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About the Australian Newspaper Plan

The Australian Newspaper Plan (ANPlan) was set up in the early 1990s. The aim of ANPlan is to ensure that newspapers published in Australia are collected and preserved for permanent access.

ANPlan is a cooperative initiative of National and State Libraries Australasia. ANPlan relies on collaboration between the National Library of Australia and the other partners, Australia's state and territory libraries, and the National Library of New Zealand.

Under ANPlan, primary responsibility for a newspaper rests with the state or territory library in the state/territory of the newspaper's origin. The National Library of Australia shares responsibility for ACT newspapers with the ACT Heritage Library and has assumed responsibility for a number of newspapers that are national in scope, coverage and distribution (Australian, Australian Financial Review, National Times, Nation Review and Independent Monthly). ANPlan is currently coordinated by the National Library of Australia.

The Australian partners report annually on progress made against a set of Key Indicators and towards a national five year plan to locate, acquire, preserve and provide access to Australian newspapers. The five year plan includes a list of newspaper titles that are considered to be signficant and at risk. Libraries also have a list of titles that are currently missing from their collections. You may be able to help by locating a missing newspaper.

For more information about the work being undertaken by particular libraries please see the partners' pages and current activities. Reports, policies, articles and other material relating to ANPlan can be found in the documents area of this website.


Do you know the whereabouts of a missing newspaper?


The overall aim of the Australian Newspaper Plan project is to preserve all Australian newspapers and to ensure the public has adequate access to them.


The Australian Newspaper Plan helps you to access our newspaper heritage.


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