Q&A with Michelle Law

On 23 January, brother and sister duo Benjamin and Michelle Law will be at the Library to share their experiences of growing up in a Chinese family in Australia.

With the overwhelming popularity of the SBS comedy The Family Law, many of you are no doubt familiar with Michelle Law’s teenage, TV-screen counterpart, as seen through the eyes of her brother Benjamin. But what about the woman herself?

Thinking big at the Libraries Australia Forum

On 1 December 2015 more than 180 librarians and library technicians gathered at the State Library of Victoria for the 2015 Libraries Australia Forum. The theme of this year’s Forum was ‘Unique to ubiquitous: library resources in a linked data world’. The Forum’s intent was to deliver a range of perspectives, from global, regional and local, highlighting directions in a range of areas that are relevant to Libraries Australia members.

Preparing for Celestial Empire—part one

2015 has been an exciting year with the lead up to our upcoming exhibition, Celestial Empire: Life in China 1644–1911. Preservation staff have been working hard to prepare a number of items for display including books, pith albums, and maps. Some of these items required stabilising repairs so they could be safely mounted, handled, and exhibited.


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