Friends of the National Library and Reel McCoy Film Society Screening

30 April 2014, 6pm-9pm
Theatre, Lower Ground 1

Free for members of the Friends of the NLA and members of the Reel McCoy Film Society

No bookings required

(USA 1948) 133 min. DVD
Director Howard Hawks Cast John Wayne, Montgomery Clift, Walter Brennan

One of the great Westerns of all time and a crowning achievement of its director, Howard Hawks. Texan cattleman, Thomas Dunson (Wayne) needs to move nearly 10,000 head of cattle to Kansas, over 1000 miles away through border gangs and Indians. To get them there he needs to be tough on his men, really tough, shooting anyone who defies his authority. When Dunson finally goes too far, his adopted son
Matt (Clift in his first film role) is forced to mutiny and take control of the herd and the men. Now Matt has two problems, getting the herd to Kansas and Dunson, who is coming after Matt to kill him.

No bookings required.