity with the RDA Toolkit.  If you have not attended Toolkit training (through our webinars, personal use of the Toolkit, or training by others), you can access one of the free archived webinars on the RDA Toolkit site.

Course title: Copy Cataloguing with RDA
The course covers how to recognise an RDA-compliant record to copy, and how to amend AACR2 records to make them RDA-compliant.  It includes the steps in the copy cataloguing process; key changes from AACR2; MARC fields to match when copy cataloguing; editing changes in copied records – when and what to edit; cloning records and when to do so; and an extensive copy cataloguing checklist.

Our presenters, Lynn Farkas and Helen Rowe are experienced cataloguers, qualified trainers and designated Libraries Australia and RDA trainers. Helen and Lynn have delivered webinar and face-to-face RDA training to hundreds of librarian and technician cataloguers across the country. They have also written the RDA-compliant cataloguing module for the New Zealand Open Polytechnic (which provides New Zealand's only undergraduate degrees in library and information science) - so you'll be in good hands!  

TMQ, Inc. (The MARC of Quality)

TMQ offers RDA and other cataloging training either onsite or online

Onsite sessions in the Asia-Pacific region can be arranged for groups of up to 25. Online sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis, at times most convenient to the requesting group, and are usually open to anyone wishing to register.

To schedule an onsite session, or find out about registering for an online session, email Deborah Fritz at