The National Library is a leader in Australian and international library communities, addressing some of the most complex challenges facing the sector. We deliver experimental projects, innovative services and sound advice to assist libraries across the country and the world.  We collaborate in new areas of research and take a practical and practised approach to solving large problems one step at a time.  Our aim is to assist and inspire all Australian libraries and cultural institutions to make it as easy as possible for Australians to find, use and engage with the nation’s rich collections.   

Libraries Australia

Through Libraries Australia we provide national infrastructure to underpin efficient and effective library services across Australia. More than 1200 member libraries work together to create the best possible National Bibliographic Database, and to facilitate resource sharing across many institutions.



Trove brings together Australia’s cultural collections, digitised newspapers and key international content in one ‘free, fast and vast’ discovery service. The Trove team collaborates with cultural institutions across the nation and supports a thriving user community which improves Trove content every day of the year.



Australian websites can only become the documentary heritage of tomorrow if they are selected, archived and preserved today. The National Library collaborates with Australian libraries and cultural institutuions to curate and preserve this essential picture of Australian society and culture.

Australian Committee on Cataloguing

ACOC is a joint Australian Library and Information Association committee charged with leading and supporting developments in national and international cataloguing and classification, including the adoption of Resource Description and Access.

Newspaper Digitisation Program

We collaborate with Australian libraries to digitise Australian newspapers and make them fully searchable via Trove. We provide the infrastructure that has unlocked the content of one of Australia's richest documentary sources, to the delight of Australians in cities, towns and the bush.

NSLA: Reimagining libraries

National and State Libraries Australasia work together to solve complex problems, make our collections more accessible, streamline our services, and explore a national approach to digital preservation. 

Australia and Asia

The National Library holds one of the world’s best collections on contemporary Asia. To build Australians’ access to knowledge about our near neighbours we liaise regularly with Asia-Pacific libraries. We also collaborate with Asian colleagues on a range of professional issues.

Advocacy and advice

We share our research, discoveries and workflow solutions with the Australian and international sectors on a range of issues, especially standards, digitisation and digital preservation. We also advocate for access for all Australians to the broadest possible range of resources to support their research and lifelong learning needs.

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