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Versions of the Thesaurus


Versions of the APAIS thesaurus

Versions of the APAIS thesaurus available in electronic form and their release dates are:

Version 1.0 March 2001
Version 1.1 October 2001
Version 1.2 Novermber 2001
Version 2.0 May 2002
Version 2.1 April 2004
Version 2.2 March 2005
Version 2.3 December 2008

Changes made between versions are documented below.

Version 1.0 to 1.1

TermId R1061 (Broadcasting) changed to R1920 to fix data error.

Version 1.1 to 1.2

Related term data error fixed.

Version 1.2 to 2.0

The following new descriptors have been created:

Aged abuse
Digital divide
Digital technology
Digital television
Employment law
Financial services
Genetically modified foods
Industry deregulation
Information economy
Mandatory detention
Mutual obligation
Social capital
Stolen generations

Reference structures for various terms have been changed to improve hierarchical relationships. Terms in this category include:

UF's added - Benevolent societies and Charitable organisations
BT now is Organisations not Social welfare

Corporate planning
UF's added - Planning, Strategic and Strategic planning

Endangered species
RT added - Animals

UF's added - Asylum seekers and Boat people
BT now is Migrants
RT's added - Smuggling, Immigration and Mandatory detention

UF added - Trafficking
RT added - Refugees

Version 2.0 to 2.1

The following new descriptors have been created:

Corporate culture
Electronic publishing
Nonprofit organisations
Renewable energy
Wind energy

UF references have been added from the following terms:

Health promotion
Knowledge society
Mobile phones
New media
People smuggling

The hierarchical structure has been amended for the following terms:

Publishing is now a NT of Communications
Solar energy is now a NT of Renewable energy, which in turn is a NT of Energy resources
North America has been added as a region.

Version 2.1 to 2.2

Main term minor changes:

Airconditioning (one word instead of two)
ANZUS Treaty (capitalisation)
Computer-assisted instruction (hyphen added)
In-service training (hyphen added)
Part-time employment (hyphen added)
Radio programs (formerly programmes)
Single-parent families (hyphen added)
Television programs (formerly programmes)
White-collar crime (hyphen added)

Reference changes:

Counterintelligence (now one word)
Computer-aided design
Ill-treated children
Non-book materials
Old-age pensions
Self-government (hyphens added)

Hierarchical changes:

Domestic violence added as RT under Bullying
Employment added as BT to Part-time employment
RT link between Culture and Ethnomusicology removed
NT for Aged care under Carers changed to RT
Land tenure added as RT under Conveyancing
Business added as RT under E-commerce
Internet added as RT under Electronic publishing
BT/NT link between International law and Maritime law deleted

Version 2.2 to 2.3

New main terms:

Age discrimination
Age factors
Allied health services
Animal welfare
Australian states and territories
Australians overseas
Australia-overseas comparisons
Biomass energy
Business innovation
Cases (Law)
Communications policy
Computer games
Cultural studies
Demographic factors
Depression (Psychological)
Developed countries
Digital radio
Dispute resolution
Drugs (Pharmaceuticals)
Educational factors
Electric vehicles
Foreign workers
Generational groups
Geothermal energy
Greenhouse gas emissions permits
Greenhouse gas emissions trading
Greenhouse gas offsets
Greenhouse gas sequestration
Greenhouse gas taxes
Greenhouse gas treaties
High income earners
Human body
Hydrogen energy
Intelligence (Psychology)
Interstate comparisons
Low income earners
Mental health services
Middle aged
Murray-Darling River system
National security
Occupational factors
OECD countries
Organisational culture
Political activism
Population ageing
Property development
Public opinion
Restorative justice
Risk management
Sex factors
Social exclusion
Socioeconomic factors
Solar photovoltaic energy
Solar thermal energy
Think tanks
Water conservation
Water consumption
Water rights
Water supply
Water trading

Changes to existing terms and reference structure:

AIDS changed to HIV/AIDS
Corporate culture changed to Organisational culture
Drugs changed to Drugs (Pharmaceuticals)
Environmental policy - used as subdivision under regions, etc.
Grievance procedures changed to Dispute resolution
Groups - narrower terms added
Intelligence changed to Intelligence (Psychology)
Paramedical care changed to Allied health services
Seamen changed to Sailors


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