8 million plus Newspaper pages now available on Trove

8 million plus Newspaper pages now available on Trove
Happy New Year Australia, the Newspapers online project grows ever larger
7 February 2013

We know that digitised newspapers on Trove is really popular with many people. They read historic newspapers with a lot of interest, many trying hard to find out if their forebears made it to the newsprint. The more eager of them even spend hours and hours correcting the electronically generated text. At the Library we work hard to digitise even more newspapers and just before Christmas we reached the eight million page mark, or a staggering 79,000,000 articles. That means our very small Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program team of five people are kept busy all year round! Of course we can’t do this alone. We get lots of support from state and territory libraries, who participate in the Australian Newspaper Plan. Additionally, local libraries and historical societies have assisted to reach this page count under our ‘crowdfunded’ arrangements in our Contributor’s model. An example of crowdfunding working is the digitisation of the 1888 to 1950 editions of the Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers’ Advocate. 11 Sydney public libraries, the University of Western Sydney Library and the State Library of NSW got together and made it all possible. What an amazing effort to bring this important newspaper into the digital world – hats off to Stephen Coppins at the Holroyd City Council Library who co-ordinated the digitisation project over the last two years including organising a grant application.

Cumberland Argus newspaper

As a matter of fact since 2009 – 10, the Contributor’s model has funded the digitisation of about 135 titles, totalling approximately 1.5 million pages. There are indeed many people in the community working on getting the funds to digitise their papers of interest. We are now half way through the digitisation activities planned for this year. In the coming months apart from many other newspapers you will see more issues of the Canberra Times progressively appearing on Trove, so that by late 2013 issues up to 1995 will be available. This is one way to help celebrate Canberra’s centenary. We get suggestions from the public for titles they would like to see in Trove all the time – in fact averaging 1.5 suggestions a day last year! If you’d like to do the same, please feel free to do so at our Australian Newspaper Digitisation Suggestion Webpage.