Journal Title Abbreviated Title ISSN
Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal ABORIGINAL ISL HEALTH WORK J 1037-3403
ACORN ACORN 1448-7535
ACORN Journal ACORN J 1031-1017
ACQ: Issues in Language Speech and Hearing ACQ 1441-6727
ADF Health ADF HEALTH 1443-1033
Advances in Speech Language Pathology ADV SPEECH LANG PATHOL 1441-7049
AJP. The Australian Journal of Pharmacy AJP 0311-8002
Anaesthesia and Intensive Care ANAESTH INTENSIVE CARE 0310-057X
Annual Review of Health Social Sciences ANNU REV HEALTH SCO SCI 1036-6733
ANZ Journal of Surgery ANZ J SURG 1445-1433
ANZ Nuclear Medicine ANZ NUCL MED 1324-1435
Australasian Chiropractic and Osteopathy AUSTRALAS CHIROPR OSTEOPATH 1328-0384
Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal AUSTRALAS EMERG NURS J 1574-6267
Australasian Epidemiologist AUSTRALAS EPIDEMIOL 1327-8835
Australasian Journal of Dermatology AUSTRALAS J DERMATOL 0004-8380
Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies AUSTRALAS J DISASTER TRAUMA STUD 1174-4707
Australasian Journal of Emergency Care AUSTRALAS J EMERGENCY CARE 1328-3626
Australasian Journal of Neuroscience AUSTRALAS J NEUROSCI 1032-335X
Australasian Journal of Podiatric Medicine AUSTRALAS J PODIATRIC MED 1328-0694
Australasian Journal on Ageing AUSTRALAS J AGEING 1440-6381
Australasian Musculoskeletal Medicine AUSTRALAS MUSCULOSKELET MED 1324-5627
Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine AUSTRALAS PHYS ENG SCI MED 0158-9938
Australasian Radiology AUSTRALAS RADIOL 0004-8461
Australia's Health AUST HEALTH 1032-6138
Australian Adverse Drug Reactions Bulletin AUST ADVERSE DRUG REACT BULL 0812-3837
Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal AUST N Z CONTINENCE J 1448-0131
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Audiology AUST NZ J AUDIOL 1443-4873
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy AUST NZ J FAM THER 0814-723X
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Mental Health Nursing AUSTRA NZ J MENT HEALTH NURS 1324-3780
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry AUST NZ J PSYCHIATRY 0004-8674
Australian Critical Care AUST CRIT CARE 1036-7314
Australian Dental Journal AUST DENT J 0045-0421
Australian Doctor AUST DOCT 1039-7116
Australian e-Journal for the Advancement of Mental Health AUST E J ADV MENTAL HEALTH 1446-7984
Australian Endodontic Journal AUST ENDOD J 1329-1947
Australian Family Physician AUST FAM PHYSICIAN 0300-8495
Australian Health Consumer AUST HEALTH CONSUM 1441-5151
Australian Health Review AUST HEALTH REV 0156-5788
Australian Infection Control AUST INFECT CONTROL 1329-9360
Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine AUST J ACUPUNCT CHIN MED 1833-9735
Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing AUST J ADV NURS 0813-0531
Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing (Online) AUST J ADV NURS (Online) 1447-4328
Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing AUST J CANCER NURS 1441-2551
Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis AUST J CLIN EXP HYPN 0156-0417
Australian Journal of Emergency Care AUST J EMERGENCY CARE 1322-3127
Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing AUST J HOLIST NURS 1322-8803
Australian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy AUST J HOSP PHARM 0310-6810
Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism AUST J MED HERB 1033-8330
Australian Journal of Medical Science AUST J MED SCI 1038-1643
Australian Journal of Midwifery AUST J MIDWIFERY 1445-4386
Australian Journal of Music Therapy AUST J MUSIC THER 1036-9457
Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics AUST J NUTR DIET 1032-1322
Australian Journal of Oto-Laryngology AUST J OTOLARYNGOL 1037-2105
Australian Journal of Physiotherapy AUST J PHYSIOTHER 0004-9514
Australian Journal of Primary Health AUST J PRIM HEALTH 1448-7527
Australian Journal of Primary Health Interchange AUST J PRIM HEALTH INTERCHANGE 1324-2296
Australian Journal of Rural Health AUST J RURAL HEALTH 1038-5282
Australian Journal on Ageing AUST J AGEING 0726-4240
Australian Midwifery AUST MIDWIFERY 1448-8272
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology AUST NZ J OBSTET GYNAECOL 0004-8666
Australian Nursing Journal AUST NURS J 1320-3185
Australian Occupational Therapy Journal AUST OCCUP THER J 0045-0766
Australian Orthodontic Journal AUST ORTHOD J 0587-3908
Australian Orthoptic Journal AUST ORTHOPT J 0814-0936
Australian Pharmacist AUST PHARM 0728-4632
Australian Podiatrist AUST PODIATRIST 0311-3612
Australian Prescriber AUST PRESC 0312-8008
Birth Issues BIRTH ISSUES 1038-023X
Botanical Pathways BOT PATHW 1444-3961
Brain Impairment BRAIN IMPAIR 1443-9646
Breast News BREAST NEWS 1324-7077
Breastfeeding Review BREASTFEED REV 0729-2759
Bulletin (Caroline Chisholm Centre for Health Ethics) CAROLINE CHISHOLM CENTRE HEALTH ETHICS BULL 1324-602X
Cancer Forum CANCER FORUM 0311-306X
Chiropractic Journal of Australia CHIROPRACTIC J AUST 1036-0913
Chisholm Health Ethics Bulletin CHISHOLM HEALTH ETHICS BULL 1443-3591
Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology CLIN EXPERIMENT OPHTHALMOL 1442-6404
Clinical and Experimental Optometry CLIN EXP OPTOM 0816-4622
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology CLIN EXP PHARMACOL PHYSIOL 0305-1870
Clinical Biochemist Reviews CLIN BIOCHEM REV 0159-8090
Clinical Update CLIN UPD 1328-9454
Collegian (Deakin ACT) COLLEGIAN 1322-7696
Communicable Diseases Intelligence COMMUN DIS INTELL 0725-3141
Communicable Diseases Intelligence Quarterly Report COMMUN DIS INTELL Q REP 1447-4514
Contemporary Nurse CONTEMP NURSE 1037-6178
Critical Care and Resucitation CRIT CARE RESUSC 1441-2772
Current Therapeutics CURR THER 0311-905X
Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine DIVING HYPERB MED 1833-3516
Drug and Alcohol Review DRUG ALCOHOL REV 0959-5236
Early Intervention in Psychiatry EARLY INTERV PSYCHIATRY 1751-7885
Emergency Medicine EMERGENCY MED 1035-6851
Emergency Medicine Australasia EMERGENCY MED AUSTRALAS 1742-6731
Environmental Health ENVIRON HEALTH 1444-5212
Gecko: a Journal of Deconstruction and Narrative Ideas in Therapeutic Practice GECKO 1328-2123
Geriaction GERIACTION 1032-4410
Grief Matters GRIEF MATTERS 1440-6888
Hazard HAZARD 1320-0593
Health and History: bulletin of the Australian Society of the History of Medicine HEALTH HIST 1442-1771
Health Expenditure Bulletin HEALTH EXPEND 1329-2137
Health Information Management HEALTH INF MANAG 1833-3583
Health Investigator HEALTH INVEST 1328-8334
Health of Victorians: the Chief Health Officer's Bulletin HEALTH VIC 1445-5595
Health Promotion Journal of Australia HEALTH PROMOT J AUST 1036-1073
Health Sociology Review HEALTH SOCIOL REV 1446-1242
Health Voices HEALTH VOICES 1835-5862
Healthcare Infection HEALTHC INFECT 1835-5617
Heart Lung & Circulation HEART LUNG CIRC 1443-9506
HIV Australia HIV AUST 1446-0319
Immunology and Cell Biology IMMUNOL CELL BIOL 0818-9641
IMVS Newsletter IMVS NEWSL 0813-1643
In Pursuit of Excellence IN PURS EXCELL 1449-4396
Injury Bulletin INJ BULL 1442-1917
Internal Medicine Journal INTERN MED J 1444-0903
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education INT J DISABILITY DEV & EDUC 1034-912X
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing INT J MENT HEALTH NURS 1445-8330
International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work INT J NARRATIVE THER COMMUNITY WORK 1446-5019
International Journal of Nursing Practice INT J NURS PRACT 1322-7114
International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology INT J SPEECH LANG PATHOL 1754-9507
Internet Journal of Health Promotion INTERNET J HEALTH PROMOT 1328-7443
Journal of Complementary Medicine J COMPLEMENT MED 1446-8263
Journal of Emergency Primary Health Care J EMERG PRIM HEALTH CARE 1447-4999
Journal of Family Studies J FAM STUD 1322-9400
Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability J INTELLECT DEV DISABIL 1366-8250
Journal of Law and Medicine J LAW MED 1320-159X
Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology J MED IMAGING RADIAT ONCOL 1754-9477
Journal of Occupational Health and Safety - Australia and New Zealand J OCCUP HEALTH SAF AUST NZ (CCH AUST) 0815-6409
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health J PAEDIATR CHILD HEALTH 1034-4810
Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research J PHARM PRACT RES 1445-937X
Journal of Quality in Clinical Practice J QUAL CLIN PRACT 1320-5455
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport J SCI MED SPORT 1440-2440
Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine J AUSTRALAS COLL NUTR ENVIRON MED 1328-8040
Medical Journal of Australia MED J AUST 0025-729X
Medicine Today MED TODAY 1443-430X
Mediherb Professional Review MEDIHERB PROF REV 1328-7028
Modern Medicine MOD MED 1030-3855
MS Management MS MANAGE 1022-7857
National AIDS Bulletin NATL AIDS BULL 1030-5289
New Doctor NEW DOCT 0313-2153
New South Wales Public Health Bulletin NSW PUB HEALTH BULL 1034-7674
New Zealand Journal of Medical Laboratory Science NZ J MED LAB SCI 1171-0195
Nursing.aust NURSING.AUST 1443-1491
Nutrition & Dietetics NUTR DIET 1446-6368
Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine PAC J ORIENT MED 1320-9973
Pathology PATHOLOGY 0031-3025
Periodontology PERIODONTOL 0726-5247
Perspectives in Food and Nutrition PERSP FOOD NUTR 1440-768X
Perspectives: Nutrition News and Views PERSPECTIVES 1446-6112
PPM: Professional Protection Magazine PPM 1031-7996
Primary Intention: the Australian Journal of Wound Management PRIM INTEN 1323-2495
Proceedings of the ... Autumn School of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs PROC AUTUMN SCH STUD ALCOHOL DRUGS 1328-679X
Proceedings of the Endocrine Society of Australia PROC ENDOCR SOC AUST 0312-4738
Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia PROC NUTR SOC AUST 0314-1004
Psychotherapy in Australia PSYCHOTHER AUST 1323-0921
Public Health Bulletin South Australia PUB HEALTH BULL S AUST 1449-485X
Radiation Protection in Australasia RADIAT PROT AUSTRALAS 1444-2752
Radiographer RADIOGRAPHER 0033-8273
Renal Society of Australasia Journal REN SOC AUSTRALAS J 1832-3804
Sexual Health SEX HEALTH 1448-5028
SPUMS Journal (South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society) SPUMS J 0813-1988
Sterilization in Australia STERILIZATION AUST 0725-7066
TGA Laboratory Information Bulletin TGA LAB INF BULL 1441-0834
Venereology VENEREOLOGY 1032-1012
Victorian Infectious Diseases Bulletin VIC INFECT DIS BULL 1441-0575
Women and Birth : journal of the Australian College of Midwives WOMEN BIRTH 1871-5192
Wound Practice & Research WOUND PRACT RES 1323-2495

Note: AMI also indexed selectively from a small number of additional journals, covering selected articles in Australian non-scholarly journals and selected articles in overseas journals written by Australians or about Australia.