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Series 17: Lectures and articles, 1937-1965

Algeranoff conducted lectures and broadcasts on dance subjects in various countries including England, Australia, the United States, Argentina and Uruguay from the 1940s until the 1960s. He also contributed dance articles to magazines including Music and dance and Dance and dancers.
The papers include manuscript and typescript drafts, notes, sketches, correspondence and maps. Most of the typescripts are not dated.


Folder 1 Lectures, precis of lectures and 1954 program of lectures
Includes 'Round the world with the Russian Ballet', 1952; 'Character dancing'; 'Choreography'.
Folder 2 'Decor for the ballet' and 'Shakespeare and the dance'
Folder 3 'Shakespeare and the dance'
Folder 4 'Shakespeare and the dance' (Spanish translation), 1943, and 'Character mime', 1961
Folder 5 Notes and lecture material on Japanese dance
Folder 6 'Make-up for the ballet'; 'The language of the ballet'; 'Recorded ballet music'; and 'The ballet in England', 1943 (includes Spanish translation)
Folder 7 'Taking ballet to the Australian bush', 1956-1965, and 'The growing interest in ballet in country towns'
Folder 8 Miscellaneous speeches and other writings
Includes 'Homage to Borovansky' (1961); 'Anna Pavlova - the greatest dancer of all time'; 'Dance adventure in the Orient'; 'Mermaids and stables and things'; 'In search of Indian dance'; 'The Chitrasena Ballet'; and 'Round the world with the Russian ballet' (1953).
Folder 9 Radio scripts and other writings
Includes 'Background boys and girls'; 'Critics in the country'; 'On the map'; 'The telling rebukes of Pavlova'; 'Reflections on New York and Paris'; 'Mexico land of enchantment'; an outline of a television interview on the dance of Japan; 'How to produce a ballet', 1958; 'Comparative character dancing'; and 'History of ballet'.
Folder 10 Short broadcasts and lectures
Includes 'Native dancing'; 'Critics in the country'; 'Recalling the Indian classic dance'; 'Fokine came to Australia'; 'Dogs in ballet'; 'Artist must have bread'; 'Ballet as a career for men'; 'A ballet master's problem'; 'Theatre in the country'; 'Kolo out of season'; 'An opera house for Victoria Square'; 'Recuerdos Mexicanos'; 'Complications of interpretations'; 'Personal triumphs'; 'Recalls of the Pwes of Burma'; 'Anna Pavlova - the greatest dancer of all time'; 'The ballet in England'; writings on the Noh drama; a talk on Anna Pavlova for Radio Eireann (1952); and a commemorative talk on the twentieth anniversary of the death of Anna Pavlova, 1951.
Folder 11 Lectures, broadcasts, articles and notes, 1949-1964
Includes 'Recollections of the Teatro Colon' (radio talk); 'England and the ballet'; 'Character ballet'; 'Pioneering ballet in Australia'; and notes on Yugoslav ballet, 1949.
Folder 12 Series of articles entitled 'Cameos from the history of Japanese dancing' and other papers, 1937
Includes 'Stories from the ballet' and 'A few comments on the life of a dancer'.
Folder 13 Papers relating to articles, 1947-1962
Includes a typescript on oriental dancing for Chambers encyclopaedia (1947); and issues of Music and dance, (October 1961-November 1962) and Dance and dancers (January 1956) containing articles by Algeranoff.
Folder 14-18 Contents of an expanding file labelled 'Notes for ballet scripts, choreography, teaching, lectures, radio scripts, revivals', 1938-1956
Includes transcripts of two interviews with Algeranoff.
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