This Is Banjo Paterson

Most good picture books have some kind of dual narrative going on, another story that's quite apart from the text. As visual narrative, illustrations should not be a direct reflection of the text—they should be so much more.

For a book like This Is Banjo Paterson, where young children are introduced to a topic that's not typical for their age, it was very important to get this visual narrative right.

The little red book that could

This little red book about the papers and speeches of Colonel Hutton 1894-1898 was recently brought up to the Preservation lab for a few repairs. When we took a closer look, it was evident that this leather tightback with false raised bands had not only lost its lower board with its upper board hanging on by a thread, but it had already received some treatment in the past.

Before treatment image of front

Moon mappers: scientists & dreamers

We are captivated by our nearest celestial dance partner, and joyfully turn out in droves at vantage points to howl at a Super Moon, or the recent “Extra-super Moon”. We now know so much about the moon, with our scientific knowledge expanding exponentially since we first stamped our footprints on its surface.

Come Alive! 2016

This past Saturday, the curtain came down on the Come Alive Festival of Museum Theatre, following its seventh annual run.

Come Alive is a performance festival where students gain inspiration from the exhibitions and collections of cultural institutions and create theatre performances that have drawn on a variety of characters, objects, events and stories from our history.

In 2016, Come Alive was hosted for the first time by the National Library of Australia in collaboration with the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) at Old Parliament House.


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