Animate Trove images and win

Animate Trove images and win
Trove is calling for entries in the 2016 GIF IT UP competition
14 September 2016

In October we want you to explore and play with public domain and openly licensed images from Australia’s cultural collections. Turn them into GIFs and enter the international competition, GIF IT UP, hosted by the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and supported by Europeana and Trove. A GIF is an image file that has been animated in some way and loops continuously. Using a few free tools, anyone can make one.

Here’s an example from one of last year’s GIF IT UP entries that used a Trove image: 

Image of quail moving

This entry was from Dave Stein, Dubbo and used this image from Trove:

What are the rules? 

Before you start GIFing, please read the rules on the DPLA website.

First off, you need an image, or images, to turn into a GIF. The image must meet one of the following:

  • be in the public domain
  • has a rights statement that indicates it is out of copyright
  • has a Creative Commons license which allows re-use and adaptation.

We’ve done some of the work to help get you started. Just open this list - all the images in there meet the criteria for the competition.

Once you’ve found your image you need to get creative and start animating! There are some great tutorials on the GIF IT UP resources page that use free software, or free in-browser tools. 

Entry is now open and will stay open until 31 October. 

About the competition

GIF IT UP is an international competition being run by our friends at DPLA in association with Trove and Europeana.

Entries will also be in the running for the Grand prize, a Giphoscope! Prizes will be awarded by Sarah Schaaf from Imgur and Adam Green from The Public Domain Review.

Entries will be judged on creativity, originality and thoroughness (for example, correct URL to source material and contextual information).

Image of fingers moving a download pending wheel

This entry was the supreme winner of GIF IT UP 2015, and was from Tobias Rothe, Amstelveen in the Netherlands. 

What could I win?

As well as the prizes DPLA and Europeana are offering, Trove will be awarding these prizes:

  • Trove General prize x 3: There will be three prizes for the non-secondary student GIF maker. The winners will be offered their choice of either a $20 iTunes or Google Play gift voucher. Winning GIFs will be featured on Trove’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  • Trove Student prize x 3: Trove is sponsoring three prizes for the best entries from Australian 7-12 school students. Each winner will be offered their choice of either a $50 iTunes or Google Play gift voucher. Winning GIFs will be featured on Trove’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Share your creation

Once you’ve made it, tweet your GIF to us @TroveAustralia and we’ll share it with everyone. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #gifitup.

I had another go at creating a GIF this year and after my dismal attempt last year to try and make a portrait smile, I’m pretty happy with this try. I used GIMP, which is free image editing software available to download, and the knowledge I’d gained from the DigitalNZ GIMP tutorial. If I can do it, anyone can do it. 

Image of a magician casting a spell

The source image for this GIF is here:

Looks like a fun little project :)
I love this idea, GIF IT UP !! Ben John Grady
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