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Current Activities and Progress

Recent achievements

  • Over 6 million digitised newspaper pages from over 210 newspapers are now being made accessible through Australian newspapers on Trove.
  • Ten newspapers that were completely missing from our collections have been discovered.
  • Australian newspapers are being continually microfilmed - ensuring that they are accessible for future readers.
  • An ANPlan paper, ‘Environmental conditions for storing print and microfilmed newspapers’.
  • ANPlan libraries have catalogued more newspaper microform titles onto the national bibliographic database (NBD), according to the microform cataloguing guidelines developed by ANPlan libraries in 2006.
  • ANPlan libraries continue to communicate with public libraries and other community groups about how to use and contribute to Australian newspapers on Trove.
  • ANPlan libraries continue to raise awareness of libraries' role in collecting, preserving and providing access to newspapers - this has included the ongoing Search and Rescue campaign to locate missing Australian newspapers.

For further details, see Australian Newspaper Plan: preserving for permanent access Annual Report 2010/11, October 2011 on this website.


The Search and Rescue campaign to find missing newspapers has resulted in a number of significant newspaper finds. Much work has been done in identifying Australian newspapers which are entirely missing or which have substantial portions missing. Australia's missing and recently found newspapers are published on this website.

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The availability of digitised newspapers has increased dramatically over 2010/11, largely due to mass digitisation being conducted by the NLA through Australian newspapers on Trove. While there is strong interest from the public in accessing these newspapers, and a number have committed their organisations to contributing titles to this resource, it is of concern that there are also a number of newspaper titles which have been digitised outside this framework and may therefore not be able to accessed widely or in the long term. Titles selected for digitisation are available on the Australian Newspapers Digitisation website.

ANPlan libraries continue to explore emerging issues in the provision of permanent access to newspapers such as the collection of digital versions and the roles of digitisation and microfilming as preservation strategies.

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Newspapers microfilmed by ANPlan libraries in 2010/11 are listed on this website:

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Acetate replacement

Replacing unstable acetate microfilm with polyester film is one of the strategies which ANPlan libraries have been using to preserve access to their newspaper collections. Five libraries have now completed their acetate duplication programs or hold no acetate microfilm.

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Most libraries report optimal environmental conditions for their printed newspapers and for their first generation newspaper microfilm. These environmental conditions are reported in the Australian Newspaper Plan: preserving for permanent access Annual Report 2010/11, October 2011 on this website.

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Most hard copy Australian newspapers are accessible through the National Bibliographic Database (NBD), with detailed and up-to-date holdings information. Significant progress has been made in cataloguing newspaper microform onto the NBD according to current guidelines.

For further information about these measures, please see Australian Newspaper Plan: preserving for permanent access Annual Report 2010/11, October 2011 on this website.

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Public outreach

ANPlan libraries are still engaging with their library networks and with the general public about missing newspapers and, increasingly, about digitised newspapers.

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Last updated: 25 November 2011

Current Activities