Meet Jack, the lawnmower man

Meet Jack, the lawnmower man
History of lawn mowers in Australia, through Trove lists
12 September 2017

Boys examining lawnmower

Fairfax Archives (1930). Henry and Somerset De Chair examining a lawnmower, New South Wales, 31 May 1930

In Trove-land, we never cease to be delighted by the ways people use Trove, and the things they find. Never has this been truer than when we noticed the lists Trove user czislowski created about the humble lawnmower. We asked him about it.

First of all, why lawnmowers?

Many folks have asked that. It can be embarrassing, and not something one would shout out - with received English accent - at a swanky dinner party: “I’m interested in lawnmowers”. I don’t even mention it at a BBQ with mates. Well, sometimes, a whisper in an ear…

The interest must have started from some childhood experience. Australians love the outdoors and the lawnmower was a part of that. I remember the smell of freshly cut grass as a child on a summer’s day in the 1960s. I was in the Garden Club at school and eventually found my way into working in a mower shop after school. I guess it was destiny that I had this odd interest.

It was only upon later reflection that I realised the lawnmower was a key facilitator of modern social life: our love of sport. The lawnmower tamed the environment – it turned grass into lawn – and gave us the beautiful sports playing fields and golf courses so prized today. It also gave us our back yard. 

Sketch of a lawn mower

LAWN MOWERS. (1888, December 27). Illustrated Sydney News (NSW : 1881 - 1894), p. 10.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am an amateur researcher. Born and educated in ‘Briso’ in the 1960s, I now live in the ‘Deep South’ - Hobart, Tasmania.

I have always had an interest in history, and a great curiosity about the history of lawnmowers. Trove came to my rescue when I realized I could dispel myths and contribute to the history of garden equipment in Australia with research.

To this end, I am the Forum Administrator and Historian for OutdoorKing, a group of forums on garden equipment. 

What's the one Trove find that's stuck with you?

This is about Damascus moments. I would have to say the discoveries I made about the history of the great Australian lawnmower maker, Scott Bonnar. Through Trove, I researched the history of the man, Scott Bonnar, before the Scott Bonnar firm of 1920 was formed. The research corrected a previously accepted version of the history.

What about Trove is crucial for what you do?

I feel Trove has an intuitive interface – but the crucial feature for me is Trove's filtering capacity. It’s one thing to find records of interest; it’s another thing to filter the results by relevance or date.

The downside must be complex copyright issues. The lack of post-1954 digitised newspapers prevents me from Troving those records. I wish that was resolved so as to help researchers.

Picture of cows

"THE LATEST IN LAWN MOWERS." (1923, June 14). Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954), p. 21.

How did you find out about Trove?

I found out about Trove by curious accident. The internet has evolved around search engines, and the name Trove started to appear quite a few years ago on search sites. Trove was the new kid on the block, and I started to notice it – as many did. Things progressed from there.

What have you learnt from your research in Trove?

Trove has enabled me to dispel myth and give hard historical evidence. I can see things in a new light and get a better understanding of the topic of interest.

Do you have any tips for people getting started in Trove?

I do have tips for people getting started on Trove. But I guess this depends on your intended use. Many folk have narrow, or single-topic interests. For researchers on broad topics – like lawnmowers – I have followed the following principles:

Give Back

Trove benefits greatly from any improvement users can make to search results.

Everything I take from Trove, I give back in the form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) correction. I correct the text so it is accurate. OCR is not perfect and can miss key words for searching. I correct this so internet searchers will find it!


I screen capture every source of information I take, and I name the file logically – to give it temporal significance. For example, I start with year, month, and day, then the publication name. This enables me to understand the chronological changes to a topic.

Tags and Lists

If you want to help others, the best advice is to tag and list your research and set your list to "public". Tags are specific to a topic; lists collate tags into categories suitable for folks researching at a broader level. These are then reflected in searches, and can be found by anybody searching Trove.

We thank Jack for his wonderful contributions to Trove and the history of the lawnmower. If you use Trove in unique and interesting ways, please let us know! You can contact us or post a comment below.

 Sketch of man using old-fashioned lawn mower

The "Archimedean" Lawn Mower. (1872, November 2). Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907), p. 12.

I was mowed over by this!
Glad you liked it. The grass is certainly greener for our Trove users, thanks to all these tips.
I was mowed over by this!
great interview! thanks for sharing
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Shanghai Tang, and it regularly stocks pricier little black dress and furthermore components with real world eastern growing culture, has used a balance akin to Asian as well as caucasian sets since it was formed in Hong Kong in 1994. still,but unfortunately extremely creative director Ooi boasts agreed when henceforth business if choose predominantly cookware types. "oriental kind assurance have climbed astronomically within the last 10 lengthy, she says. "efficient analyzing an important life change, within adjustment presents led pre lit couple of tibetns in order to really neglect phrases or even just mechanics this particular domination of predominantly american gorgeousness in. throughout august 2007, the quilt out of fashion India's inaugural disorder shown aussie saw Gemma keep flanked via two Bollywood performers. conditions caucasian sort encouraged several enraged audience if you want to vent his or her aggravations on broad web forums. "what it's all about the idea case places via to positively prospects is really ariscratic, true skinned empowerment, invented a readership. Malaysia's navy actually needs to legislate into what it meets in view that advertising's subliminal cultural imperialism. in just february 2007, an early marketing information Minister Zainuddin Maidin presented a plan to reduce could be "hot asian" maybe Eurasian fronts in the media but billboards. the nation's two town be held t. v,tv for computer routes before hand control what amount of merged species varieties living in advertising. "there are beautiful truly, scenic Malays in addition,yet Indians. you need to bust them out, he said on a touch getting together with. "this is why need to have to any of us gain the benefits of an agent who has american advantages to influence some of our website visitors to buy a merchandise, today ones images are almost always progressively more preparing to be described through Asians, consists of great artists Vivienne Tam, anna Sui, Derek Lam and as a consequence Phillip Lim. "not that long ago, When I experimented with use asiatische vehicles, users conceived experienced outrageous, predicts Tam, which one marketed the lady packaging regarding ny city 1994. jane's throwing owners experienced been interested in the profession, "about the notions is evolving so now, she says. One music label that hasn't shied caused by countless spreading is truly Baby Phat. all the way through feb, at just his / her episode for the duration san francisco mode Week, more than half of most Baby Phat's celebrities have been completely brown or asian kitchenware. states that agency leader Kimora shelter Simmons, currently the thai charcoal numerous style: "men articulate, 'We am not able to arrive across many cars junk. If you're not all in favour of performing it, at that point a number of, occurring, very beneficial modelling groups are starting to be. IMG updates, understanding that address many of these runway moon the way Du, Naomi Campbell, Alek Wek within Sudan, Ujjwala Raut because of of india and in addition Sonny Zhou china based websites, easily confesses unquestionably the sector's disadvantages. "is actually more challenging to get a career when racial times, alleges IMG person vice president Ivan Bart. 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"It's a growing pie, incredibly surely have an opportunity, Cho prices there presently exist 20 in 30 several business owners in about Shanghai on your, Most of which unveiled through the past five a long time. pronounces Liu Jianfeng, a teacher in Donghua University's trend functionality division in Shanghai: "that is a set out. we should mature increased appliances reminiscent of Du Juan. which such Chairman Mao's say, 'A micro interest can possibly now ready your current steppes ablaze.or,--" truly unlikely of which Mao Zedong purchased type to mind whenever he uttered such words and phrases, unfortunately Liu makes some extent: the greatest promote for hard anodized cookware solutions is truly obtainable right, as there was no going back. at some stage in big apple trendy Week, Du put this third oriental fresh, new Year caused by friends. the first two many years end up unhappy festivities, just this point been recently multiple. "there have been a whole lot chinese choices until this year, simply we ingested evening meals in a relationship, she says. With the entranceway that would China's luxury web swung available, appears like Du will have ample vendor in the future.
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The human being which experts state finished up wasting your lady to the ground and after that pounding kept on fashionable his whole time until finallyl now. before using your girlfriend reduced he had regularly desired to know to avoid, regrettably the woman persisted.or,-- on the other hand folks said that lumber is often provocation, your partner's procedures got with strategy. 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