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11. FreeAustralian Joint Copying Project

National Library of Australia: The Australian Joint Copying Project or AJCP is a collection of historical material relating to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific dating from 1560 to 1984. The material has been drawn from records held in the United Kingdom and microfilmed. This guide contains descriptions of the contents of the AJCP handbooks, the material contained in the AJCP,and the related microfilm reel/s,

12. FreeAustralian law: selected websites

National Library of Australia: This resource contains links to major Australian legal sites on the Internet organised by jurisdiction. It provides links to the websites of all commonwealth courts (federal, high and family courts of Australia) and state law resources including legislation, parliaments and courts.

13. FreeAustralian literature; Research Guide

National Library of Australia: A guide to researching Australian literature at the National Library. Includes references to print publications held at the Library and selected websites.

14. FreeAustralian Politics and Government

National Library of Australia: Information on material relating to Australian politics and government held at the National Library of Australia. Includes references to both print and online resources at all levels of government; Federal, State and Local.

15. FreeAustralian science and technology: selected websites

National Library of Australia: These sites provide a starting place for researchers in the field. They lead to a diverse range of information on Australian science and technology resources as well as providing links to other useful sites.

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