The Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly

The Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly
Activities for children Bookshop event

The Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly book cover
19 October 2014, 11am-12am
Foyer, Ground floor


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Children's Book Reading & Activities:
The Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly retold by Bronwyn Davies from an original story by Pixie O'Harris, illustrated by Pixie O'Harris

As far as the Fairy Queen was concerned, the Fairy-who-wouldn't-fly was lazy and so she banished her to the Woodn't, the place where she sent all creatures who wouldn't do as they should. There the Fairy-who-wouldn't-fly meets many friends - the Kookaburra-who-wouldn't-laugh, the Bee-who-wouldn't-live-in-a-hive, the Frog-who-wouldn't-hop and more. Together they must find a way to return to Fairyland.

Join author Bronwyn Davies for a book reading followed by an interactive activity session. Children are invited to come dressed as their favourite Fairyland characters. Suitable for primary school aged children. Children must be accompanied by an adult.