Zine workshop 'Cut, Copy, Paste'

Zine workshop 'Cut, Copy, Paste'
A travelling Zine workshop visits the NLA.
14 June 2013

Saturday May 25 dawned bright and clear - just another glorious Autumn day in Canberra! Which was completly wasted on us as we would be inside making zines and having fun thanks to a travelling Zine workshop taken on the road by Eloise Quinlaven & Jeremy Staples.

Eloise & Jeremy and THE HISTORY of ZINES

We came, we listened, we saw ...

The Conference Room set up for zine making

Zines from previous workshops

Flyer from the recent Canberra Zine Emporium zine fair

  We kickstarted the day with a brief intro.  We learnt about Eloise & Jeremy and their zine related activities over the past '10ish' years.  Eloise's life in Toowoomba and getting her zine distro "Smells Like Zines" up and running.  And Jeremy's Bizoo history and adventures with zines overseas.  Jeremy very kindly gave everybody AND the Library, a copy of his book Bizoo.  Telling us tales of their recent joint activities with the "Pop Up DIY Workshop Bicycle Trailer" and travelling the countryside doing zine workshops, visiting zine fairs and just working hard and promoting zine culture in general. After our intro in the conference room, we headed off to the theatre to have a look at a doco dvd about zines

... and the Zine I made was this big ...

Then we got to practice the real thing.  After a paper folding lesson ...

Pre-folded zine - ready to go

Armed with scissors and gluesticks, magazines, feathers and typwriters ... really old school typewriters; we pounded keys, sliced pages, got glue everywhere, coloured in and photocopied till our hearts content.

Doing our research

Some supplies courtesy of the Public Programmes and Eduction people at the NLA

Love the Feathers!

Cat working on her zine

Newbie zinester working on her travel zine

Keren and Marjorie taking a break from zine making

Bizoo and Dracula ... hanging out ...

Before breaking for lunch we went to the Petherick Reading Room (a special NLA reading room for viewing rare books) to view a some zines from the Nick Henderson Zine Collection and a very small sample of the Library's collection of exquisite artists books.   My favourite of the artist books on display was The garden/3 Roses by Katharine and Garth Nix - its the largest red covered book in the photo below.  But all the books we veiewd were beautiful and stirred the senses.

Veiwing Artist's books in the Petherick Reading Room

Eloise & Jeremy having fun with the Henderson Collection

After our Petherick break we got back to making our zines.  Once the zines were made we made some extra copies.  One copy was for the NLA's collection and the other copies would be travelling with Jeremy and Eloise to the MCA zine fair.

After the photocopying - piles of freshly minted zines

More Zine folding action

"Alien" zine print run almost done

Fruits of the workshop

Big thanks to Jeremy and Eloise for bringing us their fabulous zine workshop and to Brendan, Public Programmes and Education, for wrangling it all for us! Great workshop, great company, great Zines!