Friends of the NLA and Reel McCoy Film Screening

Friends of the NLA and Reel McCoy Film Screening

, 6.00pm-
Theatre, Lower Ground 1

Free for Friends and Reel McCoy members only

No bookings required

(USA 1925) 89 min. DVD. Silent with music
Director Ernst Lubitsch Cast Irene Rich, May McAvoy, Bert Lytell, Ronald Coleman
Lady Windermere (McAvoy) discovers that her husband Lord Windermere
(Lytell) is having an affair with the notorious Mrs Erlynne (Rich). She
leaves her husband for another man,the ardent Lord Darlington (Coleman).
However, all is not what it seems and when Mrs Erlynne finds out, she needs
to move fast to prevent a scandal. Lubitsch's decision to make a silent
movie out of the most famous play by Oscar Wilde without using a single line of Wilde's dialogue was called a mad stunt but Lubitsch was able to replace
verbal wit with visual wit and created an enormous hit that captures the essence of Wilde's play.

Courtesy of the National Film Preservation Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art, New York