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Book Launch Capturing Time by Edwin Barnard

Book Launch Capturing Time by Edwin Barnard

Book Launch  

Capturing Time: Panoramas of Old Australia

Panoramas, whether painted or photographed, were the nineteenth-century equivalent of IMAX or Google maps.  Capturing Time, Panoramas of Old Australia features 23 of these wide-angled views of  landscapes and cities, which fascinated viewers who had never before seen such far-reaching perspectives on the world around them.

Join author Edwin Barnard and The Canberra Times Editor-at-large Jack Waterford,  who will officially launch the book, to hear more about these images and the history of the time in which they were depicted.

Tuesday 6 November, 6.30 pm

National Library Bookshop, Free

Includes refreshments and book signing

Bookings: 02 6262 1424 or