Dusted Off with Brett Hunt

Dusted Off with Brett Hunt

Portrait of Brett Hunt
17 August 2016, 6pm-7pm
Theatre, Lower Ground 1

Dusted Off is the story of youth seeking adventure and of the traumatic reality of war, for those who fight and for those who support them. Accomplished actor and guitarist Brett Hunt shares his family’s story.

Brett Hunt grew up in a house often filled with Vietnam Vets. His father, who had been brought to national attention through the lyric ‘and Frankie kicked a mine the day that mankind kicked the moon’, shared the feelings of isolation and alienation felt by many Vets and always kept his door open for a Vet needing a place to sleep.

Brett, listening to these men talk, developed an understanding of the war and its impact on the men and their families. He observed, firsthand, their intense feelings of alienation, the destructive effects of PTSD, the break down in family relationships and the impact on women and children.

He also witnessed the camaraderie and brotherhood that these men had forged and their ability to support each other with humility, strength and a sense of humour.

Brett’s journey as the son of a Vietnam Vet reached an emotional climax in 1987 when, during the welcome home parade, he and his siblings found themselves onstage next to their father and John Schumann singing I Was Only Nineteen, along with 25,000 veterans and their families in the Sydney Domain.