Ideology—an enlighten installation at the Library

Ideology—an enlighten installation at the Library
What ideas have shaped and changed our world? tell us #ideasthatchangedtheworld
2 February 2015

The National Library of Australia is a hive of minds—a centre of Australian research—where ideas are built, collected and stored.

Ideology, is a creative physical installation based on what libraries do—making ideas accessible to others. Set up in the Foyer of the Library during the Enlighten Festival, we will build the installation from crowd-sourced inspiring ideas.

Send to us, via Facebook and Twitter, the links to ideas you think have changed the world. It could be anything—from the invention of the wheel to the Hills Hoist, from penicillin to WiFi, from evolution to democracy. Your contributions will be transposed into Quick Response codes (QR barcodes). The codes will be suspended under light bulbs where visitors during Enlighten can scan each code with their mobile device, leading them to one of the many ideas that changed the world.

Ideology will be in place from Friday 27 February–Saturday 7 March, but you can begin to send your ideas through to us via social media now. The individual who sends the most ideas will receive a voucher for the Library's Bookshop.

At the end of the Festival we will collate and publish the ideas as a collective record on our blog.

Also on at the Library during Enlighten 2015: 
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Saturday 28 February
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Saturday 7 March

I must congratulate the organisers and media staff of the National Library. Those enlighten images external of the building are absolutely stunning. Well done!