Annual Report - Appendicies

Annual Report - Appendix A: The Council of the National Library of Australia and its Committees



The Hon. James J. Spigelman ACThe Hon. James J. Spigelman AC, BA (Hons) (Sydney), LLB (Hons) (Sydney)
Non-executive member, New South Wales
Chair, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Appointed on 29 June 2010 for a three-year term until 28 June 2013
Resigned from the Council with effect from 30 June 2012
Attended six of six meetings




Deputy Chair

Professor John Hay ACCProfessor John Hay AC, BA (Hons) (WA & Cambridge), MA (Cambridge), PhD (WA), LLD (Qld), DU (QUT), LittD (Deakin), DLitt (WA), FAIM, FAHA, FACE, FQA
Non-executive member, Queensland
Chair, Australian Learning and Teaching Council
Chair, Board of Trustees, Queensland Art Gallery
Chair, Martin Institute
Chair, Queensland Institute for Medical Research
Reappointed on 15 May 2011 for a three-year term until 14 May 2014
Resigned from the Council with effect from 30 June 2012
Attended three of six meetings



The Hon. Dick Adams MPThe Hon. Dick Adams MP
Non-executive member, Tasmania
Federal Member for Lyons
Elected by the House of Representatives on 13 May 2011 for a three-year term until 12 May 2014
Attended five of six meetings




Mr Richard Eccles BA (ANU), MA<br />
            (NSW)Mr Richard Eccles BA (ANU), MA (NSW)
Non-executive member, Australian Capital Territory
Deputy Secretary, Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport
Appointed on 29 September 2011 for a three-year term until 28 September 2014
Attended three of five eligible meetings




Ms Jane Hemstritch BSc (Hons) (London), FCA, FAICDMs Jane Hemstritch BSc (Hons) (London), FCA, FAICD
Non-executive member, Victoria
Non-executive Director, Victorian Opera
Non-executive Director, Santos Ltd
Non-executive Director, Tabcorp Holdings Ltd
Non-executive Director, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Non-executive Director and Deputy Chairman, The Global Foundation
Appointed on 29 June 2010 for a three-year term until 28 June 2013
Attended four of six meetings



Senator Gary Humphries BA, LLB (ANU)Senator Gary Humphries BA, LLB (ANU)
Non-executive member, Australian Capital Territory
Senator for the Australian Capital Territory
Elected by the Senate on 1 July 2011 for a three-year term until 30 June 2014
Attended three of six meetings





Ms Mary Kostakidis BA, Dip. Ed.<br />
            (Sydney)Ms Mary Kostakidis BA, Dip. Ed. (Sydney)
Non-executive member, New South Wales
Member, Sydney Peace Foundation Advisory Panel
Board member, Sydney Theatre Company
ResMed Foundation
Appointed on 12 November 2009 for a three-year term until 11 November 2012
Attended five of six meetings




Mr Brian Long FCAMr Brian Long FCA
Non-executive member, New South Wales
Deputy Chairman, Network Ten Holdings Ltd
Non-executive Director, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Chairman, Audit Committee and Member of the Council of the 
University of NSW
Chairman, United Way Australia
Director, Cantarella Brothers Pty Ltd
Reappointed on 12 November 2009 for a third three-year term until 11 November 2012
Attended four of six meetings


Mr Kevin McCann AM, BA, LLB (Hons) (Sydney), LLM (Harvard), FAICDMr Kevin McCann AM, BA, LLB (Hons) (Sydney), LLM (Harvard), FAICD
Non-executive member, New South Wales
Chair, National Library of Australia Foundation Board
Member, University of Sydney Senate
President (NSW) and Board member, Australian Institute of Company Directors
Member, Corporate Governance Committee, Australian Institute of Company Directors
Member, Evans and Partners Advisory Board
Chairman, Origin Energy Limited
Chairman, Macquarie Group Limited and Macquarie Bank Limited
Director, BlueScope Steel Limited
Reappointed on 15 December 2008 for a second three-year term until 14 December 2011
Attended three of three eligible meetings

Dr Nonja Peters BA (Hons), PhD (WA)Dr Nonja Peters BA (Hons), PhD (WA)
Non-executive member, Western Australia
Senior Lecturer and Director, History of Migration Experiences Centre, Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute 
Appointed on 20 May 2010 for a three-year term until 19 May 2013
Attended six of six meetings




Ms Deborah Thomas Dip. Fine Art (Monash),<br />
                    MAICDMs Deborah Thomas Dip. Fine Art (Monash), MAICD
Non-executive member, New South Wales
Director, Media, Public Affairs and Brand Development, ACP Magazines Pty Ltd
Board member, Surf Life Saving Foundation
Board member, Taronga Conservation Society Australia
Member, Cancer Australia Advisory Committee
Reappointed on 12 November 2009 for a second three-year term until 11 November 2012
Attended six of six meetings



Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich, BA<br />
                    (Hons)(Macquarie), Dip. Information Management<br />
            (NSW)Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich, BA (Hons)(Macquarie), Dip. Information Management (NSW)
Director-General and executive member, Australian Capital Territory
Appointed on 9 February 2011 and commenced on 11 March 2011 for a five-year term until 8 February 2016
Attended six of six meetings





Council met on:

  • 5 August 2011
  • 7 October 2011
  • 2 December 2011
  • 3 February 2012
  • 13 April 2012
  • 1 June 2012.

Audit Committee


Mr Brian Long
Non-executive member of Council
Appointed to the Committee 6 June 2003
Reappointed as Chair and member of the Committee 5 February 2010
Attended three of three meetings


Professor John Hay AC
Deputy Chair of Council
Appointed to the Committee 5 June 2009 and reappointed 5 February 2010
Attended two of three meetings

Ms Deborah Thomas
Non-executive member of Council
Appointed to the Committee 5 February 2010
Attended three of three meetings

Ms Jane Hemstritch
Appointed to the Committee 
2 December 2011
Attended nil of one eligible meeting

Mr Geoff Knuckey
External member
Appointed to the Committee 1 May 2012
Attended nil of nil eligible meetings

Other Council members attended meetings as follows:

  • The Hon. James J. Spigelman AC (three)
  • Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich (three)
  • The Hon. Dick Adams MP (one)
  • Dr Nonja Peters (one).

Terms of Reference

The Audit Committee’s terms of reference are to:

  • help the Library and members of Council to comply with obligations under the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997
  • provide a forum for communication between the members of Council, senior managers of the Library and the Library’s internal and external auditors
  • satisfy itself that there is an appropriate ethical climate in the Library and review policies relating to internal controls and management of risks.


The Audit Committee met on:

  • 5 August 2011
  • 2 December 2011
  • 13 April 2012.

Corporate Governance Committee


Professor John Hay AC
Deputy Chair of Council
Attended one of two meetings


The Hon. James J. Spigelman AC
Chair of Council
Attended two of two meetings

Mr Brian Long
Chair of Audit Committee
Attended two of two meetings

Ms Deborah Thomas
Non-executive member of Council
Attended two of two meetings

Terms of Reference

The Corporate Governance Committee’s terms of reference are to:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of Council in its role in corporate governance
  • evaluate the performance and remuneration of the Director-General
  • oversight the development of a list of prospective members for appointment to Council, subject to consideration and approval by the Minister.


The Corporate Governance Committee met on:

  • 3 February 2012
  • 1 June 2012.

Annual Report - Appendix B: National Library of Australia Foundation Board


Mr Kevin McCann AM


Ms Jasmine Cameron
National Library of Australia

Ms Doreen Mellor (until 1 May 2012)
National Library of Australia

Mrs Cathy Pilgrim (from 2 May 2012)
National Library of Australia

Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
National Library of Australia

Ms Deborah Thomas
National Library of Australia Council

The Lady Ebury

Ms Lorraine Elliott

Ms Julia King

Ms Janet McDonald AO


Development Office
National Library of Australia

Terms of Reference

At the 2 December 2011 meeting, Council endorsed changing the name of the Development Council to the Foundation Board and also agreed to revised terms of reference, as follows:

  • to provide advice on Library fundraising targets
  • to provide assistance and advice on major fundraising campaigns, events and associated activities
  • to assist in obtaining funds from a variety of sources, including the business and philanthropic sectors
  • to encourage individual members to personally contribute or actively secure amounts required for nominated Library fundraising appeals.

Council also agreed that the Foundation Board will continue its close association with Council through regular reporting and through a member of Council being either a member or Chair of the Foundation Board. The number of Foundation Board members was increased to provide scope for a range of advocacy approaches to optimise the level of support generated, including:

  • commitment by members to either secure funds or to make individual donations
  • capacity and willingness to collectively pursue and generate major corporate support
  • capacity and willingness to collectively pursue and generate major philanthropic support
  • ability to facilitate engagement with potential supporters across Australia and gain their commitment to supporting the Library.

Annual Report - Appendix C: National Library of Australia Committees

Three committees provide advice to the Library:

  • Libraries Australia Advisory Committee
  • Fellowships Advisory Committee
  • Community Heritage Grants Steering Committee.

Libraries Australia Advisory Committee


Ms Anne Horn
Deakin University


Ms Liz Burke
Murdoch University

Dr Alex Byrne (from February 2012)
State Library of New South Wales

Mr Peter Conlon (from February 2012)
Queanbeyan City Library

Ms Pamela Gatenby
National Library of Australia

Ms Noelle Nelson (until December 2011)
State Library of New South Wales

Mr Ben O’Carroll (from February 2012)
Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet

Ms Ann Ritchie
Australian Library Journal

Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
National Library of Australia

Ms Rosa Serratore
National Meteorological Library

Mr Geoff Strempel
Public Library Services (South Australia)

Ms Monika Szunejko (until December 2011)
State Library of Western Australia

Mr Chris Taylor (until December 2011)
University of Queensland

Mr Andrew Wells
University of New South Wales


Resource Sharing Division
National Library of Australia

Terms of Reference

The Libraries Australia Advisory Committee provides advice on strategic and policy issues affecting the delivery of the Libraries Australia service, the broad direction of service development and changes occurring in the library community that are likely to affect services.

Fellowships Advisory Committee


Professor John Hay AC, FAHA

National Library of Australia Council


Professor Graeme Clarke AO, FAHA
Australian Academy of the Humanities

Dr Patricia Clarke OAM, FAHA
Australian Society of Authors

Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
National Library of Australia

Emeritus Professor Rod Home AM, FAHA
Australian Academy of Science

Professor Julie Marcus
Independent Scholars Association of Australia

Professor Pat Jalland FASSA
Australian Academy of the Social Sciences

Professor Joyce Kirk
Australian Library and Information Association


Australian Collections and Reader Services Division
National Library of Australia

Terms of Reference

The Fellowships Advisory Committee’s terms of reference are to make recommendations to the Council on the award and administration of fellowships and scholarships.

Community Heritage Grants Steering Committee


Ms Jasmine Cameron
National Library of Australia


Ms Kim Brunoro
Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport

Ms Helen Walker
National Archives of Australia

Ms Helen Kon
National Museum of Australia 

Ms Meg Labrum
National Film and Sound Archive

Ms Dianne Dahlitz
National Library of Australia

Ms Rosemary Turner
National Library of Australia


Executive and Public Programs Division
National Library of Australia

Terms of Reference

The Community Heritage Grants Steering Committee provides advice and direction on matters associated with the Community Heritage Grants program, including policy and administration. It also facilitates the exchange of information about the program between the Library and funding partners.

Annual Report - Appendix D: Key Supporting Policies and Documents

Information about the Library’s functions, objectives, policies and activities can be found in the documents listed below. Most policy documents are available on the Library’s website.


Commonwealth Authorities and Companies
Act 1997 

National Library Act 1960

National Library Regulations (1994)

Portfolio Budget Statement

Public Service Act 1999

Strategic and Operational

Balanced Scorecard 

Building Long Term Strategic Management
Plan (2009)

Business Continuity Framework (2012)

IT Strategic Plan (2012–15)

Risk Management Register (2011)

Social Media Policy (2010–12)

Strategic Directions 2012–14 

Strategic Workforce Plan (2012–14)


Collection Development Policy (2008)


Cataloguing Authority Control Policy (2011)

Cataloguing Policy (2011)


Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Technology Policy (2011)

Collection Digitisation Policy (2009)


Collection Disaster Plan (2012)

Digital Preservation Policy (2012)

Policy on Participation in Cooperative Microfilming Projects with Other
Institutions (2010)

Policy on Preservation Copying of Collection Materials (2007)

Preservation Policy (2009)

Service Charter

Policy on Handling Complaints and Other User Feedback (2011) 

Service Charter (2011)

Reader Services

Code of Conduct for Readers and Visitors (2011) 

Information and Research Services Policy (2011)

Corporate Services

Disability Framework (2011) 

Enterprise Agreement (2011–14)

Environmental Management System (2011)

Fraud Control Plan (2012–13)

Protective Security Policy and Procedures (2006)

User Charging Policy (2011)

Public Programs

Events Policy (2011)

Exhibitions Loans Policy (2011) 

Exhibitions Policy (2011)

Learning Policy (2011)

Policy on Sponsorship and Fundraising (2006)

Publications Policy (2012)

Volunteer Program Policy (2010)

Annual Report - Appendix E: Consultancy Services

The following table shows new consultancy services with an individual value of $10,000 or more that were let in 2011–12, the nature of the consultancy, its value or estimated value, the selection process and justification of the decision to use the consultancy.

Table E.1: Consultancy Services Engaged, 2011–12



 Contract price ($)*

Selection process

Justification (see above note)

AdminIntelligence Pty Ltd

Review human resource system configuration and provide advice on and develop enhancements to existing processes


Direct sourcing


Ashurst (formerly Blake Dawson)

General legal advice 


Open tender


Bendelta Pty Ltd

Assist in the development of the Strategic Workforce Plan (2012–14)


Direct sourcing


Clayton Utz

General legal advice


Open tender


Cunningham Martyn Design Pty Ltd

Design services for Foyer, amenities, cloak room and
stair refurbishment


Direct sourcing


Dimension Data Aust Pty Ltd

IT Data Centre energy assessment


Direct sourcing


GHD Pty Ltd

Assessment of the marble facade of the main building


Open tender


Interiors Australia

Fitout design services for the Level 1 office space


Open tender


Jakeman Business Solutions Pty Ltd

Review of the Library’s Protective Security Policy


Direct sourcing


Jillian Adams

Development of post–Forgotten Australians project
recording plan and feasibility study


Direct sourcing


John Raineri and Associates

Review of lighting in the main building


Select tender


Leo Monus

Development of software for Android mobile
catalogue application


Direct sourcing


Norman Disney and Young

Mechanical investigation of chiller plant


Open tender


Oxide Interactive Pty Ltd

Tailoring of a customer relationship management system
for Trove


Direct sourcing


Paul Tilse Architects

Architectural services for new storage area


Direct sourcing


Risk and Continuity Management Pty Ltd

Review of the Library’s Business Continuity Plan


Select tender


Steven McPhillips

Analyse and develop aspects of Voyager and ILMS
software systems interface


Direct sourcing


Teaspoon Consulting Pty Ltd

Analyse and develop aspects of Voyager and ILMS
software systems interface


Direct sourcing


Terri Janke and Co.

Legal advice on copyright, licensing and Indigenous
culture protocols


Direct sourcing


ValueEdge Consulting Pty Ltd

Undertake a value review of two management units


Direct sourcing







The following justifications are the rationales for the decisions to undertake consultancies:

A-—skills currently unavailable within organisation
B-—need for specialised or professional skills
C-—need for independent research or assessment.

*Values are GST inclusive

Annual Report - Appendix F: Staffing Overview

With the exception of the Director-General, all Library staff are employed under the Public Service Act 1999. Conditions of employment for staff below the Senior Executive Service (SES) level are contained in the Library’s Enterprise Agreement 2011–14. Some staff received enhanced benefits through an Individual Flexibility Arrangement. At 30 June 2012, the Library had 398 full-time and part-time ongoing staff, 66 full-time and part-time non-ongoing staff and 24 casual staff. Refer to Table F.1 for more details.The average full-time equivalent staffing level for 2011–12 was 429, compared to 438 in 2010–11.

Staff Distribution

Table F.1: Staff Distribution by Division, 30 June 2012
DivisionOngoingNon-ongoingTotal 2011–12Total 2010–11
 Full timePart timeFull timePart timeCasual
Collections Management 128275813181172
Australian Collections and Reader Services 792112167135122
Resource Sharing 2711002933
Information Technology 3553114542
Executive and Public Programs 33119315752
Corporate Services 2836224140

Staff Classification

Table F.2: Ongoing and Non-ongoing Full-time and Part-time Staff by Classification and Gender, 30 June 2012
ClassificationOngoingNon-ongoingTotal 2011–12Total 2010–11
Full timePart timeFull timePart timeCasual
Statutory office holder 00000100000101
SES Band 1 24000000002424
EL 2 11150000000011151314
EL 1 30293501001134363339
APS 6 174211714110120651957
APS 5 173611441160123582051
APS 4 174901206022119701763
Graduate 01000000000102
APS 3 13380909141015601657
APS 21706454107916371240
APS 1 00000000000010
Grand total33068363024488461

Note: Table is based on paid employees. Employees on long-term leave for more than 12 weeks are not included.

SES Staff Movements

Dr Marie-Louise Ayres was promoted to Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing, on 29 August 2011.

Dr Warwick Cathro, Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing and Innovation, retired 15 March 2012. Dr Cathro had been on extended leave since 14 June 2011.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Table F.3: Staff by Equal Employment Opportunity Group and APS Classification, 30 June 2012
ClassificationMaleFemaleTotalIndigenous peoplesPeople with disabilitiesCulturally and linguistically diverse background 
Statutory office holder 011001
SES Band 1 246010
EL 2 111526014
EL 1 3436700311
APS 6 2065850414
APS 5 2358812018
APS 4 1970890425
APS 31560751625
APS 21637530017
APS 1 000000

Note: Data for equal employment opportunity groups are based on information supplied voluntarily by staff.

Staff Training

The Library develops an annual Staff Training Plan. 

The plan is developed through consultation with all areas of the Library and includes priorities identified through the Library’s Strategic Workforce Plan, division business plans and the individual performance development plans of staff. 

Staff undertook development opportunities via internal and external programs, including seminars, workshops and on-the-job training and placements. Training opportunities covered Library technical skills, such as cataloguing, digital publications and preservation, as well as capability development in oral communication and management skills, procurement, writing and strategic planning. Diversity training was also undertaken, including disability confidence and Indigenous cultural awareness training.

The Library continues to use an e-learning induction activity for new staff and developed a new online module in 2011–12 to assist staff in understanding the Library’s work health and safety (WHS) environment. The online induction modules complement the Library’s face-to-face induction sessions and strengthen important messages about the Library’s workplace and APS Values.

In 2011–12, there was a strong focus on WHS training for staff and managers. The training covered the new framework, the responsibilities of all stakeholders and how they relate to the workplace. Health and wellbeing activities focused on psychological health and how to build personal resilience. Designated staff updated or received certification to be officers in first aid, WHS and workplace harassment. 

The total training and development expenditure, excluding staff time, was $389,415. The number of training days undertaken by staff is set out in Table F.4.

Table F.4: Training Days, 2011–12
EL 1–2161208369
APS 5–6143317460
APS 1–480424504

Annual Report - Appendix G: Gifts, Grants and Sponsorships

Substantial Collection Material Donations

Ms Robyn Archer AO

Professor David Armstrong AO

Ms Elizabeth Bates

Ms Jane Campion

Mrs Julie Carver

Dr Patricia Clarke OAM

Lady Anna Cowen

The family of Sir James and Lady Margaret Darling

Ms Merrell Davis OAM

Professor Niki Ellis

Dr Andrew Ford

Sir James Gobbo AC

Professor Alexander Grishin

Dr Jamie Kassler

Dr Michael Kassler

Mr Lou Klepac OAM

Dr Phillip Law AC

Mr Roger McDonald

Mr Ian Mason

Ms Penelope Mlakar

Mr Alan Moir

Mr George Ogilvie AM

Ms Jacqueline Pascarl

Mr Geoffrey Pryor

Ms Diane Romney

Ms Jane Sullivan

Mr Gareth Thomas

Ms Josephine Wittenburg


Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport Office for the Arts

National Archives of Australia

National Cultural Heritage Account

National Film and Sound Archive

National Museum of Australia


Australian Capital Tourism (Handwritten: Ten Centuries of Manuscript Treasures from Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)

The Brassey of Canberra

Dataflex (Handwritten: Ten Centuries of Manuscript Treasures from Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)

Etihad Airways (Handwritten: Ten Centuries of Manuscript Treasures from Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)

Faber-Castell (Australia) Pty Ltd (Handwritten: Ten Centuries of Manuscript Treasures from Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)

Forrest Hotel and Apartments

Leighton Holdings Limited (Handwritten: Ten Centuries of Manuscript Treasures from Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)

McCormick Foods Australia (Treasures Gallery)


The Estate of Dr H.C. Coombs

The Estate of Mr John Anthony (Tony) Gilbert

The Estate of Mr Harold S. Williams

Support a Book Program

Dr Diana Carroll


Friends of the National Library of Australia (Friends of the National Library Travelling Fellowship)

Mrs Pat McCann (Norman McCann Summer Scholarship)

Mrs Alison Sanchez (Kenneth Binns Travelling Fellowship)

Dr John Seymour and Dr Heather Seymour AO (Seymour Summer Scholarship)

Other Projects

Australian Capital Tourism (ENLIGHTEN)

Mr John B. Fairfax AO (The Canberra Times digitisation)

Friends of the National Library of Australia (The Canberra Times digitisation)

Dr Stephen Holt (The Canberra Times digitisation)

Mr Kevin McCann AM (Mapping Our World: Terra Incognita to Australia)

Origin Foundation (Mapping Our World: Terra Incognita to Australia)

Questacon (The Canberra Times digitisation)

Mrs Alison Sanchez (Kenneth Binns Lecture)

Mr Stephen Yorke (The Canberra Times digitisation)

Annual Report - Appendix H: National Library of Australia Fund

The National Library of Australia Fund, launched in 2009, helps the Library to manage, describe, preserve, digitise and deliver our documentary heritage collections to the widest possible audience, both online and from the main building.  

National Library of Australia Fund donors are acknowledged at the following gift levels:

  • Platinum Patron—gifts of $100,000 and above
  • Gold Patron—gifts of $50,000 and above
  • Silver Patron—gifts of $25,000 and above
  • Bronze Patron—gifts of $10,000 and above
  • Patron—gifts of $1,000 and above
  • Donor—gifts up to $1,000

The Library gratefully acknowledges the generosity and support of patrons and donors.
Listed below are patrons who have given to the fund since its inception in 2009 and donors who have given during 2011–12.

Silver Patrons

Dr Ron Houghton DFC and Mrs Nanette Houghton

One supporter has donated anonymously at this level

Bronze Patrons

Associate Professor Noel Dan AM and Mrs Adrienne Dan

Ms Jane Hemstritch

One supporter has donated anonymously at this level.


Dr Marion Amies

Arkajon Communications Pty Ltd

Mr Sam Bartone

Mrs Jennifer Batrouney SC

Mrs Phoebe Bischoff OAM

Mrs Josephine Calaby

Emeritus Professor David Carment AM

Dr Patricia Clarke OAM 

Mr Victor Crittenden OAM

Ms Lauraine Diggins

The Lady Ebury

Dr Suzanne Falkiner

Mr Andrew Freeman

Ms Jan Fullerton AO

Ms Christina Goode PSM

Mrs Claudia Hyles

Ms Anna Katzmann

Dr Terry Kirk and Professor Joyce Kirk

Ms Marjorie Lindenmayer

Dr Jan Lyall PSM

Ms Janet Manuell SC

Mrs Vacharin McFadden

Mr Peter McGovern AM

Capt. Paul J. McKay

Ms Fiona McLeod SC

Dr Kenneth Moss AM and Mrs Glennis Moss

Ms Jane Needham SC

Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver

Dr Melissa A. Perry QC

Mrs Pamela Pickering

Professor Alan Robson AM

Miss Kay Rodda

Professor Michael Roe

Ms Chris Ronalds AM, SC

Mrs Margaret S. Ross AM

Rotru Investments Pty Ltd for Mrs Eve Mahlab AO

Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich and Mr Stephen Yorke

The Reverend Garth Shaw

Mr William Thorn and Mrs Angela Thorn

Mr John Ulm and Mrs Valda Ulm

Mr Gerald Walsh MA

Ms Lucille Warth

Ms Laura Wells

Mrs Joy Wheatley

Mr A.G.D White OAM

Dr Michael W. Young

Five supporters have donated anonymously at this level 


Alexandra Club, Melbourne

Mr Kim Allen

Mrs Patricia Allen

Mrs Margaret Astbury

Ms Virginia Berger

Ms Baiba Berzins

Mr Udai N. Bhati

Mr Richard Blavins

Ms Emily Booker

Mr John Brook

Ms Allison Brouwer

Mr William Brown

Mr David Burke OAM

Associate Professor John Carmody

Ms Jennifer Carrington

Ms Marianne Cavanagh

Mr John Chapman

Mr Joseph Clarke

Dr Diana Wood Conroy

Mrs Mary Crean 

Mr B.R. Crisp

Mr Edward Crook

Ms Debra Cunningham

Ms Merl Cuzens

Mr J.W. de B. Persse

Dr Bronwen Douglas

The Hon. Robert J. Ellicott QC

Dr Neville Exon

Mrs Helen Ferber

Mr Dennis Forte 

Ms Saw Gaik Khong

Ms Milena Gates

Mrs Elizabeth Gilchrist

Ms Sylvia Glanville

Mr Harry Gordon CMG, AM

Dr Tom Griffiths

Mrs Sarah Guest

Justice Roger V. Gyles AO

Mrs Isobel E. Hamilton

Professor Margaret Harris

Mr Brian Hickey

Ms Sara Hood

Mrs Jill Hutson

Mr Paul Jones 

Ms Joan Kennedy

Mr Peter Kennedy 

Mr David Kennemore

Dr James S. Kerr AM

Dr Ruth Kerr OAM

Mr Gordon Kerry

Professor Wallace Kirsop

Ms Bron Kolano

Mr Geoff Ledger DSC

Ms Elizabeth MacDonald

Mrs Svetlana Manns

Mr Robert B. Mark JP

Mrs Margaret J Mashford

Emeritus Professor Isabel McBryde AO

Dr Ken McCracken

Dr Donald F. McMichael AM

Dr Stephen McNamara

Mr Rob Milliken

Mrs Mary Mitchell

Ms Marion Newman

Mr Robert K. O’Connor QC

Mr F K Overheu and Mrs Helen Overheu

Mrs Elaine Pearson

Ms M.E. Phillips

Mrs Cathy Pilgrim and Mr Steven Anderson

Mrs Winsome Plumb

Dr Peter Pockley

Mr Bryce Ponsford

Mr Chester Porter QC

Ms Gillian Pratt

Mrs Dorothy Prescott OAM and Mr Victor Prescott

Professor Emeritus Wilfrid Prest

Mrs Anne S. Prins

Dr Peter J. Puszet

Mr John Quaid

Emeritus Professor John Ramsland OAM

Mrs Elizabeth Richardson OAM

Ms Katherine R. Rivett

Mr William Rutledge and Mrs Julia Rutledge

Mrs Florine Simon

Mrs Aileen Sproule

Mr Peter Spyropoulos and Mrs Maria Spyropoulos

Mrs Helene Stead

Dr Jennifer Strauss AM

Mr Charles Stuart and Mrs Gay Stuart

Mrs Rhonda Thiele

Mrs Doris Thompson

Mr Sam Ure-Smith OAM

Mrs Sheila Waters

Ms Margaret Watts

Mr Kerry Webb and Mrs Judith Webb

Ms Mary-Louise Weight

Dr Auriol Weigold

Mr Doug Wickens

The Reverend Dr Robert S.M. Withycombe

Ms Helen White

Miss Helen Woodger

Twenty-two supporters have donated anonymously at this level

Annual Report - Appendix I: Treasures Gallery

Treasures Gallery Appeal

The generosity and support of many individuals and organisations has made possible a new permanent exhibition space within the Library. The Treasures Gallery, which opened in October 2011, showcases selections from the Library’s significant, rare and often surprising collections. Early maps and atlases, books, manuscripts, paintings, drawings, photographs and objects all feature in the Treasures Gallery—from James Cook’s Endeavour journal to William Bligh’s list of mutineers, from Patrick White’s glasses to an original manuscript for Waltzing Matilda. Since opening, the Treasures Gallery has quickly become an important part of Australia’s cultural life.

Treasures Gallery Partners are acknowledged at the following gift levels:

  • Principal Treasures Gallery Partner—$1 million and above
  • Platinum Treasures Gallery Partner—$250,000 and above
  • Gold Treasures Gallery Partner—$100,000 and above
  • Silver Treasures Gallery Partner—$50,000 and above
  • Bronze Treasures Gallery Partner—$25,000 and above
  • Opal Treasures Gallery Partner—$10,000 and above
  • Jade Treasures Gallery Partner—$5,000 and above
  • Amber Treasures Gallery Partner—up to $5,000

The individuals and organisations listed below have collectively contributed more than $3 million to the Treasures Gallery Appeal since it commenced in 2001. Many other individual supporters also contributed generously through the Exhibitions Donation Box. The Library gratefully acknowledges and appreciates their generosity and vision. With the opening of the Treasures Gallery in 2011, this appeal is now closed.

Principal Treasures Gallery Partner

The Ian Potter Foundation

Platinum Treasures Gallery Partners

AAMI Limited

John T. Reid Charitable Trusts

Sidney Myer Fund

Gold Treasures Gallery Partners


Dr James Bettison and Ms Helen James

Professor Henry Ergas

Harold Mitchell Foundation

Macquarie Group Foundation

Mr Kevin McCann AM

Thyne Reid Foundation

Silver Treasures Gallery Partner

Friends of the National Library of Australia

Bronze Treasures Gallery Partners

Mr James Bain AM and Mrs Janette Bain

Mr Victor Crittenden OAM

Mr James O. Fairfax AC

Opal Treasures Gallery Partners

F. and J. Ryan Foundation

Mr Philip Flood AO and Mrs Carole Flood

GHD Pty Ltd*

Dr Kenneth Moss AM and Mrs Glennis Moss

Jade Treasures Gallery Partners

Ms Cynthia Anderson

Dr Desmond Bright and Dr Ruth Bright AM

Mr Michael Heard and Mrs Mary Heard

Mr Robert Hill-Ling AO and Mrs Rosemary Hill-Ling OAM

Mrs Claudia Hyles

Mr Baillieu Myer AC and Mrs Sarah Myer

Miss Kay Rodda

Mrs Mary Louise Simpson

Mr John Uhrig AC and Mrs Shirley Uhrig

One supporter donated anonymously at this level

Amber Treasures Gallery Partners

Mr Karl Alderson

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Treasures Gallery Support Fund

Individuals and organisations who contribute to the Treasures Gallery Support Fund help the Library to put Australians in touch with Australia’s greatest treasures and the story of our nation’s journey. The fund enables the Library to produce imaginative access programs, provide opportunities for exploring the Treasures Gallery online and respond to inquiring young minds by developing education initiatives based on the gallery.

In 2011–12, the following people generously assisted the Library to achieve these goals:

Dr Marion Amies

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Annual Report - Appendix J: Notable Acquistions

In 2011–12, the Library continued an active program of acquiring Australian and overseas publications in print and digital form.

In April 2012, the second bulk harvest of Australian Government websites, conducted under whole-of-government information and communication technology arrangements to collect
freely available government web content, was completed. The harvest collected approximately 800 website domains, which will be accessible through PANDORA: Australia’s Web Archive.

A collaborative project with PANDORA partners commenced to develop collections of websites relating to Australia’s early twenty first century resources boom and to the Murray–Darling Basin. This ongoing project aims to represent the political, social, economic and cultural issues associated with the collecting themes and will be accessible to researchers as curated collections via PANDORA. 

A copy of Australian Folk Songs and Bush Ballads Enhanced E-book PART ONE was purchased to assist with understanding the issues associated with collecting and providing access to complex e-publications. The publication includes video content and comes in a number of different versions, each presenting different issues on how to manage ongoing access.

A number of interesting older and rare publications were acquired during the year, in addition to contemporary overseas publications and mainstream Australian publications acquired under legal deposit provisions. Highlights included:

  • Ongeluckige voyagie, van’t schip Batavia, nae de Oost-Indien (1649), a rare Utrecht edition of François Pelsaert’s account of his voyage along the West Australian coast to Batavia, which completes the Library’s holdings of all early editions of Pelsaert’s account
  • a rare copy of one of Pedro Fernandez de Quirós’ memorials, printed for presentation to the King and Court of Spain (August 1608), in which Quirós replies to objections made to his proposal for settlement of the southern lands; the Quirós memorials are important foundation documents of Australian history
  • a copy of Johann Friedrich Meckel’s Ornithorhynchi paradoxi: Descriptio anatomica (1826), the first monograph on the Australian platypus
  • Xin bian hong wei bing zi liao (A New Collection of Red Guard Publications), an outstanding 112-volume collection of reprinted Red Guard newspapers from the Chinese Cultural Revolution period (1966–1976)
  • Thai Cigarette Cards: The Ramayana, a complete set of 150 cigarette cards depicting characters from the ancient Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana
  • numerous publications and an archive of websites from Japan relating to the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster
  • two rare propaganda publications from Cambodia, donated by a retired diplomat: Images du Kampuchea Democratique (Pictures of Democratic Kampuchea) (1976), depicting the idyllic life of the Cambodian people under the Khmer Rouge, and Norodom Sihanouk en zone libre du Cambodge (1988), showing Norodom Sihanouk’s visits to the Sihanoukist resistance during the period of the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia
  • volumes 4 and 5 (January–December 1838) of Jugend-Blatter: Monatschrift zur Forderung wahrer Bildung, a German children’s magazine with woodcut illustrations of Australian and South Pacific views, including a print of James Cook being welcomed to Tahiti and of Jean-François de Galaup La Pérouse and his men engaged in combat.

The Library continued to provide online access to key historical resources, including:

  • Making of the Modern World, Part II, 1851–1914, which supplements Part I, 1450–1850
  • JSTOR Arts and Sciences X Collection, adding to the Library’s existing subscription for the Arts and Sciences collections I–IX
  • Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography, via the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Acquisitions for the Manuscripts Collection included:

  • the papers of entertainer Tex Morton, pioneer aviator Maude Lores Bonney, director George Ogilvie, composer Paul Grabowsky and the Mackay family of pastoralists, and a substantial addition to the papers of former Governor-General Sir Zelman Cowen
  • a small collection of letters from French scientists and expeditioners Joseph Paul Gaimard and Jean Rene Constant Quoy, adding to holdings related to the navigator Louis de Freycinet.

Highlights of the acquisitions for the Pictures Collection included:

  • Chrysanthemums (c. 1890), an expressive oil floral study by Ellis Rowan, which complements the Library’s extensive collection of the artist’s watercolours
  • a pencil portrait of the artist Fred Williams by John Brack
  • a series of photographs by Sidney Nolan of the 1952 Queensland drought
  • Ceremony (1900), a pen-and-ink drawing by Tommy McRae
  • Ian Abdulla’s colourful diptych Living along the River Murray (2008)
  • a tapestry commissioned in honour of Kenneth Myer AC by his siblings and family, woven by the Australian Tapestry Workshop and donated by its foundation.

Many notable Australians were interviewed for the Oral History Collection, including entertainer Julie Anthony, climate scientist Barrie Pittock, politicians Carmen Lawrence, Amanda Vanstone and Bob Hawke, Paralympian swimmer Anne Brunell, adventurer and explorer Colin Putt, 1967 Referendum activist Uncle Ray Peckham and Chief Justice Murray Gleeson.
Australian Generations, a four-year oral history project funded by the Australian Research Council, documented attitudes in Australian society and extended the Library’s partnering and data-sharing capabilities. A new project was commissioned to elicit opinions and views of people affected by coal seam gas mining.

Noteworthy acquisitions for the Maps Collection included:

  • two pairs of celestial/terrestrial floor globes, manufactured by J. & W. Cary, showing the period of charting immediately after James Cook and Matthew Flinders
  • Indiae Orientalis nova descriptio, published by the Dutch firm Jansson in 1630, the earliest map covering south-east Asia to include traces of Willem Jansz’s 1605 
  • Duyfken voyage
  • a consignment of 600 sales plans, parish maps and allotment drawings from the 1840to the1880s, mainly of southern New South Wales and Victoria
  • several important declassified map series relating to Australian military, peacekeeping and humanitarian activities over the past 20 years, including topographic maps of EastTimor and mapping used by Australian personnel during a United Nations operation in Somalia.