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Series 14: Magani Malu Kes/Torres Strait Independence Movement, 1980-1991

Magani Malu Kes is the name for the Torres Strait Islands in the language of the Torres Strait. The organisation Magani Malu Kes (MMK) was an organisation for Torres Strait Islanders which Mabo had incorporated as a public company in 1987. Of major concern to Magani Malu Kes was the way in which Islander interests appeared to be marginalised by those of mainland Aborigines when indigenous issues were considered by governments. As a consequence, Magani Malu Kes advocated Torres Strait Islander independence from Australia. Mabo was Vice-Chairman of MMK, 1987-1988


Folder 1 Photocopy of letter from Mabo to George Mye of Darnley Island (1 February 1980) proposing the formation of a Torres Strait Independence movement headed by a 'Torres United Party' and a 'Magani Institute'. Correspondence with Senator Jim Keeffe and two roneoed papers by Nonie Sharp on the case for Torres Strait independence, 1980. Newspaper cuttings relating to Torres Strait independence, 1986. Draft petition to Gerry Hand regarding the manner in which the Aboriginal Arts Board and the Australia Council neglected the interests of Torres Strait Islanders, n.d. Proposals for establishment of Mer Health Service, a Torres Strait Travel Agency and a Torres Strait Islanders' Credit Union, 1986. Miscellaneous Magani Malu Kes papers, 1987-1988
Folder 2 Papers relating to the incorporation of Magani Malu Kes, 1987. Constitution and by-laws of Netat Urapun Buai (Torres Strait Islanders Corporation), 1987-1988. Pro-forma letters from MMK State Council to member organisations
Folder 3 Minutes, Certificate of Incorporation and petition, 1987. Copy of letter to Gerry Hand, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, October 1987
Folder 4 Miscellaneous papers, 1987-1989, including minutes, agendas, press cuttings, petitions, grant applications, Memorandum of Association, correspondence with the Island Co-ordinating Council and a document entitled 'Magani Malu Kes (Qld) State Council: Background Information and Rationale'.
Folder 5 State Council information leaflets and application forms, 1988
Folder 6 Clippings, funding application and working briefs relating to demands for independence, 1988. Papers relating to meetings with Queensland Premier Ahern and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Gerry Hand, relating to independence, 1988
Folder 7 Miscellaneous papers, 1988, including correspondence (in particular with the Island Co-ordinating Council), a submission to the United Nations Association relating to independence, papers relating to a dispute with Roland Cantley, papers of the Torres Strait Independence Working Party Secretariat and the Annual Report of the Island Co-ordinating Council.
Folder 8 Miscellaneous papers, 1987-1989, including bank statements; correspondence with MMK President, Steve Mam, and others; clippings and notes of a meeting with Gerry Hand. Notice of MMK meeting with the Torres Strait Advisory Board Queensland representative, Belsa Lowah, September 1991
Folder 9 Miscellaneous papers, 1987-1988, including letters, cuttings, roneoed papers on future of Torres Strait Islands and Torres Strait Islanders' case for independence.
Folder 10 Magani Malu Kes State seminar, October 1987. Minutes.
Folder 11 Drafts of letters, forms, 1988
Folder 12 Miscellaneous papers, including notes, messages, papers concerning State Seminar, February 1988
Folder 13 Torres Strait Islanders workshop, Thursday Island, January 1988. Paper by Mabo.
Folder 14 Magani Malu Kes State seminar, Mackay, February 1988. Minutes, cuttings, notes.
Folder 15 Magani Malu Kes State seminar, Mackay, April 1988. Minutes.
Folder 16 Senate Select Committee on the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs.
Includes transcript of evidence, November 1988
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