Bali bombing ten years on

Bali bombing ten years on
Preserving the commemorations of this important event
12 October 2012

On the 10 year anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombing we can look back at the material that was collected to record this event in the web archive. Online it was a simpler time in 2002 and four sites only were collected to record this event. One of the sites collected was the ABC News online special report pages. These pages were archived around 10 days after the event and list a series of articles going back to the first reports after the bomb blast. The list of articles dramatically depict the first news of the blast shortly after it happened on the 12 October 2002. It shows the initial confusion surrounding the cause of the blast and the numbers of casualties. A new copy was made of the ABC pages 12 months later when the ABC set up a special memorial page. Though the timestamp of 2005 indicates this copy was made a couple of years later by National Library staff of archived ABC content. This archived content has been used by the ABC to commemorate the 10 year anniversary in the Bali Remembered site currently available on their website.

ABC News website of Bali bombing, 2002

When these national events occur it is important that collecting institutions are able to record and collect material that gives testimony to the impact of the event upon people and communities. These types of events have continued to be recorded by the Pandora web archive such as the 2010 Queensland floods (which now form part a exhibition at the State Library of Queensland) and the Victorian bushfires in 2009. The National Library will again add to the Bali Bombing collection by archiving this new ABC site so that in the future we can continue to look back and see how this event has continued to affect the Australian community a decade on.