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41. FreeAustralian Censuses and Musters

A descriptive listing of Australian censuses and musters from 1788 to Federation.

42. FreeAustralian censuses and musters; print resources

National Library of Australia: A guide to printed information relating to census and muster resources at the National Library of Australia. A large proportion of the census information held at the National Library is kept in microform format. Further information on how to find these items can be found in Family History Sources in the Newspapers and Microforms Reading Room (available on eResources).

43. FreeAustralian companies; print resources

National Library of Australia: A guide to selected printed works relating to companies at the National Library. Includes references to company directories, annual reports and histories

44. FreeAustralian Copyright Council

Australian Copyright Council: Provides access to a range of information sheets, books, news items, training programs and policy documents.

45. FreeAustralian Dictionary of Biography

Australian National University: The Australian Dictionary of Biography is Australia's pre-eminent dictionary of national biography. It contains concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of the lives of significant and representative persons in Australian history. The biographical articles are those found in the printed work which is available in the Main Reading Room at the National Library at RF 920.094 AUS.

46. FreeAustralian Dress Register

: The Australian Dress Register is a collaborative, online project about dress in New South Wales pre 1945. This includes men's, women's and children's clothing ranging from the special occasion to the everyday. Users can browse the collection using the timeline, or by other means including garment type, gender, place of origin.

47. FreeAustralian electoral rolls; print resources

National Library of Australia: A guide to the holdings of Australian electoral rolls at the National Library of Australia. Contains references to print material as well as microform material held in the Newspapers and Microforms Reading Room.

48. FreeAustralian family history and genealogy: selected websites

National Library of Australia: This resource contains links to a variety of information relating to family history and genealogy including guides, indexes and digitised images of documents. It also provides links to other informative sites and contact with other family historians via indexed family trees, mailing lists and bulletin boards.

49. FreeAustralian Federal, State, Territory and Local Governments

Australian Government Information Management Office: This is a whole-of-government single point of access (portal) that provides access to Internet-based government information and services across federal, State, Territory and Local levels.

50. FreeAustralian Federation full text database

University of Sydney: A collection of key documents relating to Australian federation available in full text. Includes the national debates and auxiliary writings of the 1890s by such significant figures as Sir Robert Garran and Sir Henry Parkes.

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