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Appendix 4
APAIS Broadly Used For (BUF) Terms


The Broadly Used For (BUF) field, which was specific to the APAIS Thesaurus, no longer forms part of the Thesaurus structure. Broadly Used For terms were narrower or closely related non-preferred terms that were encompassed by a broader preferred term. For example, Securities formerly had BUF links to a number of specific types of financial instruments, such as Bills of exchange, Bonds, Debentures, etc. Some BUF terms are also dead descriptors, and were used for indexing for the period indicated by the range of dates. Online users can search on BUF terms in an APAIS record via the identifier field.

Term Status Date Established Subsumed under
35 hour working week DEAD 1982-1984 Working hours
Abacus     Mathematics
Abattoirs DEAD 1978-1984 Meat
Abduction DEAD 1982-1987 Crime
Ability DEAD 1978-1984  
Aboriginal dance     Aboriginal arts
Aboriginal deaths in custody     Aborigines and the law
Aboriginal hunting and gathering     Aboriginal culture
Aboriginal reserves DEAD 1978-1984 Aboriginal communities
Aboriginal sacred sites     Aboriginal religion
Aboriginal unemployment     Aboriginal employment
Aboriginality     Aboriginal culture
Abortion, Spontaneous     Pregnancy
Absenteeism DEAD 1978-1984 Working conditions
Academically gifted     Gifted
Acoustics DEAD 1983-1986, 1990-1999  
Activism     Community involvement
Actors and actresses DEAD 1978-2001 Actors
Actuarial science     Statistics
Acupuncture DEAD 1978-1984 Alternative medicine
Adding machines     Office machines
Adhesives DEAD 1980-1986  
Adjustment (Psychological) DEAD 1978-1986 Behaviour
Admission criteria (Education) DEAD 1978-1986  
Aerosols DEAD 1979-1984 Packaging
Afghan people DEAD 1982-1986 Asians
Afghanistan DEAD 1980-1986 Asia
Age discrimination in employment DEAD 1978-1987 Discrimination in employment
Ageing DEAD 1978-1987 Aged
Aggression DEAD 1978-1986 Behaviour
Agricultural buildings DEAD 1983-1984 Buildings
Agricultural equipment DEAD 1979-1985 Agricultural technology
Agricultural pests DEAD 1979-1984 Pests
Air fares DEAD 1981-1987 Aviation
Air hostesses DEAD 1978-1984 Aviation
Albania DEAD 1981-1986 East Europe
Alcoholism DEAD 1978-1982 Alcohol abuse
Allergy DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
American Samoa DEAD 1979-1980 Pacific Ocean region
Americans DEAD 1982-1986 North Americans
Amphibians DEAD 1980-1984 Animals
Anaesthetics DEAD 1979-1984 Drugs
Analgesics DEAD 1978-1984 Drugs
Anarchism DEAD 1978-1985 Political science
Animal behaviour DEAD 1978-1986 Animals
Animal migration DEAD 1982-1984 Animals
Anniversaries DEAD 1978-1980 Celebrations
Annuities DEAD 1978-1987 Investment
Anorexia nervosa DEAD 1982-1984 Diseases
Antarctic Treaty     Treaties
Anti dumping     International commerce
Ants     Insects
Anxiety DEAD 1978-1987 Stress (Psychological)
Anzac Day     Ceremonies
Apartheid     Racial discrimination
Aphasia     People with language disabilities
Apples     Fruit
Aquaculture     Agriculture
Aquariums DEAD 1978-1984 Marine life
Aquariums DEAD 1978-1984 Zoos
Arabs DEAD 1981-1986 Middle East peoples
Arbitration     Grievance procedures
Arbitration, Commercial     Grievance procedures
Archaeological dating DEAD 1982-1987 Archaeology
Archaeology, Historical DEAD 1986-2001 Historical archaeology
Archery DEAD 1978-1984 Sports
Architecture, Domestic DEAD 1984-2001 Domestic architecture
Argentina DEAD 1978-1986 South America
Armenians DEAD 1981-1986 Middle East peoples
Arms race     Weapons
Arson DEAD 1982-1987 Crime
Arson DEAD 1982-1987 Fires
Art competitions DEAD 1978-1987 Art
Art, Prehistoric DEAD 1978-1987 Art
Art, Primitive DEAD 1978-1987 Art
Arthritis DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Artificial insemination DEAD 1978-1987 Reproduction Biological
Artificial intelligence     Computer programming
Artificial satellites     Satellites
Asbestosis     Diseases
Ashmore and Cartier Islands DEAD 1986-1999 Australia
Assault DEAD 1978-1987 Crime
Assault DEAD 1978-1987 Violence
Assessment (Students) DEAD 1978-1980 Student assessment
Assets test     Income
Assimilation (Cultural) DEAD 1978-1987 Culture
Assimilation (Cultural) DEAD 1978-1987 Ethnic groups
Asthma DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Astrology DEAD 1978-1984 Supernatural
Atheism DEAD 1978-1984 Religion
Atmosphere DEAD 1978-1984 Environment
Attendance centres     Punishment
Attorneys-General DEAD 1978-1984 Ministers (Government)
Auctions DEAD 1978-1987 Selling
Aurally disabled DEAD 1990-2001 People with aural disabilities
Aurally handicapped DEAD 1981-1989 People with aural disabilities
Aussat     Satellites
Australia Day celebrations     Celebrations
Australian crime fiction     Australian fiction
Australian detective fiction     Australian fiction
Australian English language     Languages
Australian rules football     Football
Australian short stories     Australian fiction
Austria DEAD 1979-1986 Europe
Authoritarianism DEAD 1978-1985 Conservatism
Autism DEAD 1982-1984 Mental illness
Autobiography     Biography
Automatic teller machines     Electronic funds transfer
Automation DEAD 1978-1992 Technological change
Aversion therapy     Therapy
Aviation, Military DEAD 1978-1980 Military aviation
Awards, Industrial     Industrial arbitration
Back injuries     Injuries
Backgammon     Games
Baggage insurance     Insurance
Bahasa Indonesia     Languages
Bahrain DEAD 1982-1986 Middle East
Bail DEAD 1978-1984 Court procedures
Bailiffs     Debt
Ballooning     Sports
Baltic peoples DEAD 1981-1986 Europeans
Bananas     Fruit
Bandicoots DEAD 1978-1984 Marsupials
Bangladesh DEAD 1978-1986 Asia
Bank accounts     Monetary transactions
Banking deregulation     Banking regulation
Banksia     Plants
Banners     Flags
Barbecues DEAD 1978-1984 Cookery
Barbiturates DEAD 1978-1984 Drugs
Barley     Grain
Barter     Monetary transactions
Baseball DEAD 1978-1984 Sports
Batik     Textiles
Bats     Wildlife
Batteries DEAD 1978-1984 Electricity
Bauxite DEAD 1978-1984 Minerals
Beans DEAD 1982-1986 Agricultural produce
Beans DEAD 1982-1986 Food
Beauty contests     Competitions
Bedding DEAD 1978-1984 Furnishings
Beef DEAD 1978-1987 Cattle
Beef DEAD 1978-1987 Meat
Bees DEAD 1978-1984 Insects
Beetles     Insects
Belgium DEAD 1982-1986 Europe
Bereavement DEAD 1978-1984 Death
Berries     Fruit
Bible, The     Theology
Bibliographic filing     Cataloguing
Bibliographic networks     Computer networks
Bicentennial celebrations     Celebrations
Bicycles DEAD 1978-1984 Cycling
Bilingualism DEAD 1978-1981 Language
Bill of Rights     Civil rights
Billiards DEAD 1978-1984 Games
Bills of exchange     Securities
Bingo     Gambling
Biochemistry     Chemistry
Birth rate DEAD 1978-1984 Demography
Biscuits     Food
Black Americans DEAD 1980-1986 North Americans
Blind DEAD 1978-1989 People with visual disabilities
Boarding schools     Independent schools
Bocce     Sports
Body language     Communication
Bodybuilding     Sports
Boer War     War
Bolivia DEAD 1978-1986 South America
Bombs     Weapons
Bonds     Securities
Bonus systems     Incentives
Book collecting DEAD 1982-1986 Collecting
Book reviewing     Literary criticism
Bookkeeping DEAD 1978-1980 Accounting
Bookmaking (Betting) DEAD 1978-1986 Gambling
Boomerangs     Primitive tools
Botanical gardens     Gardens
Botswana DEAD 1981-1986 Africa
Bowls DEAD 1978-1984 Games
Boxing DEAD 1978-1984 Sports
Braille     People in visual disabilities
Brain DEAD 1982-1986 Physiology
Brassieres     Clothing
Brazil DEAD 1978-1986 South America
Bread DEAD 1982-1984 Food
Breast cancer     Cancer
Breast feeding     Infants
Breast reconstruction     Surgery
Breasts     Physiology
Breeding DEAD 1981-1987 Animals
Breeding DEAD 1981-1987 Reproduction (Biological)
Breweries     Beer
Bricks     Building materials
British Eastern Caribbean Group     Central America
Brolgas     Birds
Brucellosis DEAD 1982-1984 Animal diseases
Brunei DEAD 1984-1986 Southeast Asia
Buckwheat     Agricultural produce
Buddhism DEAD 1978-1986 Religion
Budgerigars     Birds
Budget deficit     Budgets
Buffaloes DEAD 1982-1984 Animals
Bugging     Electronic surveillance
Bulgaria     East Europe
Bulimia     Diseases
Bullets     Weapons
Buoys DEAD 1978-1980 Navigation
Bureaucracy (Government) DEAD 1978-1985 Public service
Burma DEAD 1978-1986 Southeast Asia
Burns     Injuries
Buses DEAD 1978-1985 Public transport
Buses DEAD 1978-1985 Vehicles
Bushwalking DEAD 1982-1986 Leisure
Business machines     Office equipment
Busking DEAD 1982-1984 Performing arts
Butterflies     Insects
Button wrinklewort     Plants
Cable television DEAD 1980-1992 Pay television
Cacti     Plants
Caesarean section     Surgery
Caffeine     Drugs
Calculators DEAD 1983-1987 Computers
Calculators DEAD 1983-1987 Office equipment
Calendars     Time
Cambodia     Southeast Asia
Camels DEAD 1978-1986 Animals
Cameras     Photography
Camping DEAD 1978-1984 Leisure
Canadians     North Americans
Canals     Rivers
Cannabis     Drugs
Canoeing DEAD 1980-1984 Water sports
Caps     Clothing
Car parks DEAD 1978-1987 Motor cars
Caravan parks     Accommodation
Caravans DEAD 1978-1984 Accommodation
Cardiology     Medicine
Caribbean DEAD 1980-1992 Central America
Cash management trusts     Trusts
Casinos DEAD 1978-1986 Gambling
Cassava     Agricultural produce
Casual labour DEAD 1978-1984 Part time employment
Catalogues DEAD 1980-1982 Cataloguing
Catechism     Religious education
Catering DEAD 1980-1984 Service industries
Cats DEAD 1979-1984 Animals
Cattle stations     Cattle
CB radio DEAD 1978-1984 Radio
CD-ROM     Laser discs
Cement DEAD 1982-1984 Building materials
Centennial celebrations     Celebrations
Central African Empire DEAD 1979-1986 Africa
Cereals     Grain
Cerebral palsied     People with physical disabilities
Cerebrovascular diseases DEAD 1981-1984 Diseases
Chad DEAD 1980-1986 Africa
Change of sex     Sex role
Chartering     Leasing
Chartism DEAD 1978-1984 Labour
Cheese     Agricultural produce
Cheese     Food
Chemical warfare DEAD 1982-1987 War
Chemical weapons     Weapons
Cheques     Monetary transactions
Chess DEAD 1982-1984 Games
Chickens     Livestock
Chickpeas     Agricultural produce
Chief justices     Judiciary
Child allowance     Maintenance (Domestic)
Child care centres DEAD 1978-1984 Child care
Childbirth DEAD 1978-1980 Birth
Children's rights     Civil rights
Chile DEAD 1978-1986 South America
Chinese languages     Languages
Chinese people DEAD 1981-1986 Asians
Chinese walls     Conflict of interests
Chiropractic DEAD 1979-1984 Alternative medicine
Chlamydia     Diseases
Cholera     Diseases
Choral music, Religious     Religious music
Choreography     Dance
Christmas Island DEAD 1986-1999 Australia
Church choirs     Religious music
Church music     Religious music
Church schools     Independent schools
Ciguatera     Poisons
Circumcision     Surgery
Circuses     Performing arts
Cities DEAD 1978-1980 Towns
Citrus fruit     Fruit
Civil defence DEAD 1982-1987 Defence
Civil procedure     Court procedures
Claims DEAD 1978-1987 Litigation
Clairvoyance     Supernatural
Class actions DEAD 1982-1984 Litigation
Cleaning DEAD 1983-1987 Service industries
Cleaning aids DEAD 1978-1984 Chemicals
Climate DEAD 1979-1986 Weather
Clinical pathology     Medicine
Clocks     Time
Cloning     Biotechnology
Clover     Agricultural produce
Coarse grain     Grain
Coastal surveillance DEAD 1978-1987 Coasts
Coats of arms     Genealogy
Cocaine     Drugs
Cockatoos DEAD 1978-1984 Birds
Cocos (Keeling) Islands DEAD 1986-1999 Australia
Coffee DEAD 1978-1984 Beverages
Cohabitation DEAD 1979-1999 De facto relationships
Coins DEAD 1980-1986 Numismatics
Collective bargaining DEAD 1978-1985 Enterprise bargaining
Colombo Plan     International aid
Columbia DEAD 1979-1986 South America
Comedy     Humour
Comets     Astronomy
Comic opera     Opera
Commercial bills     Securities
Commercial property DEAD 1982-1987 Real estate
Committal hearings     Court procedures
Committees, Parliamentary DEAD 1986-2001 Parliamentary committees
Commonwealth games     Sports
Commonwealth loans     Securities
Commonwealth of Independent States     East Europe
Communal settlements     Alternative lifestyles
Communism DEAD 1978-1992 Marxism
Community Employment Program     Employment
Community justice centres DEAD 1982-1986 Grievance procedures
Community service orders     Punishment
Community Youth Support Scheme     Youth employment
Commuting DEAD 1978-1986 Travel
Comoros DEAD 1986 Africa
Compact discs     Laser discs
Companies, Individual DEAD 1986-2001 Individual companies
Companies, International DEAD 1978-1980 Multinational companies
Comprehension DEAD 1978-1984 Learning
Computer aided manufacturing     Computer applications AND Manufacturing
Concentration camps DEAD 1978-1987 Prisons
Concerts DEAD 1978-1984 Performing arts
Conciliation     Grievance procedures
Concrete     Building materials
Condiments     Food
Conductors (Music)     Orchestras
Confectionary     Food
Conferences DEAD 1979-1985 Meetings
Confession (Law)     Evidence (Law)
Confidential information     Freedom of information
Confidential information     Privacy
Confucianism DEAD 1982-1984 Religion
Conscience     Ethics
Conscription DEAD 1978-1987 Armed forces
Consideration (Law)     Contracts
Conspiracy     Crime
Containerisation DEAD 1978-1986 Freight
Contempt of court     Court procedures
Control burning     Fire control
Conversion of wastes     Wastes
Cook Islands DEAD 1978-1980 Pacific Ocean region
Copper DEAD 1978-1984 Metals
Coral Sea Islands DEAD 1986-1999 Australia
Corn     Grain
Coroners     Judiciary
Coronial inquest     Trials
Corporate crime DEAD 1979-1980 White collar crime
Corporate punishment     Punishment
Corporate underwriting     Sponsorship
Correspondence study DEAD 1978-1988 Distance education
Cosmetics DEAD 1978-1984 Toiletries
Cost benefit analysis     Costs
Cost of living wage adjustments     Wage fixation
Costs (Litigation)     Litigation
Counter trade     International commerce
Country towns     Towns
Courage DEAD 1980-1986 Behaviour
Court proceedings     Courts
Courthouses     Courts
Courts, Juvenile DEAD 1978-2001 Juvenile courts
Crabs     Marine life
Creationism     Evolution
Creches (Day nurseries)     Child care
Credit unions DEAD 1979-1987 Financial institutions
Crime fiction DEAD 1982-1984 Fiction
Crime fiction, Australian     Australian fiction
Crime, Organised DEAD 1986-2001 Organised crime
Criminal investigation     Criminal law
Criminal investigation     Police
Criminal procedure     Court procedures
Critical thinking     Criticism
Croatia     East Europe
Croquet DEAD 1980-1984 Sports
Cross examination     Evidence (Law)
Crown privilege     Privilege (Law)
Cruises     Travel
Cuba DEAD 1978-1986 Central America
Cubans DEAD 1981-1986 Central Americans
Cultural property     National estate
Current cost accounting DEAD 1978-1995 Accounting
Cutbacks (Personnel)     Retrenchment
Cycads     Plants
Cyprus DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Czech Republic     East Europe
Czechoslovakia DEAD 1978-1986 East Europe
Dairy products DEAD 1981-1992 Agricultural produce
Dairy products DEAD 1981-1992 Food
Damages     Compensation (Law)
Dams     Water resources
Dancing DEAD 1978-1980 Dance
Darling Harbour project     Recreational facilities
Data base vendors     Data bases
Date palms     Trees
Day care centres     Child care
Daylight saving DEAD 1978-1984 Energy conservation
Deaf DEAD 1978-1980 People with aural disabilities
Death duties DEAD 1978-1985 Taxation
Deaths in custody     Prisoners
Debentures     Securities
Debt, Public DEAD 1983-2001 Public debt
Decentralisation DEAD 1978-1985 Regional planning
Deconstruction     Criticism
Decriminalisation     Criminal law
Deer DEAD 1980-1984 Animals
Deformities DEAD 1978-1996 Birth defects
Delegated legislation     Law
Demolition work     Building
Dengue fever     Diseases
Denmark DEAD 1980-1986 Europe
Deportation DEAD 1982-1985 Immigration
Depreciation DEAD 1982-1985 Accounting
Depression, Mental DEAD 1978-1985 Mental illness
Deregulation     Trade regulation
Desalination     Salinity
Deserts DEAD 1978-1985 Arid zones
Design, Industrial DEAD 1978-1985 Design
Desktop publishing     Publishing
Despotism     Conservatism
Detective fiction     Fiction
Detective fiction, Australian     Australian fiction
Detente     International relations
Devaluation DEAD 1978-1985 Foreign exchange
Developmental psychology DEAD 1979-1981 Psychology
Deviant behaviour DEAD 1980-1985 Behaviour
Diabetes DEAD 1978-1985 Diseases
Diamonds DEAD 1982-1985 Precious stones
Dieback     Botany
Digital disc     Laser dics
Dingoes DEAD 1978-1985 Wildlife
Dinosaurs     Reptiles
Diphtheria     Diseases
Directories     Information service
Disabled DEAD 1990-2001 People with disabilities
Disabled and employment DEAD 1990-2001 People with disabilities and employment
Disabled and unemployment     People with disabilities and employment
Disabled children DEAD 1990-2001 Children with disabilities
Discipline DEAD 1981-1985 Punishment
Discourse analysis     Language
Discovery (Law)     Court procedures
Diversion (Law)     Court procedures
Diving DEAD 1978-1985 Water sports
Document supply     Library circulation
Documentary journalism     Journalism
Dogs DEAD 1978-1985 Animals
Dolls     Toys
Dolphins     Marine life
Domestic animals DEAD 1978-1985 Animals
Donkeys DEAD 1982-1984 Horses
Down's syndrome DEAD 1982-1984 People with intellectual disabilities
Downsizing     Retrenchment
Drainage DEAD 1978-1980 Land resources
Dreams     Psychology
Dried fruit     Fruit
Droughts DEAD 1978-1980 Drought
Drowning DEAD 1978-1985 Accidents
Dugongs DEAD 1978-1985 Marine life
Dumping     International commerce
Durians     Fruit
Dutch people DEAD 1982-1986 Europeans
Dyeing DEAD 1978-1985 Colour
Dyslexia DEAD 1982-1985 Reading
Earth moving DEAD 1985  
Earthquakes DEAD 1978-1985 Disasters
Earthquakes DEAD 1978-1985 Geology
East Germany     Germany
Echidnas     Wildlife
Eclipses DEAD 1978-1985 Astronomy
Economic indicators DEAD 1978-1985 Economic conditions
Ecstasy (Drug)     Drugs
Editing     Publishing
Education, Adult DEAD 1978 Continuing education
Education, Agricultural DEAD 1979-1980 Agricultural education
Education, Art DEAD 1978-1980 Art education
Education, Bilingual DEAD 1978-2001 Bilingual education
Education, Community DEAD 1978-1979 Continuing education
Education, Continuing DEAD 1979-2001 Continuing education
Education, Law DEAD 1978-1980 Legal education
Education, Medical DEAD 1978-1980 Medical education
Education, Military DEAD 1978-1980 Military education
Education, Multicultural DEAD 1978-2001 Multicultural education
Education, Nursing DEAD 1978-1980 Nursing education
Education, Outdoor DEAD 1979-1980 Education
Education, Physical DEAD 1978-1980, 1981-2001 Physical education
Education, Preschool DEAD 1978-2001 Preschool education
Education, Primary DEAD 1978-2001 Primary education
Education, Religious DEAD 1978-2001 Religious education
Education, Rural DEAD 1978-2001 Rural education
Education, Secondary DEAD 1978-2001 Secondary education
Education, Special DEAD 1978-2001 Special education
Education, Technical DEAD 1978-2001 Technical education
Education, Tertiary DEAD 1978-2001 Tertiary education
Education, Vocational DEAD 1978-1979 Vocational education and training
Educational grants DEAD 1980-1985 Educational finance
Eels     Marine life
Efficiency DEAD 1978-1985 Productivity
Eggs DEAD 1981-1985 Food
Egypt DEAD 1978-1986 Africa
Egypt DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
El Salvador DEAD 1981-1986 Central America
Electorates DEAD 1978-1985 Elections
Electric vehicles     Vehicles
Electrical appliances DEAD 1978-1986 Consumer goods
Electronic data interchange     Communications
Electronic document delivery     Communications
Electronic foetal monitoring     Medicine
Electronic funds transfer at point of sale     Electronic funds transfer
Electronic mail     Communications
Electronic publishing     Publishing
Elephants     Animals
Elites DEAD 1978-1985 Social classes
Embryo transfer     Reproduction (Biological)
Emigration     Immigration
Employment contracts     Contracts
Employment contracts     Industrial arbitration
Employment contracts     Industrial relations
Emus DEAD 1978-1984 Birds
Encyclopaedias     Information services
Endometriosis     Diseases
Engines DEAD 1978-1985 Machinery
English education DEAD 1982-1984 Language education
Enrolment (Education) DEAD 1982-1985 Educational institutions
Enterprise zones     Business parks
Environmental education DEAD 1982-1985 Environment
Environmental education DEAD 1982-1985 Environmentalism
Environmental engineering     Environmental management
Epilepsy DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Equal employment opportunity     Discrimination in employment
Equality DEAD 1978-1985 Civil rights
Equipment maintenance DEAD 1983-1985 Equipment
Erosion DEAD 1978-1986 Soils
Escapology     Performing arts
Esperanto     Languages
Essential services     Utility services
Estates DEAD 1978-1984 Property
Estonians DEAD 1982-1985 Europeans
Estuaries DEAD 1978-1984 Rivers
Ethiopia DEAD 1978-1986 Africa
Ethnic broadcasting DEAD 1981-1985 Broadcasting
Ethnohistory     Anthropology
Ethnology DEAD 1978-1985 Anthropology
Etiquette DEAD 1981-1985 Behaviour
Eucalypts DEAD 1980-1985 Trees
Eucalyptus oil DEAD 1982-1984 Agricultural produce
Eugenics     Biology
Eureka Stockade DEAD 1986-1991 Demonstrations
Evacuation of population     Emergency services
Evangelism     Christianity
Examinations DEAD 1978-1985 Student assessment
Exchange programmes DEAD 1978-1985 Inservice training
Excise duties     Taxation
Executive power DEAD 1978-1985 Politics
Exercise     Physical fitness
Exiles     Refugees
Expert systems     Computer programming
Explosives DEAD 1978-1985 Weapons
Expo 88     Exhibitions
Exports     Commerce
Exservicemen DEAD 1978-1980 Veterans
Extra sensory perception DEAD 1982-1984 Supernatural
Extradition DEAD 1978-1985 Criminals
Facsimile machines     Office equipment
Factories DEAD 1978-1985 Manufacturing
Fairy tales     Children's literature
Famine DEAD 1978-1985 Disasters
Fascism DEAD 1978-1985 Conservatism
Fashion     Clothing
Fast food     Food
Fasting     Diet
Fathers DEAD 1981-1984 Parents
Fear DEAD 1978-1984 Emotions
Feasibility studies     Surveys
Femininity     Sex role
Fences DEAD 1978-1985 Buildings
Fencing     Sports
Fenugreek     Grain
Feral animals DEAD 1981-1985 Animals
Ferries     Boats
Fertilisers DEAD 1978-1985 Chemicals
Fibre optics     Communications
Fibre optics     Radiation
Fiction, Australian DEAD 1986-2001 Australian fiction
Filipinas     Asians
Filipinos     Asians
Finance companies DEAD 1978-1985 Financial institutions
Finance, Local government DEAD 1986-2001 Local government finance
Finance, Personal DEAD 1978-1981 Finance
Finance, Public DEAD 1978-2001 Public finance
Finance, State government DEAD 1993-2001 State and territory government finance
Financial deregulation     Financial regulation
Financial planning     Financial management
Fines (Penalties) DEAD 1983-1985 Punishment
Finland DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Fire stations     Fire control
Firefighters     Fire control
First aid DEAD 1981-1985 Safety
Fish DEAD 1978-1985 Animals
Fishing DEAD 1979-1985 Sports
Flat rate income tax     Income tax reform
Flats     Housing
Flextime     Working hours
Flies     Insects
Flight attendants     Aviation
Floor coverings DEAD 1978-1984 Furnishings
Flower growing     Horticulture
Flowers     Plants
Fluoridation DEAD 1979-1985 Dental health
FM radio DEAD 1980-1984 Radio
Foetal surgery     Surgery
Folklore DEAD 1978-1985 Folklife
Food poisoning DEAD 1982-1985 Poisons
Food preservation DEAD 1978-1985 Food
Foot and mouth disease     Animal diseases
Footwear DEAD 1978-1984 Clothing
Forecasting, Weather     Weather
Foreign language teaching     Language education
Fork lift truck     Trucks
Forms management     Information management
Fortunes     Wealth
Fossils DEAD 1978-1985 Geology
Foster care DEAD 1978-1985 Child welfare
Foxes DEAD 1981-1984 Animals
Free enterprise DEAD 1978-1985 Business
Free enterprise DEAD 1978-1985 Capitalism
Free trade DEAD 1978-1985 International commerce
French people DEAD 1982-1985 Europeans
French studies DEAD 1979-1985 Area studies
Friendly societies     Financial institutions
Friendship     Human relations
Fringe benefits (Employment)     Incentives
Frogs     Wildlife
Fuel DEAD 1978-1985 Energy resources
Fuel, Alcohol DEAD 1980-1985 Energy resources
Fundamentalism     Theology
Fundamentalism     Values
Funerals DEAD 1978-1985 Ceremonies
Fungus as food     Food
Funnel web spiders     Spiders
Furs     Clothing
Gardening DEAD 1981-1985 Gardens
Gastroenteritis DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Gazumping     Conveyancing
Geese DEAD 1982-1984 Birds
Gender     Sex role
Gene technology     Biotechnology
Gene technology     Biotechnology
Generics     Consumer Goods
Genetics DEAD 1978-1985 Biology
Gentrification     Urban sociology
Geometry DEAD 1980-1984 Mathematics
Geomorphology     Landforms
German studies DEAD 1982-1985 Area studies
Germans DEAD 1981-1985 Europeans
Germany (Democratic Republic) DEAD 1978-1986 Germany
Germany (Federal Republic) DEAD 1978-1986 Germany
Gerontology     Aged
Ghana DEAD 1979-1986 Africa
Ginger     Agricultural produce
Ginseng     Agricultural produce
Gliding DEAD 1980-1985 Sports
Glue sniffing     Drug abuse
Goats DEAD 1978-1984 Livestock
God DEAD 1978-1985 Theology
Gorges     Landforms
Government advisory bodies DEAD 1978-1985 Committees and inquiries
Government charges     Public finance
Government policy     Policy
Government purchasing DEAD 1982-1985 Purchasing
Government schools     Schools
Governors-General DEAD 1978-1985 Governors
Graduate tax     Tertiary education AND Income Tax
Graffiti     Vandalism
Grammar DEAD 1978-1985 Language
Grammar schools     Independent schools
Grants DEAD 1978-1985 Public finance
Grapes     Fruit
Grasslands DEAD 1980-1984 Landforms
Great Artesian Basin     Water resources
Great Barrier Reef     Reefs
Greece DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Greece, Ancient     Ancient history
Greek DEAD 1982-1985 Languages
Green movement     Environmentalism
Greenhouses     Horticulture
Greenland     Atlantic Ocean region
Grenada DEAD 1984-1986 Central America
Grief DEAD 1980-1984 Emotions
Ground rent     Rent
Groundwater     Water resources
Group technology     Productivity
Growth DEAD 1978-1980 Physiology
Guam     Pacific Ocean region
Guarantee     Contracts
Guerrilla warfare DEAD 1978-1985 War
Guilt     Emotions
Guinea fowls     Livestock
Guns     Weapons
Gynaecology DEAD 1978-1985 Medicine
Gypsies DEAD 1982-1985 Ethnic groups
Haemophilia     Diseases
Hairdressing DEAD 1978-1992 Service industries
Hammer throwing     Sports
Handicapped DEAD 1978-1989 People with disabilities
Handicapped and employment DEAD 1984-1989 People with disabilities and employment
Handicapped children DEAD 1978-1989 Children with disabilities
Handicrafts DEAD 1978-1995 Craft
Handwriting DEAD 1980-1985 Writing
Happiness DEAD 1983-1984 Emotions
Hartnup's disease     Diseases
Hats     Clothing
Hay     Agricultural produce
Hazardous chemicals     Chemicals
Hazardous wastes     Wastes
Headaches     Diseases
Health administration DEAD 1982-1985 Health services
Health centres DEAD 1978-1985 Health services
Health maintenance organisations     Health services
Heard and McDonald Islands DEAD 1986-1999 Australia
Heart diseases DEAD 1978-1985 Diseases
Heart rate     Physiology
Heart transplantations     Medical transplantations
Heating DEAD 1978-1985 Buildings
Heating equipment     Consumer goods
Helicopters DEAD 1978-1985 Aircraft
Helicopters, Military     Military aviation
Hepatitis     Diseases
Heraldry DEAD 1981-1986 Genealogy
Herb growing     Horticulture
Herbal medicine     Alternative medicine
Herbicides     Poisons
Heroin DEAD 1978-1984 Drugs
Hides     Agricultural produce
High jumping     Sports
Highlands     Landforms
Hinduism DEAD 1979-1985 Religion
Hire purchase     Finance
Historical societies     Associations
HIV positive     AIDS
Hobbies     Leisure
Hobby farms DEAD 1982-1985 Agriculture
Hobby farms DEAD 1982-1985 Leisure
Hockey     Sports
Holidays DEAD 1978-1985 Leisure
Home detention     Punishment
Homebirth     Birth
Homeless DEAD 1978-1985 Housing
Honey DEAD 1978-1985 Food
Hong Kong DEAD 1978-1980 China
Honours DEAD 1979-1984 Awards
Hormones DEAD 1978-1984 Chemicals
Hospices DEAD 1982-1984 Nursing homes
Hospital funding     Health economics
Hovercraft DEAD 1978-1984 Vehicles
Human immune deficiency viruses     AIDS
Humanism     Philosophy
Hungarians DEAD 1981-1985 Europeans
Hungary DEAD 1978-1986 East Europe
Hunger DEAD 1978-1984 Social problems
Hunting DEAD 1978-1985 Sports
Hydroelectricity     Electricity
Hydrogen     Gas
Hydrology DEAD 1980-1986 Water resources
Hydroponics     Horticulture
Hyperactivity DEAD 1980-1984 Behaviour
Hypnotism DEAD 1978-1985 Psychology
Hysterectomy     Surgery
Ice ages     Geology
Ice cream     Food
Ice hockey     Sports
Icebergs DEAD 1978-1985 Water resources
Iceland DEAD 1979-1986 Europe
Identification evidence     Evidence (Law)
Illegitimacy DEAD 1981-1984 Social problems
Illiteracy     Literacy
Imagination DEAD 1978-1985 Psychology
Immigrants DEAD 1978-1981 Migrants
Immigrants, American DEAD 1978-1980 North Americans
Immigrants, American DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Asian DEAD 1978-1980 Asians
Immigrants, Asian DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, British DEAD 1978-1980 British people
Immigrants, British DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Chinese DEAD 1978-1980 Asians
Immigrants, Chinese DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Czechoslovakian DEAD 1978-1980 Europeans
Immigrants, Czechoslovakian DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Dutch DEAD 1978-1980 Europeans
Immigrants, Dutch DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Egyptian DEAD 1979-1980 Middle East peoples
Immigrants, Egyptian DEAD 1979-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, European DEAD 1978-1980 Europeans
Immigrants, European DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Filipino DEAD 1978-1980 Asians
Immigrants, Filipino DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, French DEAD 1980 Europeans
Immigrants, French DEAD 1980 Migrants
Immigrants, German DEAD 1979-1980 Europeans
Immigrants, German DEAD 1979-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Greek DEAD 1978-1980 Greeks
Immigrants, Greek DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Indian DEAD 1980 Asians
Immigrants, Indian DEAD 1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Indochinese DEAD 1978-1980 Asians
Immigrants, Indochinese DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Irish DEAD 1978-1980 Irish people
Immigrants, Irish DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Italian DEAD 1978-1980 Italians
Immigrants, Italian DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Japanese DEAD 1978-1980 Asians
Immigrants, Japanese DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Jewish DEAD 1978-1980 Jews
Immigrants, Jewish DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Korean DEAD 1980 Asians
Immigrants, Korean DEAD 1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Lebanese DEAD 1978-1980 Middle East peoples
Immigrants, Lebanese DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Maltese DEAD 1980 Europeans
Immigrants, Maltese DEAD 1980 Migrants
Immigrants, New Zealand DEAD 1978-1980 New Zealanders
Immigrants, New Zealand DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Pacific Islander DEAD 1978-1980 Pacific Islanders
Immigrants, Pacific Islander DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Polish DEAD 1980 Europeans
Immigrants, Polish DEAD 1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Russian DEAD 1978-1980 Europeans
Immigrants, Russian DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Samoan DEAD 1978-1980 Pacific Islanders
Immigrants, Samoan DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, South African DEAD 1978-1980 South Africans
Immigrants, South African DEAD 1978-1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Turkish DEAD 1980 Middle East peoples
Immigrants, Turkish DEAD 1980 Migrants
Immigrants, Yugoslav DEAD 1980 Europeans
Immigrants, Yugoslav DEAD 1980 Migrants
Immortality DEAD 1978-1984 Death
Immunisation DEAD 1978-1985 Medicine
Immunology DEAD 1978-1985 Medicine
Imperialism DEAD 1978-1985 Colonialism
Impersonators     Entertainers
Imports     Commerce
Incest DEAD 1979-1985 Child abuse
Incest DEAD 1979-1985 Crime
Income tax legislation     Income tax law
Indentured labour     Slavery
Indexation DEAD 1978-1985 Inflation
Indexing DEAD 1978-1985 Cataloguing
Indians DEAD 1982-1985 Asians
Indians, American DEAD 1978-1985 Indigenous peoples
Indians, American DEAD 1978-1985 North Americans
Indigenous people DEAD 1980-1985 Indigenous peoples
Individuality DEAD 1978-1985 Psychology
Indochina DEAD 1980-1986 Southeast Asia
Indochinese people DEAD 1981-1985 Asians
Indonesian studies DEAD 1982-1984 Asian studies
Indonesians     Asians
Industrial awards     Industrial arbitration
Industrial engineering DEAD 1978-1985 Engineering
Industrial safety DEAD 1978-1985 Safety
Industrial wastes     Wastes
Industrialisation DEAD 1980-1985 Economic development
Infections DEAD 1978-1985 Diseases
Infertility     Fertility
Influenza DEAD 1982-1984 Diseases
Information explosion DEAD 1982-1984 Information
Information systems     Information services
Inheritance DEAD 1978-1981 Wills
Initiations     Ceremonies
Injunctions     Court procedures
Innovations     Inventions
Inquests     Trials
Insanity DEAD 1978-1985 Mental illness
Insider trading     Securities
Insomnia     Sleep
Instrumental music DEAD 1996-1999 Music
Insurance, Business DEAD 1978-2001 Business insurance
Insurance, Disability DEAD 1982-2001 Disability insurance
Insurance, Disaster DEAD 1978-1999 Insurance
Insurance, Fire DEAD 1978-2001 Fire insurance
Insurance, Health DEAD 1978-2001 Health insurance
Insurance, Household DEAD 1982-2001 Household insurance
Insurance, Life DEAD 1978-2001 Life insurance
Insurance, Marine DEAD 1984-2001 Marine insurance
Insurance, Travel DEAD 1983-1991 Insurance
Insurance, Vehicles DEAD 1983-2001 Vehicle insurance
Intellectual freedom     Freedom of speech
Intelligence tests DEAD 1978-1980 Intelligence
Interferon     Drugs
Interlibrary loans     Library circulation
International organisation DEAD 1978-2000 International organisations
Internet and business DEAD 1999-2000 E-commerce
Interrogation DEAD 1980-1985 Criminal law
Interrogation DEAD 1980-1985 Police
Interviewing DEAD 1978-1985 Journalism
Interviewing DEAD 1978-1985 Recruitment
Interviewing DEAD 1978-1985 Surveys
Introduction agencies     Human relations
Invalid pensions DEAD 1982-1985 Pensions
Investment, Foreign DEAD 1978-2001 Foreign investment
Iran DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Iraq DEAD 1980-1986 Middle East
Ireland DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Irian Jaya     Indonesia
Iron DEAD 1978-1985 Metals
Iron man racing     Sports
Isolated groups     Disadvantaged groups
Israel DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Italy DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Jade     Precious stones
Jam     Food
Japanese people DEAD 1981-1985 Asians
Japanese studies DEAD 1981-1985 Asian studies
Jazz music DEAD 1978-1980 Jazz
Jervis Bay     Australian Capital Territory
Job creation     Employment
Job hunting DEAD 1983-1985 Employment
Job security     Employment
Job sharing DEAD 1982-1985 Part time employment
Jockeys     Horse racing
Jogging DEAD 1979-1984 Running
Jordan DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Judaism DEAD 1978-1985 Religion
Judicial decision making     Judiciary
Judicial decision making     Common law
Judicial review     Administrative law
Justices of the Peace     Judiciary
Kakadu National Park     Parks
Kampuchea DEAD 1978-1986 Southeast Asia
Kanakas     Pacific Islanders
Kava     Beverages
Kelp DEAD 1978-1985 Marine life
Kenya DEAD 1978-1986 Africa
Kibbutzim     Communities
Kidney diseases DEAD 1981-1986 Diseases
Kimberley (WA)     Western Australia
Kinesics     Communication
Kinetica     Cataloguing
Kiribati DEAD 1980-1986 Pacific Ocean region
Kitchen equipment DEAD 1978-1986 Consumer goods
Kiwi fruit     Fruit
Knitting     Craft
Koalas DEAD 1978-1986 Marsupials
Kookaburras     Birds
Korea (Democratic Peoples Republic) DEAD 1979-1986 Asia
Korea (Republic) DEAD 1978-1986 Asia
Korean War     War
Koreans DEAD 1981-1986 Asians
Labelling     Packaging
Labour mobility DEAD 1982-1986 Employment
Labour movement     Labour
Lacemaking     Craft
Lamb DEAD 1982-1991 Meat
Land drainage DEAD 1980-1986 Land resources
Land yachting     Sports
Landlords     Rent
Landsat     Satellites
Language disabled DEAD 1990-2001 People with language disabilities
Language handicapped DEAD 1980-1989 People with language disabilities
Language teaching DEAD 1978-1984 Language teaching
Laos DEAD 1978-1986 Southeast Asia
Lasers DEAD 1979-1999 Radiation
Latin America DEAD 1981-1986 Central America
Latin America DEAD 1981-1986 South America
Latvians DEAD 1981-1986 Europeans
Laundry (Commercial) DEAD 1979-1986 Service industries
Laundry (Domestic) DEAD 1979-1986 Home economics
Law, Administrative DEAD 1978-2001 Administrative law
Law, Civil DEAD 1978-2001 Civil law
Law, Commercial DEAD 1978-2001 Commercial law
Law, Common DEAD 1983-2001 Common law
Law, Company DEAD 1986-2001 Company law
Law, Constitutional DEAD 1978-2001 Constitutional law
Law, Criminal DEAD 1978-2001 Criminal law
Law enforcement     Police
Law, Environmental DEAD 1985-2001 Environmental law
Law, Family DEAD 1978-2001 Family law
Law, Industrial DEAD 1981-2001 Industrial law
Law, International DEAD 1978-2001 International law
Law, Maritime DEAD 1978-2001 Maritime law
Law, Martial DEAD 1978-1984 Military law
Law, Military DEAD 1978-2001 Military law
Law, Primitive DEAD 1978-1986 Customary law
Law, Probate DEAD 1980-1986 Wills
Law, Tenancy     Tenancy
Leakage (Information) DEAD 1982-1997 Whistleblowing
Leatherwork     Craft
Leave of absence DEAD 1978-1986 Working conditions
Lebanese people DEAD 1981-1986 Middle East peoples
Lebanon DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Lecturing     Speech
Lecturing     Teaching
Left handedness     Physiology
Legal fees DEAD 1981-1985 Professional fees
Legal opinions     Legal services
Legends     Folklife
Legionnaires disease     Diseases
Legislative drafting     Law
Legumes     Agricultural produce
Legumes     Food
Lending     Finance
Leninism     Marxism
Leprosy DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Letter writing     Writing
Leukemia DEAD 1978-1984 Cancer
Leveraged leasing     Leasing
Liberation theology     Theology
Libraries, Academic DEAD 1979-2001 Academic libraries
Libraries, Children's DEAD 1978-2001 Children's libraries
Libraries, National DEAD 1978-2001 National libraries
Libraries, Public DEAD 1978-2001 Public libraries
Libraries, School DEAD 1978-2001 School libraries
Libraries, Special DEAD 1978-2001 Special libraries
Libraries, State DEAD 1979-2001 State and territory libraries
Library catalogues DEAD 1978-1982 Cataloguing
Library loans     Library circulation
Library technicians     Librarianship
Libya DEAD 1978-1986 Africa
Libya DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Liechtenstein DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Liens     Securities
Lifesaving DEAD 1978-1986 Swimming
Light DEAD 1979 Radiation
Lighthouses DEAD 1978-1986 Buildings
Lighthouses DEAD 1978-1986 Navigation
Lighting DEAD 1981-1986 Buildings
Lighting equipment     Consumer goods
Liquid petroleum gas     Gas
Lithography     Printing
Lithuania DEAD 1978-1980 East Europe
Lizards     Reptiles
Loans     Finance
Locus standi     Jurisdiction
Logging     Forestry
Logos     Trade marks
Long service leave     Working conditions
Lord Howe Island DEAD 1986-1999 New South Wales
Lord mayors     Local government
Lotteries     Gambling
Love DEAD 1979-1984 Emotions
Love DEAD 1979-1984 Human relations
Lubricant     Oil
Lychees     Fruit
Lyme disease     Diseases
Lyrebirds     Birds
Mabo v Queensland     Native title
Macquarie Island     Tasmania
Macrame     Craft
Madagascar DEAD 1979-1986 Africa
Magic DEAD 1980-1984 Supernatural
Magistrates     Judiciary
Magnetism DEAD 1978-1984 Physics
Magpies     Birds
Maintenance (Materials)     Materials handling
Malaria DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Malawi DEAD 1984-1986 Africa
Malays     Asians
Maldives DEAD 1981-1986 Indian Ocean region
Malta DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Maltese people DEAD 1981-1986 Europeans
Mammals     Animals
Management buy outs     Mergers
Management information systems     Information management
Managing directors     Executives
Manganese DEAD 1978-1984 Metals
Mangroves DEAD 1982-1985 Wetlands
Manpower planning DEAD 1982-1992 Human resource management
Manual handling     Materials handling
Manuals DEAD 1982-1985 Documentation
Maoris DEAD 1979-1986 Indigenous peoples
Maoris DEAD 1979-1986 New Zealanders
Marathons     Running
Margarine DEAD 1982-1984 Food
Marijuana DEAD 1978-1985 Drugs
Marinas     Recreational facilities
Marine biology DEAD 1978-1980 Marine life
Marine parks DEAD 1982-1984 Parks
Marine resources DEAD 1978-1980; 1982-1985 Natural resources
Market gardening     Horticulture
Markets     Retail trade
Marriage counselling DEAD 1978-1985 Counselling
Marshall Islands     Pacific Ocean region
Martial arts DEAD 1983-1984 Sports
Masculinity     Sex role
Mastectomy     Surgery
Materials management DEAD 1979-1980 Materials handling
Maternity leave DEAD 1982-1984 Working conditions
Mateship DEAD 1982-1985 Human relations
Mature age students DEAD 1982-1985 Students
Mauritius DEAD 1981-1986 Indian Ocean region
Mayors     Local government
Means test     Income
Measurement DEAD 1978-1985 Standards
Meat industry     Meat
Meat inspection DEAD 1982-1985 Meat
Medals DEAD 1982-1985 Awards
Medals (Commemorative)     Numismatics
Media ownership     Mass media
Mediation     Grievance procedures
Medical equipment DEAD 1989-1999 Medical technology
Medical ethics     Bioethics
Medical fees DEAD 1978-1985 Professional fees
Medicare     Health insurance
Medicine, Preventative DEAD 1978-1984 Medicine
Medicine, Primitive DEAD 1979-1984 Medicine
Medicine, Traditional     Medicine
Meditation DEAD 1978-1985 Religion
Melanesia     Pacific Ocean region
Menopause     Women and health
Menstruation     Women and health
Mental health     Mental illness
Mentally disabled DEAD 1990-2001 People with intellectual disabilities
Mentally handicapped DEAD 1978-1989 People with intellectual disabilities
Mercenary troops DEAD 1978-1985 Armed forces
Merchant banking     Banking
Mercury poisoning     Poisons
Meteorology DEAD 1978-1986 Weather
Mexico DEAD 1978-1986 Central America
Microchips     Electronics
Microcomputer applications     Computer applications
Microcomputers     Computers
Microelectronics     Electronics
Microforms DEAD 1978-1985 Printing
Micronesia     Pacific Ocean region
Microsurgery     Surgery
Middle ear infection     Diseases
Midwifery     Nursing
Migraine     Diseases
Migrant unemployment     Migrants and employment
Militarism DEAD 1980-1985 War
Military vehicles DEAD 1981-1985 Military equipment
Milk DEAD 1982-1992 Agricultural produce
Milk DEAD 1982-1992 Food
Milk bars     Restaurants
Millionaires     Wealth
Mime     Performing arts
Mineral salts     Minerals
Mineral sands     Sand
Mineral water     Beverages
Mines (Weapons)     Weapons
Minitrials     Grievance procedures
Minorities DEAD 1978-1985 Groups
Miscarriage     Pregnancy
Missing persons     Social problems
Modelling (Clothes) DEAD 1978-1985 Clothing
Molluscs DEAD 1978-1984 Marine life
Monarchy DEAD 1982-1985 Politics
Mongol people DEAD 1982-1986 Asians
Mongolian People's Republic DEAD 1981-1986 Asia
Monkeys DEAD 1982-1984 Animals
Monoclonal antibodies     Biochemical engineering
Monopolies DEAD 1979-1985 Restrictive trade practices
Monorails     Railways
Monsoon     Weather
Montenegro     East Europe
Morgan gallup poll     Surveys
Morphology     Geography
Mosses     Plants
Motels     Hotels
Mothers DEAD 1978-1984 Parents
Motor car accessories DEAD 1978-1984 Motor cars
Motor car hire DEAD 1981-1985 Leasing
Motors     MCHINERY
Mountain huts     Accommodation
Mountaineering     Sports
Mountains DEAD 1978-1985 Landforms
Mozambique DEAD 1984-1986 Africa
Mudslides     Soils
Multifunction polis     Business parks
Multiple sclerosis DEAD 1982-1985 Diseases
Murals DEAD 1982-1985 Art
Mururoa Atoll     Pacific Ocean region
Musicals     Films
Musicals     Theatre
Musicians DEAD 1978-1981 Music
Mutiny     Revolution
Myalgic encephalomyelitis     Diseases
Myanmar     Southeast Asia
Mysticism DEAD 1978-1985 Religion
Mythology DEAD 1978-1989 Folklife
Nannies     Child care
National parks     Parks
National socialism     Conservatism
Nationalisation DEAD 1982-1985 Privatisation
Native plants     Plants
NATO Treaty     Treaties
Natural gas     Gas
Naturopathy     Alternative medicine
Nauru DEAD 1978-1986 Pacific Ocean region
Naval bases     Military bases
Naval warfare     War
Nazism DEAD 1982-1985 Conservatism
Needlework DEAD 1981-1984 Craft
Negative gearing     Income tax deductions
Negotiable instruments     Securities
Negroes DEAD 1978-1980 North Americans
Neighbourhood Watch     Crime prevention
Neo Conservatism     Conservatism
Nepal DEAD 1978-1986 Asia
Netball     Sports
Netherlands DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Netmapping     Computer applications
Neurology DEAD 1980-1985 Medicine
Neuroses DEAD 1978-1985 Mental illness
New Age     Religion
New Caledonia     Pacific Ocean region
New Hebrides DEAD 1978-1980 Pacific Ocean region
New Right     Conservatism
Newsletters     Periodicals
Nicaragua DEAD 1978-1986 Central America
Nickel DEAD 1978-1984 Metals
Nigeria DEAD 1978-1986 Africa
Nihilism     Philosophy
Noise DEAD 1978-1985  
Noise pollution     Pollution
Non metals DEAD 1978-1999  
Nongovernmental organisations     International organisations
Nonverbal communication DEAD 1978-1985 Communication
Nonviolence     Violence
Norfolk Island DEAD 1978-1980, 1986-1999 Australia
Normalisation     Rehabilitation
North Korea     Asia
Northern Ireland     Great Britain
Norway DEAD 1979-1986 Europe
Notice (Law) DEAD 1980-1985 Court procedures
Novels DEAD 1980 Fiction
Nuclear free zones     Nuclear energy
Nuclear free zones     Nuclear weapons
Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty     Treaties
Nuclear physics DEAD 1978-1985 Physics
Nuclear power plants     Nuclear energy
Nudism DEAD 1982-1985 Alternative lifestyle
Numbats     Marsupials
Numerals     Mathematics
Nurseries (Horticulture) DEAD 1982-1984 Horticulture
Nursery equipment DEAD 1979-1984 Children
Nursery equipment DEAD 1979-1984 Infants
Nursery rhymes     Children's literature
Nuts DEAD 1980-1985 Agricultural produce
Nuts DEAD 1980-1985 Food
Obesity DEAD 1978-1985 Health
Obscenity DEAD 1978-1985 Crime
Observation (Educational method) DEAD 1978-1980 Teacher education
Obstetrics DEAD 1978-1985 Medicine
Occupational therapy DEAD 1978-1985 Paramedical care
Office furniture     Office equipment
Offsets (Government purchasing)     Purchasing
Oil palm     Agricultural produce
Oilseeds     Agricultural produce
Oman DEAD 1981-1986 Middle East
Ombudsman DEAD 1978-1985 Administrative law
Onions     Agricultural produce
Online searching     Information retrieval
Ontology     Philosophy
Opacs (Online public access catalogues)     Catalogues
Opals     Precious stones
Opium     Drugs
Opthalmology     Vision
Optical digital discs     Laser discs
Options (Stock exchange) DEAD 1982-1985 Hedging (Finance)
Optometry     Vision
Oranges     Fruit
Organic farming     Agriculture
Organisation development DEAD 1982-1985 Management
Organisational change     Organisations
Organisational culture     Organisations
Organisational innovation     Organisations
Organisational psychology     Organisations
Organisational theory     Organisations
Oriental languages DEAD 1984-1985 Languages
Orienteering     Running
Osteoporosis     Diseases
Ostriches     Livestock
Outback DEAD 1982-1986 Remote areas
Outdoor education     Education
Overtime     Working hours
Oysters DEAD 1978-1985 Marine life
Ozone layer     Environment
Pacifism DEAD 1979-1985 Peace
Paganism     Religion
Pain     Diseases
Pakistan DEAD 1978-1986 Asia
Pamphlets DEAD 1982-1985 Books
Parachuting     Sports
Paralinguistics     Communication
Paranoia     Mental illness
Paraprofessional practitioners     Professions
Parapsychology     Supernatural
Parasitic diseases DEAD 1978-1984 Animal diseases
Parasitic diseases DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Parliament House (New)     Canberra: Buildings
Parliament House (Old)     Canberra: Buildings
Parliamentary privilege     Privilege (Law)
Parody     Humour
Parody     Literature
Parole DEAD 1978-1985 Court procedures
Parrots DEAD 1978-1985 Birds
Participation and Equity Program     Secondary education
Passing off     Proprietary names
Passive smoking     Smoking
Passports     Documentation
Pawnbroking     Finance
Peace studies     Peace
Pearls     Precious stones
Pears     Fruit
Pedestrians DEAD 1978-1985 Traffic control
Peer groups     Groups
Pelicans DEAD 1978-1984 Birds
Penal colonies DEAD 1978-1984 Prisons
Penalty rates     Wages
Pepper     Food
Perception DEAD 1978-1985 Cognitive development
Persimmons     Fruit
Personal computers     Computers
Personal development DEAD 1979-1985 Psychology
Personnel management DEAD 1982-1998 Human resource management
Peru DEAD 1978-1986 South America
Pesticides DEAD 1978-1985 Poisons
Petrochemicals DEAD 1982-1985 Chemicals
Petrol sniffing     Drug abuse
Pets DEAD 1980-1985 Animals
Philately     Postal services
Phonology     Language
Phosphates DEAD 1978-1985 Chemicals
Photographic equipment DEAD 1978-1984 Photography
Physical characteristics DEAD 1978-1985 Physiology
Physical development DEAD 1980-1985 Physiology
Physically disabled DEAD 1990-2001 People with physical disabilities
Physically handicapped DEAD 1978-1989 People with physical disabilities
Physiotherapy DEAD 1978-1985 Paramedical care
Pidgin     Languages
Pigs DEAD 1978-1985 Livestock
Pilots (Aviation) DEAD 1978-1980, 1982-1985 Aviation
Pine Gap (NT)     Military bases
Pine plantations     Forestry
Piracy     Theft
Pitcairn Island     Pacific Ocean region
Place names     Mapping
Plagiarism     Copyright
Planning, Manpower     Human resource management
Plant diseases DEAD 1978-1985 Botany
Plant variety rights DEAD 1981-1985 Plants
Plastic surgery     Surgery
Plastics DEAD 1978-1985 Chemicals
Platypuses     Wildlife
Play DEAD 1978-1985 Behaviour
Playgrounds DEAD 1981-1984 Recreational facilities
Plea bargaining     Sentencing
Plumbing DEAD 1978-1985 Building
Poaching DEAD 1979-1985 Crime
Poets DEAD 1978-1981 Poetry
Poker machines     Gambling
Poland DEAD 1978-1986 East Europe
Poliomyelitis     Diseases
Polish people DEAD 1981-1986 Europeans
Political ideologies DEAD 1978-1992 Political science
Political participation     Politics
Pollination     Plants
Polo     Sports
Polynesia     Pacific Ocean region
Ponies     Horses
Popes     Clergy
Population distribution DEAD 1978-1985 Demography
Pork DEAD 1982-1985 Meat
Portfolio management     Investment
Portugal DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Portuguese people DEAD 1983-1986 Europeans
Possums DEAD 1980-1984 Marsupials
Postage stamps DEAD 1978-1985 Postal services
Posters DEAD 1978-1985 Art
Postgraduate students     Tertiary students
Postgraduate studies     Tertiary education
Postmodernism     Criticism
Potatoes DEAD 1978-1985 Agricultural produce
Poultry DEAD 1978-1985 Livestock
Power stations DEAD 1978-1985 Electricity
Power tools DEAD 1978-1984 Equipment
Prawns     Marine life
Precipitation DEAD 1980-1985 Water resources
Premenstrual tension     Stress (Psychological)
Preschools DEAD 1978-1985 Schools
Presidents DEAD 1978-1985 Politicians
Price fixing     Prices
Price fixing     Restrictive trade practices
Prime ministers' spouses     Prime ministers
Primitive medicine     Medicine
Principals, School     Teachers
Prison officers     Prisons
Private detectives     Intelligence services
Prizes DEAD 1982-1984 Awards
Probate law     Wills
Probation DEAD 1981-1985 Court procedures
Procaine     Drugs
Produce liability     Consumer goods AND Liability
Product coding DEAD 1982-1985 Consumer goods
Professional indemnity insurance     Business insurance
Professional privilege     Privilege (Law)
Professional registration     Licences
Program budgeting     Financial management
Promotion (Occupational)     Careers
Proof (Law)     Evidence (Law)
Propaganda DEAD 1978-1985 Communication
Prosthetics DEAD 1982-1985 Therapy
Psychical research DEAD 1978-1984 Supernatural
Psychoanalysis DEAD 1982-1985 Psychiatry
Psychoneuroses     Mental illness
Psychoses DEAD 1980-1985 Mental illness
Psychosurgery     Surgery
Psychotherapy DEAD 1978-1984 Psychology
Public housing     Housing
Public lending right DEAD 1982-1984 Royalties
Public opinion polls DEAD 1978-1985 Surveys
Public speaking DEAD 1978-1985 Speech
Pumps     Machinery
Punctuation DEAD 1980-1984 Writing
Puppetry DEAD 1978-1985 Performing arts
Qangos     Statutory authorities
Quadriplegics     People with physical disabilities
Quality circles     Worker participation
Quarantine DEAD 1979-1986 Public health
Quiltmaking     Craft
Rabbits DEAD 1979-1984 Animals
Race DEAD 1978-1991 Ethnic groups
Race DEAD 1978-1991 Racial discrimination
Radiated subscription television     Pay television
Radicalism DEAD 1978-1985 Political science
Radio broadcasting DEAD 1978-1980 Radio
Radiology DEAD 1978-1984 Medicine
Rafting     Water sports
Rain DEAD 1978-1980 Water resources
Rainfall     Weather
Rainforest conservation     Forest conservation
Random breath testing DEAD 1982-1983 Breath testing
Rape crisis centres     Crisis centres
Rationalism     Philosophy
Rats     Animals
Reader education DEAD 1982-1986 Libraries
Real estate development     Real estate
Rebellion     Revolution
Recidivists     Criminals
Recordings DEAD 1978-1980 Sound recordings
Records management DEAD 1982-1985 Information management
Recreation DEAD 1978-1986 Leisure
Recreation leave     Working conditions
Recycling (Waste)     Wastes
Redundancy (Staff)     Retrenchment
Reforestation     Forests
Reformism     Socialism
Refrigeration DEAD 1978-1984 Food
Refrigerators     Consumer goods
Regional television     Television
Registries     Information management
Regulations DEAD 1978-1985 Law
Rehabilitation centres DEAD 1978-1984 Rehabilitation (People)
Relativism     Knowledge (Theory)
Religious discrimination DEAD 1978-1986 Discrimination
Remedial reading DEAD 1980-1984 Special education
Remedial teaching DEAD 1978-1992 Special education
Remote sensing     Surveying
Rent control     Rent
Report writing DEAD 1978-1980 Reports
Reservoirs     Water resources
Resort time sharing DEAD 1982-1999  
Respiration DEAD 1978-1986 Physiology
Restrictive work practices     Working conditions
Retirement villages     Housing
Rice     Grain
Riding DEAD 1982-1986 Sports
Riots DEAD 1978-1986 Demonstrations
Robbery DEAD 1978-1980 Theft
Robots DEAD 1981-1992 Industrial equipment
Rockclimbing     Sports
Rocks DEAD 1982-1986 Geology
Rodeos DEAD 1982-1986 Sports
Romania DEAD 1979-1986 East Europe
Romanians DEAD 1981-1986 Europeans
Rome, Ancient     Ancient history
Ropes DEAD 1982-1984 Textiles
Rowing DEAD 1982-1986 Water sports
Royal Flying Doctor Service     Health services
Rubber DEAD 1978-1986 Agricultural produce
Rubber (Synthetic) DEAD 1978-1986 Chemicals
Rubella DEAD 1982-1984 Diseases
Rugby     Football
Russian studies DEAD 1982-1984 Area studies
Sago     Agricultural produce
Salesmen     Selling
Salmonella poisoning     Poisons
Salt DEAD 1983-1991 Food
Samaritans DEAD 1981-1986 Middle East peoples
Samoans DEAD 1981-1986 Pacific Islanders
Sapphires DEAD 1982-1984 Precious stones
Satellite subscription television     Pay television
Satire DEAD 1982-1986 Humour
Satire DEAD 1982-1986 Literature
Saudi Arabia DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Scepticism     Knowledge (Theory)
Schizophrenia DEAD 1978-1985 Mental illness
School leavers DEAD 1978-1986 Secondary students
School principals     Teachers
School size     Schools
Schools, Ethnic DEAD 1982-2001 Ethnic schools
Schools, Independent DEAD 1980-2001 Independent schools
Schools of the air     Rural education
Schools, Open plan DEAD 1978-1999 Schools
Schools, Primary DEAD 1978-2001 Primary schools
Schools, Private DEAD 1978-1980 Independent schools
Schools, Rural DEAD 1979-2001 Rural schools
Schools, Secondary DEAD 1978-2001 Secondary schools
Schools, Special DEAD 1979-2001 Special schools
Scientific experiments DEAD 1978-1980 Scientific research
Scotland     Great Britain
Scottish people     British people
Scrimshaw     Craft
Script writers     Authors
Seals (Animals) DEAD 1981-1985 Marine life
Seances     Supernatural
Seat belts     Road safety
Seaweed     Marine life
Secession of Australian states     Intergovernmental relations
Secretaries     Clerical work
Seeds DEAD 1978-1986 Agricultural produce
Seismology DEAD 1978-1986 Geology
Selection policy (Libraries     Acquisitions (Libraries)
Self determination     Independence
Self help groups     Groups
Self mutilation     Injuries
Semantics DEAD 1982-1986 Language
Semiotics     Communication
Semiotics     Language
Senses DEAD 1978-1986 Physiology
Sentences (Law) DEAD 1978-1984 Sentencing
Serbia     East Europe
Service clubs     Clubs
Sewerage DEAD 1978-1986 Utility services
Sex change     Sex role
Sex characteristics DEAD 1978-1986 Physiology
Sex determination DEAD 1978-1986 Reproduction (Biological)
Sex instruction DEAD 1978-1980 Sex education
Sexually transmitted diseases     Diseases
Seychelles DEAD 1984-1986 Indian Ocean region
Shareholders     Shares
Sharks DEAD 1980-1985 Marine life
Sheep stations     Sheep
Shellfish DEAD 1978-1985 Marine life
Shells DEAD 1978-1986 Marine life
Shelterbelts     Trees
Sheltered workshops DEAD 1978-1984 People with disabilities and employment
Shiftwork     Working hours
Shoplifting DEAD 1982-1984 Theft
Shopping centres DEAD 1978-1986 Retail trade
Shopping hours     Retail trade
Short stories     Fiction
Short stories, Australian     Australian fiction
Short term money market     Securities
Sick leave     Working conditions
Sign language     Communication
Sikhism     Religion
Silence (Law)     Evidence (Law)
Singapore DEAD 1978-1986 Southeast Asia
Single people     Marriage
Sinhalese people DEAD 1981-1986 Asians
Sit-ins     Strikes
Skating DEAD 1978-1984 Sports
Skiing DEAD 1978-1986 Sports
Skin cancer     Cancer
Slimming courses     Diet
Slovakia     East Europe
Slovenia     East Europe
Slum clearance     Urban renewal
Smallpox DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Snooker     Games
Snow     Water resources
Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme     Electricity
Soccer     Football
Social ecology     Ecology
Social groups     Groups
Social impact assessment     Evaluation
Social mobility DEAD 1980-1986 Social classes
Social movements     Social order
Socialisation DEAD 1982-1986 Behaviour
Society, Primitive DEAD 1978-2001 Primitive society
Sociobiology     Biology
Soft drinks     Beverages
Soft furnishings DEAD 1978-1986 Furnishings
Solar system DEAD 1980-1985 Outer space
Solicitors     Legal profession
Solomon Islands DEAD 1978-1986 Pacific Ocean region
Somalia DEAD 1978-1986 Africa
Sorcery     Supernatural
Sound systems DEAD 1978-1986 Consumer goods
South Korea     Asia
Soviet Union DEAD 1980-1992 Russia
Space exploration DEAD 1978-1985 Exploration
Spain DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Specific learning disabilities DEAD 1978-1986 Learning
Speculation DEAD 1978-1986 Investment
Speech therapy DEAD 1979-1986 Speech
Spina bifida     Birth defects
Spoleto Festival     Festivals
Spontaneous abortion     Pregnancy
Sports medicine     Medicine
Squash (Sport) DEAD 1978-1984 Sports
Squatters DEAD 1978-1986 Pioneer settlement
Squatting (Housing) DEAD 1982-1986 Housing
Sri Lanka DEAD 1978-1986 Asia
Staff ownership DEAD 1982-1986 Worker participation
Stage coaches     Vehicles
Stained glass     Glass
Stalinism     Marxism
Standing (Law)     Jurisdiction
Starfish DEAD 1978-1985 Marine life
State aid to education     Educational finance
State capitalist theory     Marxism
Stationary DEAD 1982-1986 Office equipment
Stationary DEAD 1982-1986 Paper
Sterility     Fertility
Stillbirth     Birth
Stock market crash, Oct 1987     Stock exchange
Stocktaking     Accounting
Stormwater drains     Utility services
Story telling DEAD 1980-1986 Children's literature
Strata title     Land tenure
Strip shows     Performing arts
Stripe rust     Botany
Stroke     Diseases
Student organisations DEAD 1978-1986 Organisations
Student services DEAD 1982-1986 Tertiary students
Students, Foreign DEAD 1983-2001 Foreign students
Students, Primary DEAD 1978-2001 Primary students
Students, Secondary DEAD 1978-2001 Secondary students
Students, Tertiary DEAD 1978-2001 Tertiary students
Subconscious DEAD 1980-1986 Psychology
Suburbia     Towns
Suburbia     Urban sociology
Sudan DEAD 1980-1986 Africa
Sudan Campaign     War
Sudden infant death syndrome DEAD 1982-1986 Infants
Sufism     Islam
Sun DEAD 1981-1986 Astronomy
Sun DEAD 1981-1986 Solar energy
Sunday schools     Religious education
Sunflowers DEAD 1982-1984 Agricultural produce
Sunglasses     Vision
Supermarkets DEAD 1978-1986 Retail trade
Supervision DEAD 1980-1986 Human resource management
Surfing DEAD 1978-1986 Water sports
Surgeons     Medical practitioners
Surrogacy (Birth)     Reproduction (Biological)
Surrogate mothers     Parents
Surveillance     Intelligence services
Sweden DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Sweetcorn     Grain
Swimming pools DEAD 1978-1984 Recreational facilities
Switzerland DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Syphilis     Diseases
Syria DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Table tennis DEAD 1978-1984 Sports
Taiwan DEAD 1978-1986 Asia
Takeaway food DEAD 1982-1991 Food
Tampons     Toiletries
Tankers DEAD 1978-1980 Ships
Tanks     Military equipment
Tantalum     Minerals
Tanzania DEAD 1978-1986 Africa
Taoism DEAD 1982-1986 Philosophy
Taoism DEAD 1982-1986 Religion
Tape-slide presentations     Audiovisual materials
Tapestry DEAD 1978-1986 Craft
Tasmanian devil     Marsupials
Tasmanian tiger DEAD 1982-1986 Marsupials
Taste (Senses) DEAD 1982-1986 Physiology
Tax agents     Accountants
Tax evasion DEAD 1989-1980 Tax avoidance
Tax file number system     Documentation AND Income tax
Taxis DEAD 1982-1985 Transport
Taxis DEAD 1982-1985 Vehicles
Tea DEAD 1978-1984 Beverages
Teacher librarians     Teachers
Teacher training DEAD 1978-1984 Teacher education
Technical colleges DEAD 1980-1983 Colleges of technical and further education
Technological change and unemployment     Technological change and employment
Teeth DEAD 1982-1986 Dental health
Teeth DEAD 1982-1986 Physiology
Telecommunications DEAD 1978-1980 Communications
Teleconferencing     Distance education
Teleconferencing     Meetings
Telemedicine     Distance education
Telemedicine     Medical education
Telephone tapping     Electronic surveillance
Telescopes     Astronomy
Television broadcasting DEAD 1978-1980 Television
Television journalism     Journalism
Television sets DEAD 1978-1986 Consumer goods
Temperance DEAD 1979-1986 Alcohol abuse
Temporary employment     Working conditions
Tenancy law DEAD 1982-1986 Tenancy
Tender     Contracts
Tenosynovitis DEAD 1982-1984 Repetition injuries
Termites     Insects
Tertiary fees     Educational finance
Thalassaemia major     Diseases
Theoretical physics     Physics
Theosophy     Religion
Therapeutics DEAD 1978-1981 Therapy
Tin DEAD 1979-1984 Metals
Titanium DEAD 1982-1984 Metals
Toads     Wildlife
Tokens     Numismatics
Tombstones     Cemeteries
Tonga DEAD 1978-1986 Pacific Ocean region
Tools DEAD 1978-1986 Equipment
Tools, Primitive DEAD 1982-2001 Primitive tools
Torpedoes     Weapons
Tortoises     Reptiles
Torture     Violence
Totalitarianism     Conservatism
Toxic shock syndrome DEAD 1982-1984 Diseases
Trace elements DEAD 1978-1986 Chemicals
Trachoma DEAD 1978-1986 Diseases
Tractors     Agricultural technology
Trade development zones     Economic development
Trade secrets legislation     Commercial law
Trade unions, Clerical and administrative     Professional trade unions
Trade unions, Professional DEAD 1986-2001 Professional trade unions
Trade unions, Professional (1986-2001)     Professional trade unions
Trading hours     Retail trade
Traditional medicine     Medicine
Trails (Recreational)     Recreational facilities
Traineeships     Apprenticeships
Trams DEAD 1978-1985 Public transport
Trams DEAD 1978-1985 Vehicles
Transfer pricing     Tax avoidance
Transition from school to work DEAD 1981-1984 Youth employment
Transsexualism DEAD 1982-1993 Sex role
Transvestism DEAD 1982-1993 Sex role
Travel insurance     Insurance
Treason     Security
Trespass DEAD 1978-1986 Torts
Trinidad and Tobago DEAD 1981-1986 Central America
Tropical diseases DEAD 1978-1984 Diseases
Trotting     Horse racing
Truancy DEAD 1982-1986 Students
Tuberculosis DEAD 1982-1986 Diseases
Tuberculosis (Animals)     Animal diseases
Tuckshops DEAD 1982-1986 Schools
Tumours DEAD 1978-1984 Cancer
Tuna     Marine life
Tungsten DEAD 1978-1984 Metals
Turkey DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Turks DEAD 1981-1986 Middle East peoples
Turtles DEAD 1978-1991 Reptiles
Tuvalu DEAD 1979-1986 Pacific Ocean region
Twins (Adult)     Family
Twins (Children)     Children
Two tier wages system     Wage fixation
Typewriters     Office equipment
Typing     Clerical work
Tyres DEAD 1978-1986 Motor cars
Uganda DEAD 1979-1986 Africa
Ukraine DEAD 1978-1980 East Europe
Ukrainians DEAD 1984-1986 Europeans
Unemployment DEAD 1978-1984 Employment
Unemployment policy     Employment policy
Unidentified flying objects DEAD 1978-1986 Outer space
Uniforms     Clothing
Union amalgamations     Trade unions
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics     East Europe
Unitarianism     Christianity
United Arab Emirates DEAD 1978-1986 Middle East
Unskilled labour     Skilled labour
Uruguay DEAD 1980-1986 South America
USSR     East Europe
Utilitarianism DEAD 1982-1985 Philosophy
Utopian socialism     Socialism
Utopianism     Socialism
Utopias     Socialism
Value added tax DEAD 1982-1992 Goods and services tax
Vanuatu DEAD 1980-1986 Pacific Ocean region
Vatican City DEAD 1978-1986 Europe
Vegetable oils DEAD 1980-1986 Agricultural produce
Vegetables DEAD 1978-1986 Agricultural produce
Vegetables DEAD 1978-1986 Food
Vehicles, Military DEAD 1978-1980 Military equipment
Venereal diseases DEAD 1978-1986 Diseases
Venezuela DEAD 1979-1986 South America
Ventilation DEAD 1978-1986 Air conditioning
Venture capital     Capital
Very Fast Train     Railways
Vice chancellors     Academic personnel
Video discs DEAD 1983-1985 Laser discs
Video games     Games
Videoconferencing     Distance education
Videoconferencing     Meetings
Videotex systems DEAD 1982-1999 Computer applications
Videotex systems DEAD 1982-1999 Information services
Vietnam DEAD 1978-1986 Southeast Asia
Visually disabled DEAD 1990-2001 People with visual disabilities
Visually handicapped DEAD 1981-1989 People with visual disabilities
Vivisection DEAD 1982-1986 Scientific research
Vocabulary DEAD 1978-1986 Language
Vocational guidance DEAD 1979-1986 Careers
Wage indexation DEAD 1978-1991 Wage fixation
Wales     Great Britain
War correspondents     Journalism
War criminals     Criminals
Warranty     Contracts
Washing machines     Consumer goods
Wasps     Insects
Water polo     Water sports
Water skiing DEAD 1982-1984 Water sports
Water treatment DEAD 1982-1986 Water resources
Wave power     Energy resources
Wealth, Personal DEAD 1978-1986 Wealth
Weather forecasting DEAD 1978-1986 Weather
Weaving DEAD 1978-1986 Craft
Weeds DEAD 1981-1986 Plants
Weightlifting DEAD 1978-1984 Sports
Weights and measures     Standards
Welding DEAD 1978-1986 Metal work
Welsh people     British people
West Germany     Germany
West Indians DEAD 1986-1992 Central Americans
West Indies     Central America
Western Samoa DEAD 1978-1986 Pacific Ocean region
Whales DEAD 1978-1985 Marine life
Whiskey     Alcohol
White collar work     Clerical work
Whitegoods     Consumer goods
Widow's pensions DEAD 1982-1986 Pensions
Widows DEAD 1981-1986 Women
Wik Peoples v Queensland     Native title
Wildflowers     Plants
Wind energy DEAD 1978-1986 Energy resources
Windsurfing DEAD 1982-1986 Water sports
Witchcraft DEAD 1978-1984 Supernatural
Witnesses     Evidence (Law)
Wombats DEAD 1980-1984 Marsupials
Women and unemployment     Women and employment
Women's refuges DEAD 1982-1986 Crisis centres
Woodland     Bushland
Word processors DEAD 1980-1999 Computer applications
Wrestling DEAD 1982-1984 Sports
Yabbies     Marine life
Yams     Plants
Youth hostels     Accommodation
Youth refuges     Crisis centres
Youth unemployment     Youth employment
Youth welfare     Child welfare
Yugoslavia DEAD 1978-1986 East Europe
Yugoslavs DEAD 1982-1986 Europeans
Zambia DEAD 1981-1986 Africa
Zimbabwe DEAD 1980-1986 Africa
Zinc DEAD 1980-1984 Metals
Zionism     Jews
Zoology DEAD 1978-1986 Animals

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