Performances & Players

Mira Dimina – the sad demise of Madeline Parker

American dancer Madeline Parker, whose stage name in the Monte Carlo Russian Ballet was Mira Dimina, became ill with leukaemia early in the first Ballets Russes Australian tour in 1936, and died soon after in Adelaide. Her death was a great shock for the company and the media covered the story in detail.

Ballets Russes Australian tours personnel – a work in progress

A comprehensive list of the personnel of the Ballets Russes covering all three tours.

Australian dancers and the Ballets Russes

A premliminary list with sources of Australian dancers who danced with the Ballets Russes on their Australian tours. Dance schools visited by the Ballets Russes are also listed.

Notable attendees to the Ballets Russes

These documents list notable attendees to the Ballets Russes performances over the three Australian tours.

The musicians of the Ballets Russes orchestras

Comprehensive list to the orchestra players of the Ballets Russes, information on compiling the list, and guide to researching and accessing this material.

Ballets Russes in Australia: the repertoire

Comprehensive repetoire list of Ballets Russes performances in Australia including divertissements.

Documenting performances

This post discusses how the Ballets Russes performances were initially documented at the time of the tours and how these sources have been identified as part of the research project.

Ballets Russes in New Zealand: repertoire and performance summary

A guide to the Ballets Russes repertoire for the New Zealand tours with production details for each ballet.