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Appendix 2
Reference Structures Associated with Subdivisions

2.1 Introduction

All base terms which are subdividable (e.g. Elections and geographic descriptors) must be established in the Thesaurus before use with subdivisions.

Geographic descriptors used as subdivisions of Elections must also be established in the Thesaurus.

Although possible subdivisions are not listed with base terms in the main body of the Thesaurus, sections 2.2 and 2.3 following show which subdivisions may be used with which base terms.

2.2 Subdivision of elections

Elections: Country
Elections: Australian State
Elections: Australian Territory
Elections: Australian capital city

2.3 Subdivision of geographic descriptors

Region: Buildings
Country: Buildings
Australian State: Buildings
Australian Territory: Buildings
Australian capital city: Buildings
BT Buildings

Region: Commerce
Country: Commerce
Australian State: Commerce
Australian Territory: Commerce
Australian capital city: Commerce
BT Commerce

Region: Culture
Country: Culture
Australian State: Culture
Australian Territory: Culture
Australian capital city: Culture
BT Culture

Region: Defences
Country: Defences
BT Defence

Description and travel
Region: Description and travel
Country: Description and travel
Australian State: Description and travel
Australian Territory: Description and travel
Australian capital city: Description and travel
BT Geography

Economic conditions
Region: Economic conditions
Country: Economic conditions
Australian State: Economic conditions
Australian Territory: Economic conditions
Australian capital city: Economic conditions
BT Economic conditions

Economic history
Region: Economic history
Country: Economic history
Australian State: Economic history
Australian Territory: Economic history
Australian capital city: Economic history
BT Economic history

Economic policy
Region: Economic policy
Country: Economic policy
Australian State: Economic policy
Australian Territory: Economic policy
Australian capital city: Economic policy
BT Economic policy

Foreign relations
Region: Foreign relations
Country: Foreign relations
BT International relations

Region: History
Country: History
Australian State: History
Australian Territory: History
Australian capital city: History
BT History

Industries and resources
Region: Industries and resources
Country: Industries and resources
Australian State: Industries and resources
Australian Territory: Industries and resources
Australian capital city: Industries and resources
BT Natural resources

Industry policy
Region: Industry policy
Country: Industry policy
Australian State: Industry policy
Australian Territory: Industry policy
Australian capital city: Industry policy
BT Industry policy

Law and legislation
Region: Law and legislation
Country: Law and legislation
Australian State: Law and legislation
Australian Territory: Law and legislation
Australian capital city: Law and legislation
BT Law

Politics and government
Region: Politics and government
Country: Politics and government
Australian State: Politics and government
Australian Territory: Politics and government
Australian capital city: Politics and government
BT Politics

Social conditions
Region: Social conditions
Country: Social conditions
Australian State: Social conditions
Australian Territory: Social conditions
Australian capital city: Social conditions
BT Sociology

Social history
Region: Social history
Country: Social history
Australian State: Social history
Australian Territory: Social history
Australian capital city: Social history
BT Social history

Social policy
Region: Social policy
Country: Social policy
Australian State: Social policy
Australian Territory: Social policy
Australian capital city: Social policy
BT Social policy

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