The Glow Cave

The Glow Cave
The Enlighten Festival at the Library
26 February 2015

Enlighten 2015 is almost upon us and, as ever, the National Library of Australia will be taking part in the festivities with wonderful architectural projections and late night activities.

This year, children and families alike are invited to come and experience the Glow Cave—a glowing, neon play space where children can engage with language, story-telling, illustration, colour and light—located on level one in the Ferguson Room of the Library.

This space provides the chance to write a six-word-memoir, draw a self-portrait, play with interactive light apps or even create their own 3D, glowing, picture of their hand.

For this optical illusion project, you will need the following:

  • a ruler
  • a pencil (a lighter graphite pencil would be best, but anything will work)
  • a piece of white paper
  • coloured markers (if you want your image to glow under black light, you’ll need to select markers that fluoresce under UV light—highlighters are perfect for this).

Here’s a step-by-step guide of what to do:

1. Position your hand on the middle of the sheet of paper. Using the pencil, lightly trace around your hand and wrist.

2. Using the ruler, create a straight line on each side of your hand across the page, leaving the ‘inside’ of your drawing blank.

3. Connect the two lines by drawing an arc or curve on the inside of your hand, making sure that each and of the curve meets up with the straight lines on each side of your hand.

4. Repeat this line drawing process at numerous points up the piece of paper, keeping them all parallel.

5. Colour in between the lines with your highlighters and watch your flat drawing turn into a 3D piece of art that glows under black-light.

Try this at home, or come and have a go inside the Glow Cave during Enlighten.

For more information about Enlighten, please visit the Enlighten Festival page.

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