Practising paring, ploughing and paperwork

I've been rather quietly lately about the goings-on in the bindery. I guess it's all become routine, and I forget that from the outside Preservation might seem like a mysterious place. Practise makes perfect;  I suppose in any craft one looks to attain a degree of skill that makes the jobs seem effortless. Well, let me tell you about what I've been practising.  Much of my work consists in doing the backbone job of binding: sewing. I still do a lot of pamphlet and stab sewing.

Over 7 Million newspaper pages delivered

In amongst the processes of finalising our various contracts for the 2011-12 financial year, working on finalising the details of content for 2012-13, the fact that we’ve delivered the 7 Millionth newspaper page almost slipped my notice! As a reflection of the efforts of the team, up to March this year, we’ve delivered over 1.5 million pages, the content from which (to my mind at least) continues to be varied and interesting.

5 Million Newspaper pages!

There is some excitement amongst the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program (ANDP) team today. As of this week, we’re delivering 5 Million newspaper pages through the Trove>Newspapers and more view. Apart from being a really large number of newspaper pages*, the additional significance lies in the fact that we’ve surpassed our target for this financial year by around 600,000 pages, and we still have a month and a half to go! The pages being delivered include around 230,000 pages of the Australian Women’s Weekly, with Issues dating from 1933-1983.

SA newspapers filmed

The National Library and the State Library of South Australia have recently preserved two major South Australian newspapers – the Sunday Mail (1956-1977) and the Chronicle (1955-1975). Both of these newspapers have been microfilmed through the National Library’s cooperative newspaper microfilming program. The rich newspaper heritage of SA provides a unique window into Australian life.

Read All About It

The Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program here at the Library is digitising and making available online a number of Australian newspapers.   Today there are 1,439,766 pages consisting of 17,426,935 articles available to search and browse at Over the next few months the Program will be reaching some major milestones with completion of a number of important newspaper titles including:


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