Out of service? Cablog's last fare ...

Out of service? Cablog's last fare ...
Taxi driver's blog captured in PANDORA
12 September 2012

Recently, Adrian Neylan, author of Cablog - a blog containing his experience of driving a taxi in Sydney - contacted us, letting us know he was moving on and that the blog was soon to be no more.

Cablog homepage

Cablog : a cabbie's blog by Andrian Neylan

This stirred something in me, having archived Cablog on and off in my time working behind the scenes of PANDORA as a web archiving librarian. So I contacted Adrian, thanked him again for allowing us to archive his blog and letting him know that I'd enjoyed reading his blog.  He thanked me in return and said some kind words about the service we were providing. How could I not share the love? I filled in the rest of my section of this news and those of us familiar with Cablog reminisced about favourite posts and those who hadn't were intrigued enough to take a look for themselves and were instantly drawn into Adrian’s world. So what's the interest here? In this age of 'reality' TV, this particular blog is very refreshing in that it details Adrian’s day to day, or more to the point night to night, encounters with his variety of passengers, and really shows the gritty side of Sydney at night that many of us are not privy to. You can't help but feel for him as time and time again he encounters fair evaders, the inebriated and belligerent customers. How often have you thought of a cabbie's lot? Sometimes enhanced with telling photos and video content you often feel like you're there in the cab with him, not to mention being drawn in to the passengers’ tales and then there are the amazing things that happen outside the cab or to the cab itself.

Image from Cablog of sick taxi

Image from Cablog - a sick taxi

The thing of it is though, as I stated earlier, Cablog will soon disappear from its place in the blogosphere, taking these fascinating tales with it, the stories only remaining in the authors mind. Well that's not entirely true as every year since 2007 here at the National Library we've archived Cablog and those stories are still readily available for generations to read in the PANDORA Archive. So sure, Adrian may have clocked off but his stories will live on long after his last fare. Oh, excuse me, I have to go...   ...Taxi!

Image from Cablog

Taxi rank image from Cablog : a cabbie's blog by Adrian Neylan