Trove 2016

Trove 2016
Highlights of our year
9 December 2016

This year Trove has grown to include over 500 million items, so we wanted to highlight this achievement as a special thanks to all our partners.

With more than 57,000 visitors a day, and over 20.88 million visits each year to Trove, we hope this information keeps you informed, entertained and inspired.

New collections

New items come from the collections at the National Library of Australia, as well as the state and territory libraries, museums, archives, galleries and historical societies. Some of the new collections we brought into Trove during the first half of 2016 include:

All these collections are incredible, but we also find gems in the smaller collections, some of which have been made available this year for the first time because of the contributions from Victorian Collections, which includes 26 new small historical societies, museums and clubs. For example, I am fascinated by the images from the Australian Gliding Museum – I am pretty sure one of those gliders was housed in our back shed for many years when I was growing up. 

Slingsby T31b Tandem Tutor sailplane

Above: a Slingsby T-31b tandem tutor sailplane, from the collection of the Australian Gliding Museum

Helping and connecting Australian researchers

ORCID is an international researcher identifier service that allows researchers to set up and maintain their own online profile. The 15,627 Australian researchers who have registered for an ORCID can now be searched for in Trove. This allows researchers to connect with articles, conference papers and other researchers. We’ve also noticed an increase in the number of publications with an Australian Research Council or National Health and Medical Research Council grant identifier, and so the Trove team has helped link the researchers who worked on a grant and the publications the resulted from it. 

Other highlights

In January we launched the Trove Facebook page and received 2,000 likes within the first 24 hours. Since then it has grown to 4,855 likes. We'd love to crack 5,000 before the New Year - can you help?

In February we released Trove 7, and after a bumpy start it’s been fantastic to see the incredible Trove community text correcting more newspapers at a remarkable rate. We’ve also been astonished by the NSW Government Gazette, now digitised and available through Trove. In 10 months you have corrected more than 217,000 lines of text.

This year we have also upgraded our internal software so we can work with APIs in a new way.

Christmas lights, Melbourne Town Hall, Victoria Australia

Above: Les Butcher Christmas lights, Melbourne Town Hall, Victoria Australia, one of more than 250,000 images (and growing) which the public has contributed to Trove via Flickr

From all of us at Trove, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and look forward to bringing you more wonderful Australian stories in 2017.