Discover the Mt Isa Mining Magazine

Discover the Mt Isa Mining Magazine
Mount Isa local residents and MIMAG in Trove
23 November 2016

Last month, local ABC radio presenter, Hailey Renault, asked Mount Isa residents about what having MIMAGthe Mount Isa Mining Magazineavailable in Trove meant to them.

MIMAG was the in-house magazine of Mount Isa Mines; copies from 1947 to 1996 have been digitised and are now available in Trove.

Local resident, volunteer and former worker at the mines, Mick Bray, reminisced: ‘…MIMAG would come out monthly and everyone was interested to grab a copy as soon as it came out. A lot of people threw them out at the time and then cursed themselves later on. A lot of people kept them and they were just like a treasure trove.’

According to Astrid Hancock, coordinator of Library Services in Mount Isa, the significance of having MIMAG on Trove is immense: ‘Mount Isa’s a small town. So it’s really, really important. I think it’s a really great thing to happen for the Mount Isa community.’

MIMAG, Vol. 4, No. 2 (February 1951), page 1.

Early issues of MIMAG were full of pictures, social highlights and community information—including news about the hospital, the local bands, sports clubs, scouts, the church and the theatre. For entertainment, jokes, poetry and fiction writing was included. There were profiles about the personalities of the town, as well as some obituaries. 

Mr Bray searched for himself, and discovered an early 1960s photograph of himself working on a pump.

MIMAG, Vol. 14, No. 5 (May 1961), page 9.

Local volunteer at the Mount Isa City Council Library, Ailsa Bray, describes MIMAG as ‘the in-house journal of the Mount Isa mines and a history of the mines and the town.’ She says that all the editors ‘depended on the local workforce to tell them the news…and there’s always somebody ready to tell you a story’.

Ms Hancock explained how the National Library worked with the Mount Isa City Council Library to get MIMAG digitised, including locating some issues that were missing from the National Library’s collection. Now, almost fifty years of 'the best history of a mine and a town right from the beginning' has been digitised and is freely available on Trove for all to see.

The State Library of Queensland funded this project and Mount Isa Mines – Glencore provided permission for the magazine to be available in Trove.

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