About the Web archiving blog

The National Library of Australia was one of the first national collecting institutions to take up the task of collecting websites and web documents for long-term preservation and access (commonly referred to as ‘web archiving’). The Library began selectively collecting web content for the PANDORA Archive in late 1996. The Library has maintained its strong emphasis on providing access to the archival content – surely the whole point of the archiving exercise – through full text search indexing and browse functions as well as controlled description for the library catalogue and national bibliographic database. To do both catalogue and full text searching of the web archive go to the Library’s single point discovery service Trove.

The content of the PANDORA Archive will be a primary subject of this blog for the simple fact that its content is accessible and available for all to consult. One of the major challenges and objectives for a substantial and growing archival collection of web content is to improve the discovery mechanisms and to consequently enhance and extend use of the archive. While this blog does not of itself achieve this, it represents a recognition of this aim and is also an initiative to provide the experienced web archivists at the Library and its partner organisations to explore and reveal aspects of the archival collection.

The blog is intended for a wide audience and will be written with that in mind. We hope it will be of in interest of others involved in web archiving activities, but also to the Australian public generally and to other researchers. The blog will include short posts highlighting interesting or topical content discoveries, archiving case studies, and longer post exploring collections, content themes, issues and challenges.