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Series 13: 5th Festival of Pacific Arts, Townsville,, 1986-1988

The 5th Festival of Pacific Arts, which took place in Townsville in 1988, was the first to be held in Australia. The Festival of Pacific Arts occurs every four years and is organised under the auspices of the South Pacific Commission. The 1988 Festival received funding from the Australian Government through the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Environment. Mabo was employed by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs as Community Arts Liaison Officer for the Festival, 1987-1988.


Folder 1 'Report on Management Structure and Planning and Budget Options Prepared for the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Environment, and the Interim Steering Committee for the Festival' by Nicholas Clark and Associates, Management Consultants, April 1986. Spiral bound, 219 sheets.
Folder 2 Miscellaneous papers, 1986-1987, including address book, correspondence, Advisory Committee minutes, memoranda, proposed Festival program, grant application to the Aboriginal Arts Board, press releases and representations from Magani Malu Kes calling inter alia for the sacking of the Festival Director and the appointment of Eddie Mabo in his place
Folder 3 Letter to Mabo from Barry Cohen, Minister for Arts, 27 April 1987, appointing Mabo to the Board of Directors for the Festival. Board papers, April-May 1987, including assessment of the Nicholas Clark report and photocopies of reports on previous Festivals.
Folder 4 Board papers, May-June 1987, including agenda papers, minutes and correspondence.
Folder 5 Miscellaneous papers, July-October 1987, including Board minutes and agendas; duty statements and job advertisement for Aboriginal/Islander Community Arts Liaison Officer position; and photocopies of newspaper cuttings relating to a dispute between Charles Perkins and the Minister for Arts, Senator Richardson, over proposed changes to the membership of the Festival Board.
Folder 6 Board papers, October 1987, including agenda papers, minutes and correspondence.
Folder 7 Board papers, March 1988, including agenda papers, minutes and correspondence.
Folder 8 Advisory Committee papers, 1987-1988, including minutes, agendas and correspondence. Craft Village: conditions of contract document.
Folder 9 Financial statements by KPMG Hungerfords Accountants, 1987-1988
Folder 10-11 Board papers, February-March 1988, including agenda papers, minutes, application forms.
Folder 12 Board papers, March-May 1988, including agenda papers, minutes, memoranda, reports and correspondence.
Folder 13 Board papers, July-August 1988, including agenda papers, and minutes.
Folder 14 Opening ceremony, programs, maps, August , 1988
Folder 15 Papers relating to the involvement of Meriam Enterprises Pty Ltd in the Festival Craft Village project, 1988, including correspondence, tender documents and plans of the proposed village.
Folder 16 Miscellaneous papers, including Mabo's sketches of his proposed Festival logo
Folder 17 Festival program and other related publications, 1988
Folder 18 Miscellaneous papers
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